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Hello there

Post by Blackwolf008 »

I'm not sure where to start in this huge forum, but I guess I should introduce myself--

Hello! I'm Blackwolf but I can go by BW or Beewee.
I have heard a lot of great things about Omniverse One from my brother since the late 2000s but decided to finally join and, hopefully, learn some great tips on Worldbuilding.
I'm mostly interested in Character Building, but for the last 8 years I've been trying to get a better handle on Worldbuilding lol Been working on a fantasy setting since 2012 with my brother, but the last 2-3 years have been developing a Science/Space Fantasy setting for an Otome game and hopefully a webcomic in the future. (And whatever Heretic ends up using it for)
I'm a freelance artist, but I mostly only draw characters. I would love to eventually gain some skill with backgrounds and inanimate objects. However, that's a hurdle I'm procrastinating on.

I am a mother of a toddler so I'm typically in a rushed mode when writing or drawing, I apologize beforehand for any confusion I may cause.
Imma just do a plug for my art lol if any of you are interested in giving it a glance, https://blackwoof008.tumblr.com/

Nice to meet everyone and I will try to chip away at getting familiar with everyone's settings :shock:
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Re: Hello there

Post by Heretic »

Eww, it's an imouto.

Regardless, welcome to the Forums. It's a bit slow as of late, but I wouldn't trade this place for anything else in the world, it taught me everything I know about Worldbuilding. While we have our joint project, may you can develop your own setting here outside of the chaos of Discord and such?
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Re: Hello there

Post by Siege »

Hi! I dig your drawings. Welcome, and I hope we live up to the expectations ;) . Looking forward to seeing your setting, and whatever else you and Heretic cook up!
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Re: Hello there

Post by Invictus »

Welcome to what is a bit of a retirement home! But indeed, you will find no better place for good cool advice on worldbuilding. :oldmanwithwalkersmiley:

Speaking of which we do have a discord of our own as well, so PM me if you're interested.
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Re: Hello there

Post by Shroom Man 777 »

Nice art! Welcome. We're not that big anymore, but still close knit. Enjoy O1!

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