Union of Free Socialist Worlds

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Union of Free Socialist Worlds

Post by Zor » Wed Dec 14, 2011 3:25 am

Territory-Twenty heavily populated systems (25 heavily populated worlds) with a roughly (and somewhat concave) hemispherical main body along the betawards Counterturnwise boarder of the Novan Empire and frontier territory moving towards the Frontier. The Union of Free Socialist Worlds also shares boarders with the Domain of Liberated Mankind and the Interstellar Protectorate.

Throneworld-Marx, Marx System. Capital City of Marxgrad.

Government-Constitutional Federal Republic. Two legeslative bodies are in place, the Supreme Soviet (representing the popular vote) and the Union Senate (representing the various Republic governments). The head of state is the President. Two catagories of planets exist, Member Republics and Dependancies. Member Republics have represenetation at the Federal Level while Dependancies don't.

The most notable fact of the Union's Government lies in its constitution (the Declaration of Political and Economic Rights and Reponsiblities) is that while it does outline political rights it also includes articles on economic structure and duties. Property rights are distinctly limited and subjected to regulation.

Population-70.28 Billion Terran Baseline/Near Baselines, 6.25 Genmods, 1.52 Billion Sapient AIs, 1.220 million sapient extraterrestrials.

Military-Ministry of Defense: Five Branches
-People's Unified Space Navy (Senior Service)
-Union Patrol Fleet
-Union Army
-Union Marine Corps
-Commissariat of Millitary Intelligence

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