Random facts about the Terran Sphere universe

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Random facts about the Terran Sphere universe

Post by Zor » Sun Dec 19, 2010 9:28 am

This thread is about various Random Facts about the Terran Sphere universe.

*On many worlds with native life colonized by Terran Civilizations, an patchwork pattern can be seen from orbit. This is because extraterrestrial plantlife is often inetable to Terran Creatures (at least without substantial genetic or cybernetic modification) and often have Chlorophyll which is not green. As such, agriculture establishes large areas were their are no/very few native plants, while conservation efforts usually are put into place preserve the Native Ecology.
*In terms of their taste of liquor, the Natives of the Herschel system are mostly a Sake, Wine and Vodka society with some Beer and Wine drinking Regions and subcultures. These trends are common among the more imperialized sections of the Novan Empire, usually including some local speciality alongside it.
*The Official Dog of the Imperial House of Nishibori is the Pug, with most of its monarchs owning one or more of these canines over the course of their lives.
*Several of the more prominant Noble Houses of the Novan Empire also have their own official Breed of animal, dogs are common but hardly universal.
*Emperor Wilhelm-I is famous for his interest of European History, in praticular in the area of Military History. He took quite an active role in the establishment of the Novan Military, including personnally designing the Dress Uniforms of the Novan Imperial Navy (then limited to transport duty) and the Novan Imperial Army. In praticular held King Fredrick II of Prussia and Tsar Peter-I of Russian in High regards.
*Novans have a beleif that children should not wear neckties, traditionally the first necktie that a young Novan will receive his/her first Necktie on his/her 16th birthday. It is illegal for school uniforms to include neckties for students under 16.
*Though Coffee is still consumed quite commonly, Tea is the more commonly prefered drink across most of the Terran Sphere.
*The current capital of Terra is Perth Australia.
*In order to preserve as many Terran Species as possible (some of which having died out on Terra), several non profit based organizations and government inniatives gave DNA samples to colony ships to recreate said species on extrasolar worlds. For this reason, it is not unheard of to see Red Pandas or Lions living among
*Among the most sucessful of said creatures introduced is the Great White Shark (Carcharodon carcharias) and the Tiger Shark (Galeocerdo cuvier) and Bullshark (Carcharhinus leucas) due to their adaptablity and predatory abilities.
*On several worlds in the Novan Empire, Interstellar Protectorate and Commonwealth of Democratic Worlds, Cinnamon is a regulated substance due to its Narcotic Effect on Blemmys

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