[General]The Return of CHARACTER CONCEPTS

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Re: [General]The Return of CHARACTER CONCEPTS

Post by Shroom Man 777 » Thu Nov 03, 2016 2:20 pm

I had an incredible idea - APPARATCHICS or APPARATCHICKS. A Soviet all-female superhero unit, the real name would be Spetzgruppa something-something but the western capitalist pigdog sexist media calls them the aparatchicks. Overt Psychological Warfare and Direct Action Operations Spetzgruppa F (for female) - which would in official US military terms lead to it being called the FOXTROT GROUP.

Overt psychological operations and direct action means it was made to serve publicly, to sway public hearts and minds, as agitprop against the sexist West AND as a fully capable elite combat group. A response to the Cold War-era US superhero group, including that "DAMN!" Definativeguy.

The field commander is some Eurasian person, of the interior ministry's border-security forces stationed in the far eastern Manchuria section who probably had to bayonet her fair share of SIN LO assassins. In the middle of the Sino-Soviet split, with border tensions and espionage stuff, she learned from a kung fu practitioner fleeing the Maoists or the Sin Lo or both, and is pretty much a Eurasian Beatrix Kiddo.

There's some FARC jungle fighter either student or teacher or rival of MAJOR MUERTE who is their elite jungle operations expert. She could be a survivor of the overthrown Allende government. If she's Chilean then she must also be a very good poet so she can do BATTLEFIELD POETRY.

A technowiz lady whose research into biochemical physics led to impact gel for Russki cosmonauts - a kind of flubber that allows her and her suit superdurability. Her on the spot savant-computation for the flubber means that she's the only one who can use the tech offensively or actively in the field. Aside from the gel as protection, she uses some kind of CLACKER VOLLEY projectile weapon, calibrated bouncy STEEL BALLS coated in the stuff just so that the bounce-gel vaporizes before FINAL IMPACT but after accelerating its SPIN by repeated bouncings. She's probably Polish. She's a sarcastic cocky-kinda nerd. Their Tony Stark.

There is a hotblooded Georgian MiG pilot and cosmonaut but whose accident in re-entry probably granted her the power of the SPEED FORCE. Yes, her reentering Soyuz capsule got HIT BY LIGHTNING. There. She flies their awesome Ground Effect Plane - an ekranoplan that can land on... land and is also a speedster. Or instead of speed force and lightning, she just survived the crash while the other passengers were liquefied. Turns out she has some Luke Cage like invulnerability but also survivor's guilt. I don't know if she has superstrength... I am liking the invulnerability + PTSD more... instead of speed force, it is some kinetic energy redirection/absorption? Can she redirect it back? That would be messy, she might've inadvertently released the absorbed impact-energy onto nearby things... like the recovery crew. If not... or either way... she still can also lug around explosives and bazookas that she can afford to use at point blank because she's invincible.

Probably someone from the pan-African revolutionaries who's the daughter of someone who learned the anti-Martian shamanisms. Perhaps this Martian Red Weed-using shamanism - she has the weed as a living exoframe armor? - is a tradition passed on by female practitioners, matrilinearly, due to the heavy male casualties of the past. She acted as a merc for Gaddafi too. :D

I commuted in the rain so these ideas just popped up.

Their numbers include a US celebrity girl who became an urban guerrilla of some Symbionese Liberation Font and then defected to Cuba :D who has the power of ACTING. A Fane Jonda or something. :D Shane Fandra.

There must also be a bookish kinda nerd who is actually a Soviet Sorceress, her speciality was in managing the infrastructure of the LENIN ENGINES. Maybe it was in the Far East and so Maoists (MAOISTS!) with understanding of some of the Marxist Magicks somehow homed in and hoped to steal Vladivostok's Lenin Engine and the Sorceress was the only one who didn't get murderized and got saved by and teamed up with Lieutenant KUNG FURIOSA and fought the Chicoms' asses and stuff. Anyway her ability to subtly and limitedly manipulate HISTORICAL INEVITABILITY (depending on her proximity to the Lenin Engines... or maybe she has some Lenin Relic that grants her more of this) allows her to do hijinks - from Time Stop (TOKIO TOMARE) to very limited Time Reverse to regenerate damage.

Her Lenin Relic might be The Order of Lenin - each Lenin Engine probably has an Order of Lenin, literally a medallion containing crude punch-slot coding delineating its programming. If she has an experimental small (and thus small-scale) Lenin Engine on her... woah. A miniature Time Turner... But this only works within Soviet areas covered by the Lenin Engine! And is at the risk of breaking from chronotensions or giving the users TIME DISEASE or inviting paradoxes or other lethal shit. Her bookishness allows her to memorize the bestest ways to use it! She read the manual!

(Man I am making the Chinese a recurring villain... how relevant! :D )

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Re: [General]The Return of CHARACTER CONCEPTS

Post by speaker-to-trolls » Fri Apr 28, 2017 5:34 pm

I like them, they seem like a fun bunch :P

I would give the indestructible pilot energy absorption and redirection powers but make it so she doesn't want to use them and doesn't really even want to fight despite being the team tank. She's a pilot first and foremost and that's what she'd prefer to be doing, not only because it's what she likes but because she wants to believe she's a good pilot and that it wasn't her fault, and that's reinforced every time she pushes through the fear to make a perfect landing (or something, I don't know) Edit: Also for extra angst, maybe she didn't pulverise the recovery crew, but she has this terrible suspicion that she made the crash worse by redirecting ghe energy away from herself and into the rest of the spacecraft, and that some of the crew might have survived if it weren't for her power. She could be an effective human shield or do things like defuse bombs or clear obstacles and she'd be OK with that. But, being a commie superhero, she keeps getting put into situations where she has to fight and possibly pulverise capitalists/Maoists/other things, which makes her very stressed and upset.

You would want to give her a hug if it weren't for the serious risk of being accidentally pulverised. :P

Kinetic Woman could thus be the reserve tank, while Flubberova could be the primary tank. I caught Flubber on TV a few weeks ago, that stuff is terrifying, I can imagine her clearing a building of enemies by firing a few Flubber coated ball bearings through the window, waiting a minute and then walking in when there's nothing left but blood on the walls. Maybe that's too harsh for these ladies, I don't know, I just saw that movie and was shocked by how bloody it should have been were it not for blunt force trauma not really existing in Hollywood.

The Red Weed shaman would present an interesting opportunity to flesh out the Pan African movements, the Ghost Tree, the anti Martian efforts etc. I'll freely admit my old Deimos article seems to lack a certain nuance now, so I like the idea of going into what the shamans were doing and how they were responding to Cold War Shenanigans back then. Weed seems a bit flimsy to be armour, though, except for something like hand to hand knife fights. But then we never really clarified what the weed could do, so who knows.

One alternative idea I did have for a red weed shaman was 'Scarlet Medusa', where the weed is attached to her head, it can act as a conduit for her spells and maybe do things like inject itself into people, drug them,poison them, turn them into zombies, maybe steal their memories. That's another way you could go with the idea. The other thing about that idea is that people assume it's just hair, or at most a wig, so she can be innocuous (a black woman with bright red hair is hardly going to be the strangest thing you see in this world, even on a slow day ;))

So, very very late,but there are my thoughts :)
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