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Hardcore Regenesis

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Gib new forum pls, Siege senpai.

So while I have a few projects I want to do professionally, I've been having trouble trying to come up with something I can really share in this forum. After a few very rough outlines of some universes I thought of and failing at it, I was inspired by the revising of the Sovereigns of the Stars and have decided to try and redo Hardcore Way (again), this time mashing it up with the ideas I gained over the years.

So you want to hear the story of how humanity got royally screwed into galactic stage as it is? Well pull up a seat and mind the Aeiou there, I think he drank too much and might be mind probing us right now. Not that he will remember when he wakes up with a massive hangover.

A brief history of Humanity
So humanity. We had a few scuffles with each other, developed space technology, colonization of nearby planetary bodies, System Defense Coaltion, blahblahblah. You know, generic stuff that most people back in the day already predicted in science fiction and stuff.

When we finally hit Pluto, scouts discovered strange organic bulbs that distorted our sensors looking into space and prevented communication from the outside. Boy, did the universe get really loud when the devices were deactivated. That was when we made first contact with the creators of the distortion field, the Tyxan Commonwealth. To say it was awkward at best is putting it lightly when it was learned that the Tyxans seeded us here for possibly malicious, but unfortunately before the interstellar government could do anything we were attacked by a Tyxan expeditionary fleet. Seemed like they didn't want the fact to come out until it was too late. The newborn human fleet did its best to fend off their ancient creators but there was little it could do against biochemical ships and genetically engineered starship castes. We were pushed back until all we had was Earth and Mars. Then the Tyxans used our own nukes against us and unleashed horrors in Mars before giving a stern warning and scampering off.

What came after that was what we call the Dark Centuries. On a radiated Earth we struggled to survive and rebuild what we can, though at best we had some 20th century equipment working, and that was usually in the hands of various warlords. At least we had it better than Mars; sure we had to face radiation and starvation and nuclear winters that wreck ecosystems, but at least there were a few biodomes and genetically engineered farms that could provide for large enough centers of populations and we fended off bandits with rifles. On Mars, those poor fellas had to face a scorching and barely terraformed environment and face off 9-feet tall centipedes that probably read Sun Tzu with a sword and finely-oiled bare chests, and maybe some sort of magic that the Martians gained from the contaminated environment if they were unlucky enough to be born with it. But wherever you were, whether under the grip of a tech-Tyrant of the former Russian Federation or the whip of a gladiator-troupe visting oneof the trench towns of Mars, it fucking sucked to be a human during those days.

We would have continued this fragile lifestyle if it wasn't for the Gloguk. The first race we met were the Vgar-Ki, those lizard folks that can't seem to develop a coherent civilization on their own and yet be able to reverse-engineer a black hole if they got their hands on it (and probably add a melee attachment on it if they could, those technologically-misaligned freaks), who learned about us while passing by. Seeing the potential loot, they invaded and fought with the various warlords and sorcerer-kings on both Earth and Mars. Between our little skirmishes with each other, the two races soon learn that they had alot in common and indirectly traded with each other. Soon the Vgar-Ki settled down on both human planets and became part of the scenery, warring and trading with the humans and with each other at irregular intervals.

The next race to find us were the friendly Aeiou, or the Grays as we like to call them. Aieou are our friends, Aeiou are our brothers and sisters. They realized that we were the first race seeded by the Tyxans who broke out of their shell and didn't become organic glop for their masters. Seeing an opportunity, the kind Aeiou began studying us and began outlining a spacefaring human civilization that would be compatible with Gloguk demands as a Participant Race. They carved up Earth into various "Special Societal Administration Districts" and began elevating the various power players and minor polities into shapes that they view would be appropriate within that geopolitical area. Cowboys and wild Fur traders in the western half of North America, a Vgar-Ki/Human hybrid hodgemosh of cultures in Africa, a super-techonlogical Asia with China separated into three distinct societies and Japan placed into a feudal corporate structure, and a split between Renaissance-esque city-states and a Roman Republic with tanks in Italy (both under the supervision of the Roman Catholic Church, which has their own paramilitary space fleet) are just some of the few cultures that these Grays socially engineered into existence. They say it is to allow our human strength of being versatile, but there are some conspiracy theorists who think this is so that humanity could never unite under a single banner again and pose a threat to the Gloguk. Possibly something to do with our Proto-Tyxan genetics. With the resentment of Tyxans placed into various aspects of human society like media, religion, and sex, the humans on Earth joined the Gloguk's endeavor of Parasitism and Tool-Using as a way to metaphorically cleanse themselves of their roots.

On Mars, things were done differently. The race that met the savage humans there were the Steel Scions of Canoipus Mu, or the Steel Scions for short. These humanoid warrior fanatics decided to make Mars their playground and send dropships of young Steel Scions untested and unblooded onto the Planet of War for their initiation. When none came back, the Warmasters personally came down with their retinue of elite soldiers and saw their children slaughtered to the last by these primitive humans. Greatly impressed, the Warmasters personally drove the most dangerous predators that preyed on the humans to extinction or domestication, gave the kingdoms and roaming bands of warriors various technologies to improve their killing capacity and demanded a great global war to determine who would rule all of Mars. Two decades of bloody and intensive fighting dominated Martian life on a scale unseen even in the brutish nature of Martian society. In the end it was the brother-sister led the DyImperium who subjugated the Planet of War by both steel and magic alike. Blessed with nigh-immortality with ancient technology by the Steel Scions of Canoipus MU, the siblings were given more advanced weapons and infrastructure to be used in the Great Journey, which is just a fancy word of fighting and conquering planets for the Gloguk.

When the benevolent Aieou and Steel Scions decided it was time to allow the reborn human civilizations to have access to spaceflight again, we met the head honchos and founders of the Gloguk, those insectoid Varakeefs. Like us, they too are related to the Tyxans. Unlike us, they were actually Proto-Tyxans who had a little (galactic) spat with their brethren over the use of tools over the use of bio-engineering. It got so bad that the Varakeef were bombarded with terrible mutagens that devolved and then mutated their successors into the bugs they are today. So yeah, at one point grubbie over there looked kinda like us at one point. Anywho, seeing that humans were also Tyxan related and tool users, they welcomed us with open hands.

Races within the Gloguk
We were now part of the Gloguk community, a ragtag bunch of dirty tool wielding species who decided to continue using inorganic, stiff, and finite resources instead of using flexible biomass and forced mutation that the Tyxans were accustomed to. The Member Races, those races that dictate the overall policies of the Gloguk and enjoyed the larger benefits of being in the Gloguk, were the Varakeef, Aeiou, Vgar-Ki, Steel Scions of Canoipus Mu, the super-duper computer AI AdNet, and the cybernetic blob race Kuffa-Gratee. Each are strong enough to face off against a whole Tyxan or Greeg Dominant fleet by themselves. Yes, even the technologically schizo Vgar Ki can shape up with their mindtalkers and became a horrifying swarm of ragtag ships and armament.

Then there are the Participant Races, which include us. Races like us were 'discovered' by a Member Race and founded wanting. Under the guidance a Member Race, a Participant Race will be guided to higher degrees of technology while maintaining whatever made them unique, both physically, technologically, and so on. Here's a list of where the Participants stand right now.

Varakeef- prefer swarming and very populous races
Jellics- Humanoids from the swamp world of Xm, these Cuttlefish-headed people can reproduce like crazy, have mastered chemical warfare, and produce a special substance that can be used as a substitute for white phosphorous. A cuter version of D&D Mindflayers that are obsessed with weapons that melt or turn their victims' insides into poisonous jelly, which they claim is a delicacy in their culture.
Shoggoths - While bio-engineered creatures and use bio-engineering for most of their civilization, the Shoggoths (as named by us. Their real names are unpronounceable since it's hard to translate ooze talk) view tools and inorganic creations as a form of art, and enjoy the creation of a hammer like one would enjoy fine wine. The Varakeef uses Shoggoths to devour dead or toxic byproducts of planetary genocide before terraforming.
Sudians- Ape-like creatures similar to human Neanderthals (some speculate they might also be a Tyxan seeding), these muscular brutes can produce lots of liters in their lifetime, and half are usually sent off to be trained as soldiers as a sort of tax to the Gloguk and as a population control. Developed an industrial society before meeting the Varakeef, but the native building of spaceship is still beyond their scope of knowledge and therefore use Varakeef-made ships.

Steel Scions of Canoipus Mu- prefers warring and more primitive races.
Martian Humans- While technology and standard of life has increased for the average Martian, melee weapons and small skirmishes between groups are still common. The DyImperium condones these low-intensity wars between the various provinces and groups, but have set down rules preventing too much collateral or needless damage. Due to the nature of space warfare, the swordsmen of this planet of War are priceless when boarding actions occur.
Pkartans-Savage and extremely-warlike humanoids that look like buffed skeletons with flesh, the Pkartans are the elite shock troopers to an otherwise elite and shock trooper oriented Steel Scion military. Extremely strong and armored with starship-level armor, these heavy-weapon wielders only come to battle if they consider it worthy and with honor. Otherwise, they simply content themselves with rapid-fire contents and homoerotic wrestling matches.
Hytataras- Grizzly-bear like creatures who serve as the messengers, diplomats, and ambassadors for those with the Steel Scion's sphere of influence. While very strong and can be extremely violent when their homes and families are threatened, the Hyataras are more sociable and civilized than their Member patron. Has a very dedicated and advanced mechanized military, powered by extremely complicated to produce but easy to use power cells.

Aieou- likes to have races that require their help and kindness. Aeiou are our friends, Aeiou are our brothers and Sisters.
Earth Humans- split into various geopolitical divisions for administrative and management purposes, Earthlings are very versatile in their roles and can be used to fill a role if another, more specialized race cannot do it. Has many types of cultures and governments, each with their own military that jockey with each other for power and control, but when the smart and strategically-sound Aeiou snaps their fingers, the bickering Earthling governments will jump to their overseers' tune.
Virvariand- Bipedal Tortoise race that build, build, build. A sort of Syndicalism govern the race, and any disputes are settled by technical experts and if that doesn't work, fights to the death over construction plans and schematics can occur. Masters of the forgotten art of trench and defensive emplacement warfare.
Actarians- A drooping, grotesque, quiet humanoid race that live in secluded, scary, "haunted" places and worlds. They have sagging faces built into their long necks. They are harmless unless attacked. As their environment makes them indifferent even under the most imminent doom, they make good strategists who can stick to a plan even under the worst conditions and situations. Each regional district in their governments has access to nuclear weaponry for fast retaliation.

Kuffa-Grafee- due to their specialized nature, the Kuffa-Grafee require races to help them.
Warfists- A canine race that mostly settle Gloguk food production planets because of their low calorie intake. Formed under farming clans, the Warfists can quickly converge together and form both effective militias and fairs. Occasionally a farm pup will venture out of his village into the greater galaxy in a quest of self-discovery and high adventure.
Algolkinians- A mostly nomadic race of spiders who dwell on behemothic and ancient planet-stripping space machines with factories and production lines that provide the Gloguk (but more specifically the Kuffa-Grafee) with both raw and processed resources in return for finished goods. Experts as defensive space combat and anti-boarding actions.

Vgar-Ki- Any race that's interesting
Pa-F-Al-R-R- X-shaped beings that inhabit a land full of canyons and mesas of black colored rock in a world that continuously has thunderstorms. Very good at interrogation and psychological warfare. No one knows whether their government is ruled by one monarch, one president, or many of either, and the Pa (the shortened name for them) aren't spilling the beans for whatever reason, though some speculate it might be a taboo.
Xopos-They are basically big balls with stump legs. Their mouths are on their feet, bringing in the nutrients they need. Xopos skin has many sensories, so no face needed. They survived as a sentient race because of their symbiotic relationship with a semi-sentient tentacled race, who supply them with appendages to grab things with via connecting orifices materials in exchange for some of the nutrients the Xopos gathered from their foot mouth. This octopi race, known as the Pos, is a race not to be trifled with, and can be trained into killing machines and can be triggered into a frenzy if disconnected from their Xopos symbiot. The Pos can be trained to wield firearms and other tools with training.

Adnet - Special Participant Handling
O1D+45- an extradimensional AI stored in a robotic spiderlike construct and portrays itself in a holographic figure of any creature that it feels would make beings comfortable or uncomfortable. An uber ancient construct that is even more ancient than Earth, O1D+45 usually resides in its ancient spiraling temple where it gives orders to a vast army of ancient mechanicals that is able to replicate themselves if given enough resoruces and time. O1D+45's name has a meaning: O means Offgrehit, which means life in its ancient tongue, 1 means the number of it, and D means Dhee, which is it dimension. The + is the adding of this dimension, and 45 means the category he is in under an ancient measurement of sentience in the Dhee dimension.
Dhothugkma - When AdNet discovered this eldritch colossal humanoid sleeping in the core of a planet, it quickly pumped as many drugs as it could as the monster awoke. Dhothugkma is said to be the last living god from Tyxan proto-history, being made entirely of a sort of black amorphous metal that is invulnerable to virtually everything. Due to the stoned and alien nature of Dhothugkma, only AdNet can direct the actions of it with the help of O1D+45 using a complicated set of boolean commands. Only the Galactic Stockpile itself can transport this otherworldly being to its destination, where it usually destroys anything in its path. Really difficult to command, so this thing only comes out when we really want to troll the Tyxans.

Warfare in the 27th Century
So yeah, interesting group of fellas we put our lot in with. But our hatred for what the Tyxans did to us overcame any culture shock that ensued from first contact with the Gloguk. Within three centuries we rebuilt civilization, amassed large enough armies using clones and accelerated growth to supplement our slowly-growing population, and quickly learned how FTL worked via JumpRings and even quicker realized how wrong we were about how space combat would work.

So imagine a large ring floating in space, might be organic or mechanical or a combination of both depending on who built these rings. These rings, let's call them JumpRings, are a pain in the ass to create and require careful consideration before shooting its twin at the other end of the galaxy or else a multi-billion credit and century-long construction project would be wasted because the other ring got sucked into the star's orbit or smashed onto a planet. Don't worry, important planets like Earth and Vzyr are protected by special systems that can catch any ring that the Tyxans or Greeg Dominants decided would be nice to weaponize as a very expensive planet crusher. Besides, no one wants to spend that much money and time on such a gamble.

Anywho, these JumpRings can get set up to allow starships to travel between systems at a fraction of time that normal space flight would have taken. And because JumpRings are vital for galactic economy but a real pain to make, it's better to simply take over connections built with the resources and time of their foes. And space battles happen over these JumpRing lanes for military routes and planetary resources, but because of the risk of serious damage to the JumpRings if a particularly powerful shot from a Battleship misses or blasts through the invading fleet coming from the ring, all of the super galactic powers have reverted to smaller, more tactical fights. Sure, Battleships and Super Cruisers exist, but they usually only come out to hold already won space positions or if they think they can handle the swarms of boarding ships that would hit them. It is the Frigate, the Gunship, and the humble starfighter that reigns supreme in the future of warfare. Tales of Grand Admirals with Grand Fleets of battleships and heavy cruisers gave way to dashing tales of bold captains and starfighter Aces who gun down twelve enemy vessels. Skirmishes will determine who gets the upper hand, and if the enemy force gets pushed back enough, then the battleships and Cruisers can come in to do some proper planetside fighting. If they can fit the exiting end of the JumpRing and the enemy hasn't narrowed it, but that's a whole other can of worms that I don't wanna get into right now.

There are times when someone decides to bring the big guns to the ringside stage of a space battle, and unless really desperate folks don't try to do that. But if they do and they swat away the little flies buzzing around them with ease, there is another way to destroy a battleship without having to slug it out with miniature suns and nuclear barrages. The various Espatiers, or Space Marines as we like to call them, specialize in breaching into the hull of a large ship and destroying it from the inside. Boarding actions are usually a hand-to-hand sort of deal for a various reasons. While we usually don't care much about what happens to enemy ships, they sometimes have nice stuff and would help replenish our stock with mostly biomatter. There's also the issue that most battleships and such have very enclosed spaces and sharp turns, so shooting all over the place can be a hassle in anything beyond a pistol or shotgun; Espatiers also like to breach at various points of a ship and spread out in a rapid fashion, so we wouldn't want more friendly fire than what is comfortable.

Planetside operations, unless we really want to keep the planet's ecosystem, are usually lots of bombardment and then dropping down hordes of grunts into clearing up whats left of the "native" population and their military forces before cleaning up the planet and terraforming it for our purposes. Survivors may or may not be sent to Special Relocation Camps.The Tyxans would do it to us as well, so don't get too sappy about the casualties of war. The Greeg Dominant strangely enough maintain native populations under their control despite being a bunch of paranoid fascists.

The Others
The Gloguk are not alone in this large void we call space. The Tyxans, as you know, are our creators and a bunch of bioloving assholes who think they are the inheritors of evolution. They look down on those who use metallic and inorganic tools as their primary technological basis. They believe the living flesh, with its complex genetics and functions, should serve the primary driver of civilization. Despite this, those tall and green-hued bastards have used metals for some of their technology. The Tyxan Commonwealth favorite foreign policy is to harvest whole planets of primitive sentient beings and shape them into warriors or mutated slave-tools. Hell, they see it as farming, seeding various life and going from planet to planet chewing up any race they find is becoming advance. The only race that they consider worthy of a distant form of alliance are the Hzauld, who are race of space squids that can spawn various castes for different functions (Heretic: a cookie if you know which anime I took these guys from!) The Tyxans usually colonize various planets and planetoids, shape it to their liking, and then colonize other nearby planets. These colonies are commanded by ancient brain creatures that have formed a psychic relation with other brain creatures, dictating policy and facilitating communications between the colonies. Don't let their lack of a real hierarchical government fool you: when the time comes for war, a session of war games will take place to determine who would lead the various armies that the colonies form, and start making the planet literally birth out war beings and bioweapons.

We hate these fuckers, and it is on our top list to kill em all! Tyxan is death, Tyxan is scum. Aeiou are our friends, Aeiou are our brothers and sisters.

Ahem, so the Greeg Dominant. Not much to really know about them other than the fact that these enlarged and twitchy-finger pillbugs like to pretend they're the hotshots of the galaxy. They don't give a damn about tool-wielding or forcing an extra arm to grow on their kids, they'll do whatever to achieve their dream of galactic conquest. Probably because they've been bullied by some mean race long ago during their ancient history. A bunch of bickering warlords and generalissimos vie and tug for power between each other, and it can be quite comical to see two of the pillbugs start a nuclear war over a planet that really amounts to grazing land for cows. They like to steal technology and ships from both sides, and the shit they do create are really subpar. You're more likely to get killed if they roll up into a ball and speed down from a hill at you than if they shot you with their "deathbeams".


Why? You see why stump of an arm? That was from a Greeg who used a dirty and semi-sharp cleaver to cut my arm in half before it dulled totally. Got infected by some fucking alien disease and I was in the hospital having pills shoved up my ass for a better part of a year. Their ships are a hybrid of bioengineering and good old fashion metallurgy, so while their ships might call in a sick day and then rust, they can also fire armor-piercing missiles and then eat what's left of the crew. Oh, and their idea of orbital bombardment is to have their marines curl up into a ball and drop them from orbit. It's funny until the balls start crashing through buildings and seeing your friend's body crack when a pillbug hits him in an unlcuky strike. Fucking scales are tough as shit, and assault rifles ping off them like spitballs. And when they conquer a planet and subjugate the POWs and civilians into producing tools for them, you'll wish for a Tyxan Viral Mist. Greegs are vainer than vain, and love to blare out fanciful titles and heroic achievements for themselves 24/7, 365 days a year. I've been in Ult One, and I almost shot my brains out after having to rewatch 'The Life of Krgrn the Illustrious Bombardier of the Second Shock Fleet of The Warlord Zanadr, who Betrayed Krgrn at the Battle of Ult One and then Perished when Krgrn and his brave and Illustrious Bombardiers of the Second Shock Fleet faced the Renegades during the Time of The Red Eclipse.' Seriously, there were like five channels and only a hundred programs between them to watch. Pure horror and tyranny, I tell you.

Other than that, there's the Free Arm and the Langrug Justice Jurisdiction, but they don't really matter much in the scheme of things. And the hundreds of independent races out there will sooner or later fall under either the Greeg, Gloguk, or Tyxan sphere, so they aren't that important.

Some Characters of note
The Galaxy is a huge place. but there are a few personalities that stand out on the world stage. Now, I'm only gonna go through the human portions for now, because we're human and that's what's most important right now! No offense to our kind and heroic Aeiou brethren, of course, but I just wanna get it done short and sweet.
Imperator Jrox Kharmt'e- Co-ruler of the DyImperium of Mars and younger brother of Assia Kharmt'e, this guy is about three hundred years old and doesn't show much of his age. Still strong and sharp in mind thanks to extremley rare and ancient Steel Scion immortality potions, this head honcho got through the gladiator pits of ancient Mars and the many skirmishes between the Martian lords and sorcerers of ye olden times, and became a minor warlord of his own. Despite being a gruff and at times brutal guy, Jrox was nicer to the common folk than most warlords and so they became loyal to him. Married a beautiful princess of some powerful sorcerer and went on wacky hijinks all across the red planet with a band of friends and companions. When Jrox discovered his sister, who was making a name for herself down south by being able to blast things better with her mind than others, the two joined forces to build the DyImperium. Sadly, Imperator Jrox's squeeze got killed by assassins and the incident broke the poor boss's heart and maybe some of his mind. He did produce many heirs with various concubines who in turn formed his Inner Circle and personal guard when he goes out to battle from time to time, but Jrox hasn't been the same after that. The muscle of the Siblings.

Imperator Assia Kharmt'e- Co-Ruler of the DyImperium of Mars and the older sister of Jrox. When the Tyxans gassed Mars to near death, some of that got into the humans who began developing a sort of mystical power, which most people call Magick. It allows some access to a different dimension that allows the user to have very limited control over the laws of this universe. Using it too much can cause madness in the user, but Assia had a better knack at it than most. She zapped and ripped her way to power, causing other sorcerers and kingdoms to swear fealty to her. Unlike her brother Jrox who had companions with him wherever he went, Assia was almost always alone. Her only companion for most of the time was her trusty semi-sentient familiar, a winged reptile she named Keew. After meeting her brother, the two quickly banded their forces together and formed the DyImperium of Mars, crushing all beneath her. Unlike her brother who has mated with many women and has many children, Assia is usually reclusive and prefers the company of her books and familiars. Despite this, pangs of loneliness do ache her and it is in these bouts that Assia goes to her Steel Scion-funded labs and create tube babies, which she raises on her own and then sends out to cause havoc wherever she pleases. The mind and magick of the Siblings.

Annava- There are rumors that the various Earth governments pooled resources together with the help of the Gloguk at large to create a superhuman commando by the name of Annava. Sources that I may or may not have contact with state that this Annava uses stolen top secret Tyxan bio-engineering and the genetic material of a dozen dead human and alien war heroes. They say she is the ultimate weapon under the command of the Gloguk, second only to the Galactic Stockpile and Dhothugkma stored within.

Captain Lance Fyre- An up and coming war hero who single handedly saved Operation Ultossa from a massive Tyxan attack. Commands the frigate Ol' Gutsy and even has a Marquis of Freelancing from the Gloguk. Some say he's out in the Free Arm trying to find some super weapon that got lost in the black market.

Admiral Hawk O'Callaghan- Commander of the 2nd Federal States of North America, this old Chicago boy has been tasked with fighting the Greeg Dominants instead of the Tyxans like most of us. Prolonged fighting with pillbugs have given him some...funny ideas to say the least.

Hank Holly-Day- Gambler, womanizer, drunkard, video game champion, and the best damn Star Marshal that the Free States of America has to offer. Slick with his heavy-duty revolvers, this sheriff makes sure crime levels in Gloguk society is within tolerable levels.

Jffm-Patap the Most Interesting- Okay, I said I would only be talking about humans, but there is one Greeg pillbug that has been a thorn to all our sides. Jiffm-Patap is the second cousin of the biggest warlord in Greeg Space or something, so despite his below-average standing he was given a fucking large fleet and sent out to conquer space. By a stroke of luck and the nature of fools, Jiffm managed to amass a large empire that is smack dab in the middle of the Tyxan-Greeg-Gloguk borders of space. No matter how much anyone tried, Jiffm was impossible to kill. Even Annava is rumored to have dropped this assignment. This horrendous tyrant would force Tyxans and various Gloguk races to cooperate to "better their life" and tortured the poor sods with radio shows about his exploits and whatever else was on his mind. A whole planet overdosed on psychoactives when they were forced to watch one episode starring Jiffm-Patap on a once-popular and enjoyed TV show that was sponsored by him. When the episode came out Jiffm even gave out free food that had his face on the containers, much to the horror of the ex-population. This pillbug is so vile, that when he personally attended "peace talks" between the three superpowers that would eventually be forgotten anyway, the various ambassadors excused themselves as being sick when Jiffm-Patap started discussing the lyrics to a few songs he personally wrote and how they related to galactic peace. (Heretic: Inspired by Excalibur from the anime Soul Eater)

So I hope you get a picture of the galaxy now. If not, I'm sure there'll be someone who would love to fill you in. Until then, let this old veteran enjoy his drink in peace.
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Re: Hardcore Regenesis

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I read up to the part before Warfare in the 27th Century. Heretic you're a lovely lovable loon. Your earlier more komedy-centered efforts were great and now this stuff is still pretty fun but also the weirdness and inventiveness and innovativeness is amped up and its gloriously bizarre. Its great just how strange and messed up things can be if the one imagining them isn't too super SRS BSNSS. Your cacophonic approach is really good. Its charmingly messed up.

(The weirdness reminds me of Image comics' relaunched PROPHET series.)


Hardcore REGENESIS is a bitching name. If you want, I am sure Siege can reactive your old forum and rename it, and you could transfer the old threads into an "OLD PREVIOUS VERSIONS" sub-forum for archived stuff (fun keepsake memorabilias).

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Re: Hardcore Regenesis

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Yo, sorry it took me a while to get 'round to this, but here ya go Heretic: one shiny forum.

I like the amount of zany effort that's gone into this already. And it's good to see Annava make her return appearance. Looking forward to seeing how you fill this out (although personally I'd opt for incremental updates instead of vast walls of text next time ;) ).
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Re: Hardcore Regenesis

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:D I never read Hardcore Way, but this is a fantastic piece, the general madness, the strange future world and the tongue in cheek attitude all add up to something marvellous.
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Re: Hardcore Regenesis

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Thanks for the nice comments, fellas, and yeah I'll try to do things in updates instead of splerging it all on one post. Was really excited that I was finally getting back into the groove after a few years of a desolate mind.
Computers are like Old Testament gods; lots of rules and no mercy.
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