Dunwich City, Massachusetts

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Dunwich City, Massachusetts

Post by Malchus » Mon May 26, 2008 5:57 pm

NOTE: Copypasted from OZC, with some minor edits.

Dunwich City, Massachusetts

In North Central Massachusetts, in the area known as the Miskatonic River Valley, is Dunwich city. It used to be a small and poor hick rural town which contrasted starkly with the beautiful, densely wooded area of the Miskatonic area where it was located. Although, the marsh it was located in seemed to complement in nicely enough. In comparison to the neighboring Miskatonic cities of Arkham, Innsmouth, and Kingsport, it was a shitty little town with ignorant and suspicious inbreds making up most of its population. And that was quite an acheivement, considering the Innsmouth was basically a dead fishing town with its own share of disrepair and ignorant, suspcious inbreds.

However, Dunwich has since become swept up by industrialization. It is now a growing city with bright, sunny suburban areas straight out of TV sitcoms and a gated community that looks like something out of the Archie comics. It is also the home of Dunwich Academy, a prestigious, high-class boarding school for high school students. This academy has gained international recognition for its fine facilities and top-notch education. In fact, many of its students are the children of rich people from all over (and even beyond) the country whose parents want nothing but the best schooling for them.

While Dunwich is more commonly known for this academy, however, it has also had its history of paranormal occurrences and whatnot. A common urban legend speaks of one Wilbur Whateley, the son of a deformed albino mother and an unknown father (some say the father was some entity called as Yog-Sothoth) who unleashed an unspeakable Horror on Dunwich after reading a passage from the Miskatonic University’s (located in neighboring Arkham) unabridged Latin copy of the Necronomicron. This monster was said to have carved a swath of destruction in then-rural Dunwich before being stopped by three professors from the Miskatonic University.

It is likely that this story is an embellishment of the story of one of the many creatures that show up in Dunwich—and the greater Miskatonic area in general—from time to time. These common occurrences and sightings of strange creatures is due to the fact that Dunwich is a hotspot for Crosspoints, randomly appearing transdimensional portals that connect the world to a bizarre dimesion known as the Dreamlands. Creatures from the Dreamlands are regularly expelled by these Crosspoints onto Dunwich. In unfamiliar territory, these creatures can go into a rage and attack people or do a lot of damage. Also, Greys living in the Dreamlands regularly visit the Miskatonic Valley with artificially created Crosspoints, giving the area a large concentration of flying saucer sightings.

This has made Dunwich an area of particular interest to a government organization known as the Blacksuits, who are tasked with intercepting harmful elements that exit from these Crosspoints. It is also on the watch list of the Evangelist and Skyrmir, the former of which is convinced that Dreamlands creatures are unholy demons that have to be destroyed. Additionally, a militia run by a conspiracy nut named Mack Hauer has been known to cause a ruckus every now and then.

All in all, such things make Dunwich a highly… interesting place to live in.
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