Ludwig's Hate, Kaiser's Wrath

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Ludwig's Hate, Kaiser's Wrath

Post by Czernobog » Tue Jan 05, 2010 9:54 pm

Underneath Castle Sternberg

Ludwig Schrödinger looked at the map. An old map, slightly sepia-stained, from 1914, before the war that had devastated the Fatherland, ripped it asunder, torn it apart, and with, Hitler's madness, finally ended whatever remnants of glory it might have had.


The name the damnable Russians used for its true name, Königsberg. East Prussia, Ostpreussen, whatever you called it, owned by Russians! The proud family of Schrödinger would never forget this outrage, even if only one last remnant was left, himself.

Maria. His wife.

Gone in a Zeppelin crash. Killed by a Russian missile.

Oh, how he hated the damnable Russians. Cost him the war, they did, the glorious war to reclaim the Fatherland's territory. He hated Americans, French, the British, but they were an annoyance compared to the accursed Russians...

Hitler had been a rabid dog, in need of being put down, but the Fatherland had been reduced to weakness and patheticness by Stalin's actions. What was the name of the Chancellor, now? Merkel, Angela Merkel.

An annoyance, but one who would soon be removed.

Otto von Klausenburg was there, his loyal servant. His commander, of the Century.

Hand-picked for their strength of will and loyalty to his cause, they had been possessed, by strange creatures from the alternate universe Ludwig privately called 'Hell' (although it doubtless had a more formal name). There lay one of his greatest allies, the being known as Erebus, Overlord of that strange realm, Emperor and God-king by force of arms, comparable to Alexander or Caesar there.

He decided to contact that being in preparation for the first stage of his plan.

He stepped into the mystic circle, its rings filled with various syncretic symbols, and mentally contacted the daemon-king.

'Erebus,' he thought. 'Our paths cross once again.'

'What do you require this time?' Erebus said.

'Your lieutenants, styled after the Four Horsemen, Tenebrae, and one of your soul-trains.'

'Yes,' Erebus asked, knowing that the human was much more formidable than him. 'The deal is struck, with no price in return.'

'All well and good.' Ludwig replied, half speaking and half thinking. 'Our paths will cross again.'
You have ruled this galaxy for ten thousand years.
You have little of account to show for your efforts.
Order. Unity. Obedience.
We taught the galaxy these things.

And we shall do so again.

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