The Greeg Dominants and everything concerning them

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The Greeg Dominants and everything concerning them

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"I don't know what these things seem cladded in black plate armors that have little yellow veins etched across. They breached the energy walls easily, killed our Varakeef guards and...damn! They found the door! Please, if any fleet captain hears this, please re..." *a crashing noise* "NO!" *screams follow.*

-transmission of the first mention of Greeg Dominants.

The Greeg Dominants inhabit the Northeastern side of the Milky Way, and are the sworn enemies of the Tyxans. The two superpowers are the polar opposites of each other concerning politics, thus the concept of diplomacy between the two is alien. While the Tyxans are a matriarch-ruled people with a strong, cultural "magocracy", the Greeg Dominants are overall a primitive race with guns and spaceships. Unlike the Vgar Ki though, they make their own primitiveness and don't rely on other races.

Physical Attributes
The Greeg Dominants are muscular, shell-covered humanoids that have slinting red eyes, thick hair, and talons coming from their feet and hands. The skin tone varies, but the scorching deserts of the Greeg Dominant's homeworld causes most of them to have dark skin and hair. The shell is a shedding exterior that allows moisture to stay inside, as well as keep the chaotic winds from destroying the soft muscles underneath. A female, other than having the necessary sexual reproduction systems, cannot be physically identified. Omnivore teeth allow the Greed Dominants to have a varied diet.

The young hatches from sentient fetuses that crawls out of the female after a few months of growing. The fetus behaves the same way as domesticated cattle, wandering here and there within a limited area, feeding on small particles, keeping the baby warm. Then, when it has grown, the Greeg Dominant baby will eat the fetus from the inside, starting with the umbilical cord, and then chewing its way out, opening up the meaty fetus. Half the time though, the baby dies along the way, either from strangulation or the countless acid combinations in the fetus, thus becoming nutrients for the fetus, who then in turns becomes baby food for the ones that survived.

A child will reach puberty at age 32, when its claws grow sharp, and its shell gets harder.

Surprisingly, Greeg Dominants are vegetarians overall. The only times they really eat large quantities of meat is when they are born and eating their way through the fetus cattle, a few holidays that allows sinful eating, and the meat of their enemies to intimidate the other side in battle. The Greeg Dominants usual diet consists of a variety of gaseous root plants that are high in minerals, proteins, and vitamins, but low in carbohydrates, which is supplemented by other, more carbon roots.

Greeg Dominant society has, as with the other superpowers in the Milky Way, pros and cons. The Greeg Dominants are a warring minimal empire of small clans that value technological firepower over culture and arts that the Tyxans value. This is because the conditions that they evolved in forced the natives to think more of survival and domination of other beings for food than develop culturally, though there are artistic Greeg Dominants in more civilized planets. The Greeg Dominants aren't as arrogant as most Tyxans, or conspiring and complex as the Gloguk, favoring simple government. But, the Greeg Dominants are utterly merciless to enemies, or technically anything that is not under the Greeg Dominant banner during their war frenzy. Other races are accepted and protected, but are considered inferior to the Greeg Dominants. There is a saying that other than the military, females in Greed Dominant society are treated equally. Thing is, the military is society, thus females are treated as objects outside of their own dwelling. Many children perish in the continual life and death struggle of life, where the strongest take form the weak.

For the typical Greeg Dominant, they are misotheists, believing that all deities must be destroyed for a new age of supreme power, which must be Dominant. Despite this general hatred to theism, they allow religion, though it is strictly controlled by local authorities, and persecution is common, mostly imprisonment or forced poverty. If there was a religion for Greeg Dominants, it would be self-worship and cultism, as some would set up cults amongst primitive alien races they subjugate.

Military and warfare
To know Greeg Dominant government, one must know Greeg Dominant military, for both are the same. Though there are many rogue warlords and civil wars, the Greeg Dominant Empire views this as a way to cull the weak, and bring in more resources and technology. The Emperor changes many times, with aspiring generals killing each other and the Emperor for the throne. Thus, the empire is in perpetual coup d'etat, and new policies are always made and reform. Despite this, the Greeg Dominant Empire is strong, as it has advanced weaponry and ships alongside its primitiveness. Swords fight alongside rechargeable laser Submachine Guns, huge armored reptiles being supported by orbital bombardments. New and old mesh into each other, and make a deadly combination of superior firepower and terrifying strength. Another advantage is the very instability of their empire. The government hires independent tribes, states, and warlords to go and bring back wealth and knowledge. Though they aren't guaranteed to follow their terms, the independent militaries would cause enough havoc to pave the way for the Dominant Force, the backbone of the organized forces. And those unfortunate enough to backstab the Greeg Dominant Empire and live are crushed along the way.
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