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Board update

Post by Siege » Sun May 19, 2013 11:44 am

Hey folks,

Brief update on the state of the board: the cost for this year's upkeep has been paid so we're set up to May next year! Also I've taken the liberty of reshuffling the forums a bit. "Shear Anarchy", "Loaded Dice", "Hardcore Way" and "Section 20" have been moved to the archives due to lack of activity. Of course if their owners decide to reactivate them they can at any time be moved back into active circulation.

Also the wave of spambots attempting to flood the forum has subsided so user sign-up has been re-enabled. New users are still subject to administrator approval just in case, but I receive an e-mail update for everyone trying to sign up so approval should be a matter of a few hours at the very worst.

That's all, really. Thanks for sticking around guys!
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