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Shear Anarchy Master List

Post by Siege »

On Shroom's smart suggestion, a master list for easier perusal of the subjects outlined in the main thread.

Index: And a separate : Map of the World

(Click to enlarge)

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Re: Shear Anarchy Master List

Post by Siege »


Acheron Amalgamated Largest corporation in the world, primarily involved in the extraction and processing of natural resources. Acheron has major holdings on all continents. From mining and oil drilling to logging and salt evaporation, Acheron draws every conceivable form of resource from the Earth for industrial processing. Acheron is a member of the 'Gang of Seven', the cabal of major corporations that dominates current San Doradan politics. The corporation is headquartered in the Titan, a fortress-like skyscraper located at 1 Acheron Plaza, San Dorado.

Akka, Monastic Kingdom of. Theocratic state on the east of the Astrafican continent. The capital Tirthankar, or Temple Cliff, is the center of Nazhindrism, one of the largest religions of the world.

Aleramo One of the six counties of the Palmaran Confederacy.


Athago Autarchic diocese of the Daedalean Empire in the Strait of Shan Dzovar, between the inland Empire and San Dorado.

Ashcroft University Largest and most prestigious university of San Dorado. Established in 1621 by the Ashcroft family, who coaxed several theretofore independent academic institutions with endowments of land and buildings on Elim.

Astrafica A continent south of Transkagaria and east of Khem Qimr. It comprises (amongst others) the countries of Akka, San Dorado and Krung Khes Kraom.

AxumFinans Financial syndicate headquartered in the Axum Obelisk, a neomansurist skyscraper on the Miracle Mile. AxumFinans is a bank, an investment firm, an insurance company, a credit union and an equity market all rolled into a single corporate entity. Because of its secretive and labyrinthine corporate structure no-one knows exactly how much capital AxumFinans truly controls, but it is commonly estimated to be in the multiple trillion dollar range. AxumFinans is a member of the 'Gang of Seven', the cabal of major corporations that dominates current San Doradan politics

Black Internationale Semi-clandestine international communist movement, holds power in Herceowic.

Branham-Harper Unlimited A multi-industry conglomerate with holdings across the world, Branham-Harper is a member of the 'Gang of Seven', the cabal of major corporations that dominates current San Doradan politics. It owns a diverse array of businesses including clothing, jewelry, fast food, newspapers, telecommunications, book publishing, mass media and entertainment. Through its brand power and media reach Branham-Harper is the premier power pushing 'San Dorado culture' across the globe. BHU is headquartered in the Stiletto, a sleek 110-story art deco skyscraper on the Miracle Mile.

Branham Meridian Venture Group Major venture capital firm from San Dorado, founded by Felony Branham after her shares in Branham-Harper were bought out by Talfryn Harper. Headquartered on Meridian Crescent, an exclusive shopping street on Shevirat, downtown San Dorado.

Chanda-Li, Prefecture of. One of the Nine Nations of Dai Xich.

Cham Veng Island state in the south of the Cataract Archipelago.

Coldstream Delta High tech corporation operating out of a complex of interlocking mirrorglass towers on the hills overlooking San Veronica Valley. San Dorado's youngest megacorporation, Coldstream Delta was founded as an atomic energy company in the '50's but rapidly branched out by absorbing competitors and startups, forming a web of cutting edge divisions in economic sectors that were at the time being overlooked by other corporations. Today Coldstream Delta is a giant of IT, semiconductors, nuclear physics, nanotechnology and robotics. It manufactures a quarter of all the microchips in the world and the San Veronica Valley accounts for one-third of all of venture capital investment in San Dorado. Coldstream Delta is a member of the 'Gang of Seven', the cabal of major corporations that dominates current San Doradan politics.

Cuom One of the Nine Nations of Dai Xich.

Dal Salona One of the six counties of the Palmaran Confederacy.

Dai Xich, Magisterial Commonwealth of the Nine Nations of. Dominant state on the continent of Yaxhia. The Nine Nations are Dev Bansa, Yenkhi, Kirant, Cuom, Taizu, Kam Beu, Ou Shue, Naray and Chanda-Li.

Daedalean Empire


Dar Qimr, Malikate of

Dev Bansa One of the Nine Nations of Dai Xich.

Fiann Saren Secret police and security agency from Tyr Caelhyr.

Falcaras One of the six counties of the Palmaran Confederacy.

Fierromonte One of the six counties of the Palmaran Confederacy.

Helix Industries Heavy industrial conglomerate operating out of the industrial northern sectors and harbors of San Dorado. Helix' bread and butter is heavy manufacturing, weapons, electricity and automotive industry. It is one of the world's largest defense companies, owns numerous brands of automobiles and a vast construction arm builds everything from skyscrapers to large dams and supersized cargo ships. Helix Industries is a member of the 'Gang of Seven', the cabal of major corporations that dominates current San Doradan politics.

Herceowic, Workers Republic of

Iram Island west of Katanghalan, south-west of Dai Xich and east of the Cataract Sea. Formerly home to the Iramka Confederation (Kolwa Iramka), an isolated, cruel and xenophobic collective of city-states that self-destructed in an apocalyptic holocaust of atomic fury in the night of 17 on 18 January 1966. Its capital was Gethar, the City of the Pillars, now little but an irradiated ruin.


Ixam San


Kagaria, Khaganate of

Kansa-Asari National corporation owned by the Twelve Gates of Tamdoult. The company is most visible in agriculture, construction and real estate, but it has branches as diverse as entertainment and defense. Kansa-Asari is mainly active throughout mid- and lower Astrafica. Unlike rival megacorporations profit from Kansa-Asari's businesses doesn't flow to individual shareholders but is distributed nationally.

Kam Beu One of the Nine Nations of Dai Xich.


Kirant One of the Nine Nations of Dai Xich.

Krung Khes Kraom Powerful state on the westernmost rim of the Astrafican continent. Also known as the Order of the Thirteen Temples, Krung Khes Kraom consolidated itself out of earlier semi-permanent political and military alliances aimed at maintaining the independence of the temple-nations. Each temple maintains its separate leadership but is represented on the Unbroken Fan, the convention of gurus that set philosophical and political guidelines for the nation according to the Seven Auspicious Kindnesses. Krung Khes Kraom shares a long and bloody history of military conflict with Dar Qimr over the Isthmus of Khrua Alor and the Ukhon Dol mountain range. It also harbors a more distant but equally deep enmity toward Akka, over ancient religious differences.

Lanfang Island federation on the southern edge of the the Cataract Archipelago.

Limmu Island state in the Sea of Addu, between Ixam San and Krung Khes Kraom.

Lloa Issara



Makourut State in the south of Yaxhia.


Namayan Island state in the west of the Cataract Archipelago.

Naray One of the Nine Nations of Dai Xich.

Niksic, Grand Duchy of

Ou Shue One of the Nine Nations of Dai Xich.

Palmaran Confederacy Also known as the Palmaran Grace, a loose federation of six counties (Aleramo, Dal Salona, Falcaras, Fierromonte, Ravane and Tingitane) directly south of San Dorado.

Ravane One of the six counties of the Palmaran Confederacy.

SANDEX International shipping consortium and the oldest corporation in San Dorado. Through a series of acquisitions, mergers and take-overs SANDEX can trace its lineage back to a web of merchant trading businesses from the late-16th century with illustrious names like the 'Company of One Hundred Associates', the 'Honourable Astrafica Trading Company' and the 'Company of Adventurers of San Dorado Trading to the Ports of Khem Qimr'. SANDEX owns not just ships and aircraft but also entire ports and railway networks, and is a member of the 'Gang of Seven', the cabal of major corporations that dominates current San Doradan politics.

San Dorado Incorporated city-state at the northern tip of the Astrafican continent.

Sankara, Lower

Sankara, Upper

Sarakan League Federal state formed on the Sarakan peninsula after the dissolution of Daedalon Hyperpontis in 1908. Dissolved by the Final Act of the Congress of Svarsvik in 1961.

Seran Island state located between Tzirk and Iram. Its capital is Akingha.


Shan Asham

SinGen Pharmaceutical, chemical and biotechnology company. SinGen is a member of the 'Gang of Seven', the cabal of major corporations that dominates current San Doradan politics. It develops human and animal pharmaceuticals, pesticides, genetically modified crops and organisms, specialty and consumer medicine, diagnostic technology and medical tools. The corporation is unique in that it is still owned in majority by the founding Sinclair family. The SinGen headquarters is the Hecatomb on Jericho Island.

Sigmaringa, Kingdom of

Sjenska, Republic of


Taizu One of the Nine Nations of Dai Xich.

Tamdoult Confederal state in the north-east of the Astrafican continent, ruled by the Twelve Gates and the Rais of Tamdoult.

Tyr Caelhyr, the Auld Demain, Mael Riogh, an imperial kingdom uniting the whole island of Caighseal under the White and Silver of House Canhastyr. Aggressively opportunistic, it has at various times controlled domains on four continents.


Tingitane One of the six counties of the Palmaran Confederacy.

Transkagaria is the world's largest and most populous continent, located primarily in the eastern and northern hemispheres.


Tzirk State in the south of Yaxhia.

Ultima Nomek an autarchic diocese of the Daedalean Empire, comprising a series of islands near the Cataract Archipelago.


Vlasenica Parliamentary republic on the Sarakan Peninsula.

Yenkhi One of the Nine Nations of Dai Xich.

Zagor Democratic Republic


Zrankai an autarchic diocese of the Daedalean Empire, comprising the islands Megaharta, Ardumania and Hydarna off the eastern coast of the Transkagarian continent.
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Re: Shear Anarchy Master List

Post by Siege »

(†) denotes deceased individuals.

Amadou, Ikram Warlord from Upper Sankara.

Armari, Salaman (†) Founder and holy prophet of Nazhindrism.

Arnault, Amancio (†) Architect and esothericist from Dal Salona. Noted for his work for Axumfinans in the years leading up to his death.

Ashcroft, Ceska (†) 18th century member of House Ashcroft and Prefect of Shevirat. Co-architect of the Grand Pattern of 1795, the rebuilding of some of San Dorado's core districts.

Bejan, Raul Prime Minister of Tskhumkara

Beki, Janashia Leader of the Iron Host.

Branham, Bedlam (†) 1837 - 1913. Founder of the Branham dynasty of San Dorado, 'the last of the great steam pirates'. Builder of Ginsant (Gunsight) Place, the family manor in Ashcarron Cove. Bedlam had two daughters: Peccany and Odyl.

Branham, Peccany (†) 1859 - 1928. San Doradan industrialist, business magnate and philanthropist. Daughter of Bedlam Branham. Peccany had three children: Amok and twins Tizzy and Tiff.

Branham, Amok (†) 1891 - 1981. Co-founder of Branham-Harper. Son of Peccany Branham. Father of Felony Branham.

Branham, Felony 1912 - ????. Daughter of Amok Branham. Founder of Branham Meridian after her shares in Branham-Harper were bought out.

Branham, Havoc 1930 - ????. Son of Tizzy Branham. Former commander of Tarragon, a now-defunct PMC that was folded into Knight Errant. Founder of private commando outfit Force Obsidian. Presumed dead many times during operations abroad.

Branham, Jinx 1952 - ????. Daughter of Felony Branham. Twin sister of Medley Branham.

Branham, Medley 1952 - ????. Daughter of Felony Branham. Twin sister of Jinx Branham.

Canhastyr, Emryn (†) Vuatanis (earl-king) of Teagh Canhastyr. Alternatively Emryn the Wild, Emryn the Bloodless, Emryn the Executioner, and finally Emryn the Conqueror. Unified Caighseal under her rule in 1357.

Canhastyr, Emryn VII Ri Ath Cach Caelhyr (great chieftain of all Cael-men), High Sovereign ('Ard Sabhran') of Tyr Caelhyr.

Cezary, Sandor Presidente della Cortz d'Aleramo

Chidera, Okar Industrialist from Upper Sankara.

Cortlandt, Aki CEO of SANDEX.

Danzig, Arsene CEO of Acheron Amalgamated.

Dusinjac, Jelena Prime Minister of Vlasenica

En-lai, Iselin Mantrik of Dal Salona, second-most important religious figure of Nazhindrism.

Estense, Alisa Julitta Hereditary Grand Princess of the Principality of Palmara, Countess of Ravane, Suzerain of the Coast

Hor-Ahr, Firas al-Haramayn Aman the Lion and the Sun, Malik of Dar Qimr, Enduring in Kingship, Prince of Sitarah and Emir of Tshkumkara, Master of Kifar and of Amlathi, Shadow of the Gods on Earth, Guardian of the Sallow Sea, High Steward of the East and the West, Custodian of the Holy River and the Immaculate Mansions, Protector Regent of the Ibrian Coast. Ruling monarch of Dar Qimr.

Gold, Camaron Mayor of San Dorado

Goldstein, Istvan First Delegate of the Herceowic Confederation of Labour.

Harper, Ocean CEO of Branham-Harper Unlimited. A former exotic dancer and call girl, she is rumored to have murdered her much older husband Talfryn Harper in order to acquire her current massive wealth. Adversaries on her board tend to meet sudden, violent ends.

James, Buddha (†) Mayor of San Dorado, ca. 1930s.

Jašic, Vuka Former partisan leader in the Vlasenican civil war. Currently leader of the Vlasenican communist movement in the Government of National Reconciliation.

Kalmyradov, Sarhy (†) Marshal of the army of the Sarakan League, after his coup d'etat its head of state until his assassination.

Karic, Srdjan Despotic ruler of Sjenska, 'the Terror of Sarak'.

Khan, Kalan Omurtag Sirgel Ikh Khagan, Cozar of the Hordes, Master of All Horses, Lord of the Horizon, Great Khan of Kagaria

Kitbuqa, Mengu Second General of Kagaria, Khan of the Black Horde.

Kitovani, Marek First Secretary of the Zagor Communist Party and Chairman of the Central Executive Committee of the Zagor Democratic Republic.

Lemercier, Ségou Hasdrubal Co-architect of the Grand Pattern of 1795, the rebuilding of some of San Dorado's core districts.

Logoidos, Kyras Tatic Megaduke of Niksic.

Mansart, Hippolyte Consigliere for Tingitane

Mansur, Aba Tabris(†) 16th century poet, architect, mathematician, economist, alchemist, philosopher and mystic from San Dorado. Banker and advisor to Ryszard Dispencer.

Mori, Cassel First Commandant of Fierromonte, Maghantir

Mortimer, Lyman CEO of Helix Industries.

Radojevic, Aleksandar (†) President-for-life of Vlasenica until his assassination.

Saba-din, Jaya "Jackie" 'Boss of bosses' of San Dorado's organized underworld. AKA Jackie the Saint, Jack Sabath, Diamond Jackie.

Sevenray, Serapis (†?) San Doradan anarchist, seditionist, insurrectionist. Writer of 'Atop the Altar of Greed', a pamphlet denouncing the Gang of Seven, and leader of the Sprawl uprising that ended in the destruction of Short Bluffs.

Shturm, Faiza Com.Dir of OGRE Solutions, a private military corporation and Coldstream Delta subsidiary. Ace and former SQNLDR of the Iron Angels, veteran of half a dozen corporate wars, astronaut of the CROSSBOLT space program.

Shazar, Moise Rais of Tamdoult.

Sinclair, Avram Bader (†) 19th century San Doradan (formerly Makranese) physician, eugenicist, herbalist, proto-geneticist, microbiologist, psychometrician and enterpreneur. Founder of Synklar Pharmakon SC that would later become SinGen.

Sinclair, Shifa Executive President of SinGen, locus of the Sinclair inner cognate.

Soules, Tamerlan CEO of Coldstream Delta.

Vaejah, Fahrettin Khaj (†) 11th/12th century admiral and navigator from Dar Qimr. Commonly considered one of the greatest explorers in history. Organized and commanded the first documented expedition to circumnavigate the world.

Warr, Malachy De La President and CEO of AxumFinans.

Yuu, Olyphaunt CEO of Pentex Corporation, a Coldstream Delta subsidiary.

Zen, Renier Prolocutor for the Fraternal Society of Falcaras
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Re: Shear Anarchy Master List

Post by Siege »


Addu, Sea of Sea between Khem Qimr and Astrafica. Largest island is Limmu.

Akingha Capital of Seran.

Ard Istrenval Capital of Tyr Caelhyr.

Astrafica Continent of the southern hemisphere, stretching from Krung Khes Kraom in the east to Akka in the west and from the Glass Coast of Zazau to the south to San Dorado in the north.

Ason, Gulf of The sea splitting the Sarakan peninsula and the Daedalean mainland; it represents the south area of the Bay of Kantauri.

Cae Gwaun Coastal city in Tyr Caelhyr.

Caighseal A large island in the north of the Central Sea, ruled by the High Potentates of Canhastyr. 'Caesyl' in Old Caelig.

Cataract Archipelago A sunken continent, now a ring of large islands in the Cataract Sea.

Cataract Sea The body of water encircled by the Cataract Archipelago.

Catkens Mountain range that separates San Dorado from the Palmaran Grace, where the range is known as the Catazzeri.

Central Sea 'The ocean that splits the world', bahr nuqtat 'irtkaz, sansar jonhe, the sea south of Tyr Caelhyr, north of Dar Qimr, east of Dai Xich and west of San Dorado.

Chernigov Deep The body of water between Sigmaringa and Kagaria.

Daedalon Hyperpontis Former name of the Sarakan Peninsula when it was under Daedalean control.

Daedalopolis Capital of the Daedalean Empire.

Daikaran Gulf The 'home waters' encompassed by the heart of the Daedalean Empire.

Dakinh Capital of Dai Xich.

Deifr Firth The narrow strait separating the Herceowic isles from mainland Kagaria. The Firth and the adjoining Bay of Skrda (Boka Skrda in Sjenskan) are split by the Sava island range.

Donja Soli City in the north of Vlasenica.

Dragonsnake Basin Jungle delta in the southernmost reaches of Yãxhia, covering significant areas of Tzirk and Makourut.

Eye of Sher Razma or the Ravening Waste is a system of deserts and dry lakes in the heart of Khem Qimr

Eye of Storms

Fencorbau Capital of Tamdoult.

Fygonesia The island ranges of the Silent Sea between the Coasts of Daedalon and Yãxhia and all the way south to Ninkhursag and the Cataract Archipelago.

Gelwar Southern island province of Tamdoult, one of the Twelve Gates.

Kantauri, Bay of Kolpos Kantauros, Dalain Kantor, Pleg-mor Kantauri is a gulf of the northern Gulf of Ason. It lies along the western coast of Zagor and Niksic and the southern coast of Kagaria to Mega Tragos in the Daedalean Empire.

Khem Qimr the continent comprising mainland Dar Qimr, Amlathi, Kifar and Janjero.

Lanthanus capital city of Zrankai, an autarchic diocese of the Daedalean Empire.

Mega Tragos Daedalean fortified city on the shore of the Bay of Kantauri, near the Kagarian border.

Mount Ahkton Or Ostrov Rytsara in Kagarian is an island in the Bay of Kantauri. It a holy place to both Kagarian and Daedalean people. It is home to 30 monasteries who together govern the island.

Nehalennia, Sea of The sea east of Tyr Caelhyr and south of Sigmaringa, named after an ancient marine goddess.

Nim Li The sole large city on the island of Dalmakh, in the Cataract Archipelago.

Novi Jela Capital of Sjenska.

Pallantos Daedalean city on Athago.

Saloum Nazhindri holy city in the north of Tamdoult.

Sarak The largest river on the subcontinental peninsula that is named for it. The Sarak has its source in Zagor and flows in a mostly southerly direction through Sjenska and Vlasenica to the Gulf of Ason.

Sarakan Peninsula Subcontinent south of Kagaria dominated by the Sarak river. It is the location of Zagor, Sjenska, Vlasenica and Niksic.

Sarakovar Capital of Vlasenica.

Sallow Sea The body of water south-west of Dar Qimr and south of the Eye of Storms.

Sava Islands Located between Herceowic and Sjenska, ownership of the Sava island range has historically changed frequently. Currently the northernmost islands are Kagarian whereas the southern ones are occupied by Sjenskan forces.

School of Night Formally the Ytre Skei Academy College of Theophany, a settlement and academy situated on the northern coast of the Kingdom of Sigmaringa.

Shan Dzovar, Strait of The strait between the Sarakan Peninsula on Transkagaria and San Dorado on Astrafica. Unlike the city-state of San Dorado the strait retains its old spelling and pronunciation.

Sidon, Sea of The sea east of the Daedalean mainland, south of Kagaria's easternmost provinces, north of Maxima Paralia and south-west of Zrankai.

Silent Sea The largest ocean in the world, stretching from Dai Xich all the way west to Zrankai and Ninkhursag.

Sitarah Capital of Dar Qimr.

Sivas Jelar Holy city of Nazhindrism in Dal Salona.

Skrda, Bay of or Boka Skrda in Sjenskan. A basin of water off the Kagarian south-west, hemmed in by Sjenska and the Sava islands.

Svarsvik Capital of Sigmaringa.

Syr Tengzi Mythical city hidden in the Eye of Sher Razma desert.

Tikhoiansk Kagarian city on the coast of the Bay of Kantauri, one of only a handful of Kagarian warm water ports.

Timecak Sjenskan port city. There is a statue of Bedlam Branham here.

Tirthankar Capital of Akka, more commonly known as Temple Cliff.

Torreval Port city in Tamdoult.

Transkagaria The largest continent in the world, on the northern hemisphere.

White Sea The sea directly south of the Daikaran Gulf, named for its stormy waters.

Whittlesea The sea east of Akka and west of Namayan.

Yãxhia The western continent dominated by Dai Xich.

Ytre Skei Settlement in the north of Sigmaringa, location of the School of Night.

Zagrad Capital of Zagor.
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Re: Shear Anarchy Master List

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400 BC: Nazhindrist religion founded on the teachings of the awakened prophet, Salaman Armari.

346 BC: Royal house of Akka converts to Nazhindrism.

150 - 68 BC: A series of wars between Akka and Xnibyl (in current day Tamdoult) result in the demise of the latter empire.

0 BC: Dedication of the Basileon in Daedalopolis. Northern tip of the Astrafican continent is fully converted to Nazhindrism.

3rd century: founding of San Dorado (as Shan Dzovar) by Akkan envoys.

9th century: Great Calamitous Age. A meteor shower pelts the planet, setting off a massive change of climate that disrupts the entire world.

ca. 11th century: conquests of the Claret Empress.

1116: Fahrettin Khayr Vaejah begins his circumnavigation of the world.

1265: War of the Last Kings, leading to the final unification of Caighseal under the White and Silver of House Canhastyr.

15th Century Lesser Calamitous Age. Daedalean Emperor takes control of the Sarakan Peninsula.

1527: Founding of the Community of the Companies of San Dorado, dissolution of the Great Council.

1674 A great storm, Tyche's Clarion, hits northern Astrafica and causes massive destruction in its wake.

1768: Great Blaze of Shevirat, San Dorado.

1839, 1842 and 1847: Revolutionary uprisings on the Sarakan Peninsula.

1855: Formation of the League of Partisans.

1880: Fourth Congress of the League of Partisans. The Kagarian Circle, also known as the Black Internationale, displaces the Sarakan Circle as leaders of the clandestine movement.

1890: Lash of the Dead Khan, a series of border skirmishes exposes the strategic weakness of the Daedalean Empire.

1895 Revolutions of 1895, a wave of popular discontent which began in the harbours of Niksic and immediately spread to most of Transkagaria and parts of Astrafica.

1899 - 1906 The Mad War, Tyr Caelhyr invades the Sarakan Peninsula on a flimsy pretext. The War House expected to fight a brief colonial skirmish and concessions from the other great powers, but the conflict rapidly spins into a total war between the Daedalean Emperor, the Khan of Kagaria and the High Potentate.

1908: Majorly weakened the Daedalean Empire can no longer maintain control of its overseas territories. Daedalon Hyperpontis is dissolved and the Sarakan League is created, a disparate federation of provisional states awkwardly drawn across historic, religious and ethnic boundaries.

1910: Herceowic is the first nation fully under communist control.

1941: Night of Khalmyradov - a coup d'etat in which the Zagori marshal Sarhy Khalmyradov seizes power in the Sarakan League. He is backed by the Khan of Kagaria.

1947: During a public parade in Sarakovar Khalmyradov is assassinated by the Secret Commission for National Literature, a nationalist organization of ethnic Sjens, with the help of the Black Internationale. The Khan of Kagaria backs Khalmyradov's 11-year old son Hakan as his successor. In response, several states in the League rise up in revolt - the First Rising.

1949: After his proxies in Zagor and elsewhere are repeatedly defeated, an increasingly unstable Khan sends his own army to pacify the peninsula. This is one of the triggers for the Sanctuary Wars.

1950s: The Sanctuary Wars, sometimes known as the Great Wars, throw the world into chaos. A decade of heavy fighting follows on the Sarakan Peninsula and elsewhere.

1961: the Final Act of the Congress of Svarsvik ends the Great Wars and determines the territories of the states on the Sarakan Peninsula. Majority Sjensk areas are particularly hard hit, with the Sjens losing more than 70% of their territory to the Lordship of Skozan, a newly established Canhastyri protectorate. The end of the war immediately spawns a number of low-level insurgencies.

17 on 18 January 1966 The Iramka Confederation self-destructs in an apocalyptic holocaust of atomic fury. In a span of midnight hours the cities of Iram vanished under mushroom clouds.

1970: in Novi Jela and elsewhere worker ands student protests against the occupation and disenfranchisement have been building for two years. In the biggest demonstration yet, protestors clash with security forces of the White Wand. The troops open fire. Twenty-four people die. This bloody event sparks the Second Rising.

1971-1973: after a brief but violent struggle for control and with intervention from Kagaria looming on the horizon the Canhastyri High Potentate decides the cost of hanging onto its rebellions extractive colony is too great. She pulls back her forces but hands power to the Skozan Free State, a weak and unstable territory that many ethnic Sjens consider nothing but a Canhastyri puppet.

1973 - 1977: Sjenskan civil war, pitting ethnicities, religions and ideologies against each other. Atrocities are commited on all sides. Ultimately the ethnic Sjens faction lead by Srdjan Karic wins the war.

1975: Short Bluffs insurrection in San Dorado, the largest Sprawl revolt in recent memory.

1975 - 1978: Vlasenican civil war, a spill-over from the war in Sjenska triggered by the assassination of president-for-life Aleksandar Radojevic.

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Re: Shear Anarchy Master List

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Ashbriar Wrack (E. canens, Plunged Man's Pulse, huijin jan, Cold Tangle, Shah Dara's Fangs, Kadab Yamik) is a species of murderous multicellular algae native to the south-western coasts of Ninkhursag and the floating islands of the Cataract Sea.

Black Flowers (fleurs de guerre, cadaver poppies, Papaver Apsinthos, sable souls, wormweed, Azhar-Sūd) is a type of poisonous flowering plant. Infamous for their dangerous inklike petals and torpor-inducing odour, Black Flowers were first recorded to appear in the aftermath of the Battle of Kalyvia-Gol in 1813.

Direcrows (C. Dirus) are highly intelligent flock hunters and tool users native to the Palmaran peninsula. Significant numbers of them have migrated to San Dorado, where great murders of them can be seen wheeling around the Downtown skyscrapers.

Hydropteres Known as locally Bashmu, Hydropteres are weakly sapient but eminently (if inhumanly) intelligent sea-dwelling creatures from the south of the Caldera Sea. They are extremely hostile to humans to the point where many local peoples consider themselves to have been at war with these creatures since times immemorial.

Nazhindrism The Nazhindri faith the faith of Akka. It is an ancient religious system of esoteric teachings that includes a wide corpus of texts, practices, theological positions and organizations. Nazhindri cosmology principally concerns itself with three unchanging, eternal, and mysterious godheads and their relationships with a multitude of lesser empyrean beings and the mortal and finite universe.

Zink Fingers A private yacht in possession of the Sinclair family of San Dorado, owners of SinGen.
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Re: Shear Anarchy Master List

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Re: Shear Anarchy Master List

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First major comprehensive revision:

- Updated world map
  • States of Yaxhia now shown;
  • Revised names of Cataract Archipelago states;
  • Revised outlying Daedalean territories;
  • Amended Teyrnon Canhastyr to Tyr Caelhyr.
  • Amended Glass Coast to Zazau.
- Updated sovereignties
  • Added autarchic dioceses of the Daedalean Empire;
  • Added miscellaneous organizations and institutions;
  • Added hyperlinks to relevant articles where possible;
  • Minor reconsiderations of certain descriptions.
- Updated people
  • Significantly expanded list with previously mentioned but heretofore unnoted individuals (historic and current).
- Updated places
  • Updated with seas and major waters of the world;
  • Added a number of cities and locations on various continents.
- Updated history
  • Brought up to date with all major historical dates mentioned so far.
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