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Re: SOTS Master List

Post by Invictus » Sun Feb 25, 2018 2:10 pm

2018 update!


Ararat Rift - The formerly violence-torn border zone between the Samtic Nexus and the Aurigan sphere of influence.

Nueki - A new subject species of the Sajit'satyk, big buff crab-apes who undergo personality death when they lose their natural masks.

The Trust of Isopteric Formers - Isopterid guilds in the Fracture who come together to handle terraforming projects and leverage their collective power.

Zel - The final member of the Yggrd-Zel-Ruun trifecta, reclusive but scientifically curious slug-puggos with loads of technology despite their hard luck.


Part I

Beymin - More short-sighted smugnessSatykarmic piety!

Computational Intelligences - More on their roles in the Sovereignty and their physical natures.

Desthej - Added homeworld and expanded physiology and lifecycle descriptions.

Hume-Anethgans - Noting their limited natural lifespan.

Isopterids - Revamped and expanded to be a more general entry, and with emphasis on their place in the SOTS universe; the Guilds have their own entry in Part II now.

Kalaquel - More physiological and BLOODSPORT details.

Kerberi - Revamped entry with more possibilities on their origins and natures. Also following dedicated Shroom-lobbying, they're the Xerberi now!

Kheler - More physiological detail.

L'cthei - More physiological detail.

Oolycysts - Updated physiology and lifecycle descriptions.

Padryceps - More biological detail.

Part II

Freeworlds of Cascadia - Revamped to be now basically in character and a mirror to the Terranates article. The truth shall not be known now.

Gorok Phalanges - Big new paragraph on their driving ideology and internal contradictions.

Grandeur of Aurgia - Slight adjustments to their history.

Instrumentality of Unequal Lussehk - More detail on its leadership and tumultuous history.

League of Laurentian Terranates - Revamped to be now basically in character and a mirror to the Freeworlds article. The truth shall not be known now.

Meridian Institute - But okay, what do they actually do?

NEUROM - Updated to reflect discussion, with more of that deep state goodness.

Satykarma - Slightly more detail on its hierarchy.

Sidereal Houses of Auriga - More on the depths of their mutanthood.

Shepherds' Protectorates - Revamped entry with a new history and social dynamics.

Tellese Commonwell - More on their social system, the Masks and the Hours.

Shen Rhapsody - General refinements. Like orgone. Geddit?

Part III

The Bounty - Slight correction.

Gateways - A bit more on their infrastructure.

Ichor - More on their shipboard storage.

Orgone - Their byproducts are secret.
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