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Re: "Anatomy of a War" - TGG Multiverse

Post by Booted Vulture » Fri Jan 18, 2013 10:46 am

Ok, Dude. I tried. I did. And I did it while bored with nothing to do at work. Usually reads to me reading fanfic fairly well.

But I couldn't get through this. It seemed to be the earliest TGG you posted here? But its obviously in medias res. That I can handle though.

What I can seem to cope with is just the unending bleakest, the rather large number of characters and the narrative's apparent obsession with proving how evil its characters are via sex and rape.

Plus the 'The Federation is communist!' thing never sat well with me.
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Re: "Anatomy of a War" - TGG Multiverse

Post by Steve » Thu Jun 13, 2013 7:58 am

....I really should check this board more often.

The story isn't so much about the characters as it is about the event. As for the Cardassians' behavior... all of it is from the DS9 or TNG. Organized torture of prisoners, forcing Bajoran women to be comfort women like Imperial Japan did in its occupation areas, etc. It's all there in the show, and while the extent was less in the shows I wasn't going for a PG13 TV series.

As for the UFP point.... yeah, I regret it now. Oh well.
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