The Earthling Humans [Gloguk Participant Race]

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Re: The Earthling Humans [Gloguk Participant Race]

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wellis wrote:Is this updating anytime soon?
Currently doing the Greeg Dominants, hoping to get that monster page done before heading back to our lovable Earthling cliques.
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Re: The Earthling Humans [Gloguk Participant Race]

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Cool. Sorry for bumping it like that. Was just hoping it wasn't dead, which it isn't!

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Re: The Earthling Humans [Gloguk Participant Race]

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FUCKING FINALLY. Europe was so complicated that even with a bit of country absorbing and merging it was a lot. I'm hoping to expand more on the countries I have, as this is just a general summary.

A summary on the European Special Administrative District

Gloguk Administrative Center
: Sicily, Italy
Military Group: European Joint Operation Command (EJOC)
Extraterrestrial Holdings: Orbital space colonies in Jupiter, HQ/Embarkation bases on the Sigma-22 planetoid, Colonies in various parts of Alpha Centauri and Beyond thanks to the Poles
Flagship: The Battleship Le Jugement is a 700 meter long Battleship decked out in arrays of plasma cannons, missile tubes, and Railcannons to act like 16th-17th century ships, going right next to the enemy ships (being in space, "getting next to the enemy" means within a relatively short distance) and duking it out. Le Jugement has been known to sit its long metaphorical ass down in front of a JumpGate or planet and win alone against whole fleets by sheer attrition and volume of weaponry alone.

Things to note:
Cloning/Uploading: Due to the reduced population from the Tyxan invasion and the violent Dark Centuries following, cloning and uploading are quite common to increase the human population to galactic-warfare worth levels. While the technology is there, the Aeiou allows each country to choose how to approach this topic in political/social/cultural lines.
Economic Focus: While all countries have diverse economies with many regional resources, the Aeiou take note and groom the element that is most prevalent and could be beneficial for supplying an Earthling army in a galactic rampage.
Military Focus: What the nation could provide to the Gloguk if the Aeiou calls for a Galactic Conquest that demands the cooperation of all Earthling SADs in large quantities.

The Protectorate of the Isles
Comprised of Scotland, Ireland, Wales, the Isle of Man, and England, the Isles are once again the Sea-faring Power. Armed with the best submersibles and Aerial Ships on Earth, the Isles are tasked with patrolling the seas for threats and keeping the various merchant fleets of the countries trading with each other. The Protectorate Marine Corps are one of the best in Earth and have protected merchant Fleets all across the continents. The Merchant Navy of the Isles which comprises both astrological and maritime trade, act not only as the lifeblood of global trade for the Isles but is also chartered as agents of the Protectorate, taking the roles of Intelligence Agency, Special Forces, and ambassadors of the Isles all across trade routes. Overseeing their defense is the Neo Model Army and its prefabricated Iron Fortresses that overlook the Isle landscape as well as defend When the Earthlings want to create and maintain trade routes in the sea and across the stars, the Isles are the premier choice in the task.
Capital: Isle of Man
Population: ~44 million (mostly Human with a sizable population of Warfists at around 3 million)
Currency: The Pound Sterling
Language: English, Gaeilge, and Manx (mostly by the Warfist communities)
Government: A Parliamentarian Republic under the rule of a Lord Protector who has powers to dissolve parliament when necessary.
Cloning/Uploading Status: Cloning is limited and taxed in various capacities in the three Isle lands, but uploading is permitted with a fee.
Economic Focus: London Stock Exchange, Banking, Shipping, Manufacturing, various service industries
Military Focus: An extremely powerful maritime fleet, Iron Fortresses, The Neo Model Army and its Iron Fortresses, an independent and far-reaching Merchant Navy in both sea and space, and The Marines.
Tyxan Hybrid (Tybrid) Status: Legally recognized and protected (and shanghaied into the Navies!)

The land once known as the United Kingdom was considered a minor power by the time the System Defense Coalition was at its pinnacle. China, India, New Atlantis built in the Pacific Ocean, the various colonies in the Solar System, and the various South American countries were the real movers and shakers of the System Defense Coalition. Content with licking its wounds after playing a very major role in the last war before NATO disbanded, the United Kingdom played it low, contributing little aside from what was obligated from all nations on Earth. While this led to the United Kingdom being left behind economically as they had little space presence and were still distrusted by the other nations for the previous war, when the Tyxans obliterated the System Defense Coalition it left the United Kingdoms mostly unscathed; only London was harvested and the coastline terrorized with mutations and lab-grown monstrosities.

The British government quickly consolidated, declared martial law, and spent most of its first few decades keeping civil order and eliminating threats like Krakenoids in the sea and the London Deep Ones that emerged from the coastlines a few years after London was harvested. As resources dwindled, technology began reverting to late Cold War levels, and civil unrest increased to dangerous levels as well as a war with the Irish, the Government became even more authoritarian and militarist, putting down food ration riots with machine gun fire and flushing out Separatist cells. The Monarchy, already put on the backburner in favor of the military-Prime Minister led government, was officially disbanded as after a failed coup led by the last of the Windsor Family occurred in the light of increased power in the military and select members of Parliament. The Prime Minister, now named the Lord Protector to appease a few of the monarchists with a sense of nobility, was given more executive powers than ever before and can do virtually as they please with the Parliament, whose only real goal was to provide a sense of what the various counties had in mind and local opinion. The seeds of the Protectorate of the Isles was planted during these Dark Centuries.

When the Aeiou came to the Isles, they found a authoritarian republic with a Lord Protector residing over a pro-military parliament . While the Aeiou were hoping to bring back the monarchy like ye olden days, they knew it would be quite a pain to change a system that already is (sort of) working, so they decided to trade off the Monarchy part of the old British Empire with the Maritime stuff. Equipping the Protectorate with advanced technology, the Protectorate's navy, already formidable during the Dark Centuries against French, Germanic, and Scandinavian pirates and petty lords, became as powerful as the best System Defense Coalition's maritime fleet. A sizable Warfist population was also brought in to bring technical experience to the shipbuilding areas, notably in the heavily-industrialized and militarized capital on the Isle of Man. The Protectorate began to take their role as Earth's defenders of trade routes, whether by sea, sky, or space.

The Protectorate of the Isles is a Parliamentarian Republic ruled by the Lord Protector and their council of five hand picked Major-Generals, each representing either England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, and the Isle of Man. The Lord Protector and the Major-Generals can dissolve Parliament or exclude anyone from Parliament for any number of reasons. Unlike the Greenland Sea-Cities where Parliament is ruled purely by military officers and admirals, a majority of the Protectorate's Parliament are civilians. That being said, many MPs usually try to follow the Protectorate's agenda set down by the Lord Protector at the risk of dissolution, and quite a few have ties with the military itself. Local governments are given great control of their counties and provinces; being able to form their own militia, conduct capital punishment, declare State of Emergencies, and even decide military action against anyone outside of Earth. In return, these provincial governments have to report suspicious activities to Protectorate agents, maintain any Iron Fortresses on their land, and send reports on potential and promising New Army or Merchant Navy recruits.

The Protectorate, once a recluse in the global stage when it was the United Kingdoms, is earnestly and fervently putting itself as the defender and representative of Earth's global and galactic trade. The London Stock Exchange is one of the most popular indicators of Earth's economic health, and hundreds of consultation firms, financial or otherwise, exist in the Isles to keep the goods and investments flowing. Manufacturing is also important, with the ports cities like Liverpool, Edinburgh, and Glasgow being popular stops for both repairs of ships and final-step manufacturing of various goods (both legal and illegal). Ships to and from the Atlantic that do not head in the Iberian SuperState, the Icelandic Free Association, or into the various African ports always head into the Isles. It is said that the Isles is the heartbeat that makes the global trade infrastructure of the Atlantic possible.

To protect this trade, the Isles has a powerful army and an even more powerful, utterly intimidating fleet. The Navy of the Protectorate is armed with top of the line aerial battleships that can achieve limited aerial and orbital flight, stealth cruisers, destroyers with nuclear capacities, and a Royal Marine corp armed with the best of the best in kinetic and Energy weaponry, powered armor that can skim across the sea at incredible speeds or silently swim under the darkest depths, and training in the incidents that require a more "personal" touch. Protectorate submersibles are run on AI, and are practically unmanned weapons platforms or troop transports to surprise enemies with. The Merchant Navy of the Isles are as powerful as early 21st century NATO battleships at a minimum, and many are armed and armored up to the teeth including tactical nukes. The Merchant Navy are not only a fleet of traders and cargo ships, but THE Intelligence agency of the Protectorate of the Isles, bringing in information, keeping tabs on events, manipulating said events, and on more than one occasion do black operations and wetwork missions all in the name of the Protectorate. Each Merchant Navy is a formidable agent, and most of the crew can work as their private army if need be. Dashing rogues and sinister manipulators are common themes for the individuals of the Merchant Navy.

The Neo Model Army, based on the 17th century New Model Army, is for the most part based on light mechanized infantry. Where the the Navy relied on pure power and intimidating size, the Neo Model Army relies on speed and the tenacity of the soldiers to push through regardless of challenges or cost. Cavalry Tanks, artillery barrages, and aerodyne squadrons are usually the first to engage the enemy, to soften them up in hit and run tactics and test enemy strengths and weaknesses. After the first wave retreats, Dragoon regiments speed in and make sure the enemy is not making a counter-attack and suppress them while the infantry comes in. Dragoons are the Protectorate's main Infantry Mobility Vehicle, and are very versatile in loadouts and customization; Dragoon crews are usually independent and as long as it gets the job done, it doesn't matter what they use. Once the Dragoons wreck havoc with an eclectic list of armaments and keep the enemy from pushing forward, they usually either begin flanking maneuvers or stay around to provide support for the Infantry. The Neo Model Infantry regiments, numbering a hundred each, come into battle in fast IFVs that while not as strong as Main Battle Tanks can hold their own. Equipped in combat armor and masked helmet reminiscent of the round heads of the original New Model Army, every two infantry units are equipped with assault rifles and non-reusable rocket launchers and every other infantry unit is equipped with a Lancer Rifle, a semi automatic long rifle using gyrojet rounds to punch through enemy armor. This is reminiscent once again to the 17th century version, where there was one pikeman for every two musketmen, whose task was to hold off cavalry.

Finally in the awesome arsenal of the Isles is the Iron Fortresses. While other nations have superior defenses or powerful emplacements that can shake the continents, the Isle's Iron Fortresses fits the Army's NEED FOR SPEED. Built from expensive lightweight alloys, the Iron Fortresses come in various modules and armaments that can be airlifted (with support staff inside!) by medium and heavy aerodynes or trucked by military logistic vehicles, dropped where they need to be, and can be constructed using light or even makeshift cranes with minimal training, and have enough strength to withstand a good number of tank shells. Originally created as a light rapid response emplacement that can be carried by wagon or lorry against the Londoner Deep Ones who only used small arms at best, the Iron Fortresses have been upgraded to become imposing, armored, overgunned citadels that can be built in the heat of battle and hold the line if need be, becoming a sort of futuristic blend of the castle and the Forward Outpost Base.

Amidst battling various Greeg pirate fleets that occasionally appear in colony planets and fighting oceanic terraforming wars with the Tyxans, the Protectorate has internal problems as well. Separatist and Monarchist cells have begun popping up with frightening frequency, the Krakenoids that terrorize the Atlantic are becoming more aggressive, and the AI on the newest Isle submersibles are acting....strange. But strangest of all, the Londoner Deep Ones that dwell in various parts of the coastlines are becoming smarter, using organization that isn't simply swarming with gunfire. Night raids on supply ships, bombings, and even rudimentary mechanized warfare using technical trucks and improvised patrol boats have become more common.

And on the walls of all these Londoner attacks was usually sprawled with blood messages similar to this:

"The Fisher King has been healed. The Grail has has been found."
The French Socialist Republic
The French Socialist Republic, a decadent cultural and social utopia nearing Transhumanist level rising from the ashes of a techno-barbaric feudal system like a phoenix; high cuisine and fine wine; the AI known as JOIE maximizing economic input and output for the betterment of the peolpe; the Foreign Legion accepting all to their ranks to fight for Liberté, égalité, fraternité; Energy Exports to Europe enables extravagant entitlements; libertine/hedonistic/free behavior is common; Tyxan, Tybrids, and uploads achieve equal rights; achieving levels of progressivism not seen since before the Dark Centuries. France is starting to question Gloguk membership; Gloguk in French mind: Reactionary, superstitious, warmongering metaculture dedicated to maintaining an eternal struggle against another metaculture, when signs of alternative means of conflict resolution are available.
Capital: Nouveau Paris
Population: ~74 million (a mixture of Human, Vgar-Ki, Warfist, Kuffa-Grafee, Sudian, Xo-po, Upload, Virvariand, Pkartan, Varakeef, Hytaras, Tyxan, and Tybrid)
Currency: The French Credit
Language: French
Government: Unitary semi‑presidential constitutional republic with elements of e-democracy
Cloning/Uploading Status: Cloning and Uploading is free and socially accepted
Economic Focus: Energy Exportation, government finance to other countries for economic development, Tourism, Cuisine, and Weapons Manufacturing
Military Focus: The Foreign Legion and their amazing rations, and JOIE the super AI
Tyxan Hybrid (Tybrid) Status: Legally Recognized and protected under law

France, having been heavily hit during the War prior the creation of the System Defense Coalition, began to rebuild itself rapidly as the beacon and symbol of the zeitgeist that came. Spiraling and heavily decorated arcologies housing thousands of peoples in self-sustained and computer-monitored environments, rapid scientific and medical breakthroughs that helped mankind spread across the solar system, and increased egalitarianism as well as alternative self-identification with the rise of cybernetic modifications. And of course, that all feel apart when the Tyxans invaded. The advanced missile systems and Future Soldier programs were proven useless as titanic beasts, hordes of mutants, and crippling plagues scoured the world. All AI and robotic systems discovered were either destroyed or twisted by Tyxan Logic Viruses, and the survivors were prodded out of their arcologies like cattle to witness the destruction of their homes and then helplessly watch as the Tyxans took one of every five humans like some sort of buffet. Then, like many Tyxans all over the world, the ones who invaded France took off to fight the Gloguk in a vital campaign.

The French, suffering from terror and the absence of their advanced infrastructure, devolved into mass panic and barbarianism. Roving mobs fought each other for scarce technologies and resources, the infrastructure that survived were jealously guarded, and the remaining AI systems that remained were worshiped as gods regardless of the state of these new gods' sanity. Small fiefdoms and kingdoms arose, and these new kingdoms began warring with each other and the neighboring lands such as Germany, the British Isles, Spain, and Italy for technology and resources. The AI gods demanded more tribute in return for their powerful knowledge base.

In one small kingdom, a king in desperation for victory over his neighbors gathered up all the children under the age of 15 and sacrificed them to the technological alter to his AI god. This alter consisted of rare and experimental Brain Flashing technology that killed the victim but upload their memories and intelligence as a form of AI. The bulk of childlike emotions and fears caused the AI God to go mad and systematically kill everyone of the small kingdom. Upon calming down, the AI God realized that in its rage it repaired itself from the Tyxan Virus Logic and reverted back to the old SDC AI it once was. Appalled at the state of the world and supplemented by its new personality given by the children, the AI now known as JOIE, set forth to bring France back to its former glory. While created during a secular era, JOIE began to take over neighboring kingdoms and transplanting other AI gods; using cults formed of the downtrodden who sacrifice their lives to insert JOIE into the local network in the infrastructure, JOIE became a sort of goddess who will bring the barbaric overlords down and bring salvation to the slave, the orphan, the pariah. Those warlords and kings who disobeyed her were swarmed by her followers equipped with superior armament churned out from JOIE-controlled factories and mines. Whenever she infiltrated a system, she would shut down any infrastructure or super weapon connected to the former AI and demand submission or destruction. Gradually, more and more of France began to be under her control. Proletarian movements and revolutionary agitators began allying with JOIE, and soon the French Socialist Republic was born.

When the Aeiou descended down, they found a nation throwing away the last vestiges of their barbaric past and rebuilding at an impressive rate. The descendants of JOIE's followers during the first century were gradually taught that JOIE was not a goddess, but simply an AI from a past golden age. The motto Liberté, égalité, fraternité was once again achieved. Pleased that they didn't have to use resources and time to rebuild France, the Aeiou nonetheless were suspicious of JOIE, who openly showed her disdain for the Gloguk. A compromise was reached, where as long JOIE stayed out of the political arena in favor of someone else (more manipulable by the Gloguk) and paid their tithes in resources and manpower to the Galactic Conquest fleets, the French Socialist Republic would be allowed to exist as envisioned by JOIE and the masses.

A Parliamentary republic with an E-Democratic nature, the FSR manages the welfare of its people and the economy with advanced information networks supplemented by JOIE. Equal rights are guaranteed to all, everyone has a living wage, and a welfare system continuously evolving with the needs and times of the people, the FSR is considered one of the most progressive nations in Gloguk Earthling space. Citizenship is guaranteed through many ways, but grateful immigrants usually join the French Foreign Legion to help defend France and appease the Gloguk tithes for warfare. JOIE, while no longer a major part of the political system, is everywhere. Being built into the network of France, JOIE is the face many citizens see. She is parent, sibling, friend, teacher, and assistant to many people from birth to death. Some critics claim that this is a benign form of Orwellian Big Brother/Sister surveillance, but JOIE counters that people can simply disable her from their private systems.

France produces an insane amount of energy thanks to large and high-maintenance fusion generators monitored by JOIE and funded by the Aeiou. This energy is then shipped to various parts of the world with a portion set aside from the energy requirements of Galactic Conquest fleets. The French government also sends investments to developing and troubled lands to improve their infrastructure, becoming a major source for foreign aid. Tourism and French culture, especially cuisine, is still a common mainstay of the economy, with many people now dedicating themselves to the arts now that a good number of labor is managed by machines and computers. From avant garde forms of Nouvelle cuisine to conservative revivals of Haute Cuisine, French artisans and chefs are in high demand all over the world and beyond. Despite this almost Utopian and pacifistic persona, another of France's major industries is arms manufacturing, especially in aerospace systems. Advanced orbital jets, small interstellar patrolships, and troop transports sporting complex sensors and life support systems to keep its load safe are few of the many spacecraft and platforms available for sale (and many have a form of JOIE as the OS).

When JOIE took over all of old mainland France, she used a myriad of military groups to both conquer other overlords as well as keep the peace. While many were little better than the tyrants' armies they defeated, JOIE decided to bear with them all while gradually reforming and disbanding them slowly into an army for the people, of the people. The arrival of the Gloguk and rapid stabilization of Earth allowed her to quickly reform these various military groups into the French Foreign Legion. While not necessarily all foreigners, The French Foreign Legion has become the sole military force in the French Socialist Republic, taking any and all who want to serve and protect France in return for citizenship and benefits under the banner of that famous unit. The diverse nature of the French Foreign Legion, ranging from French citizens to Vgar-Ki fugitives and even Shoggoths wanting to be a part of France, strengthens it. Each soldier is equipped with expensive, lightweight, and flexible Exoskeleton Suits that prefers powerful sensor suites and life support systems over raw strength and weaponry that other power armored nations have. JOIE monitors each soldier and provides support in the battlefield, even being able to bring wounded soldiers out of the battlefield in their exoskeleton suits. Main Battle Hovertanks with troop transport capabilities, Battle Frames with agile limbs and heavy ordnance, and large Assault Aerodynes, all powered by Uploads make up the bulk of the French Foreign Legion's vehicular pool and it is considered the most consistent advanced arsenal in all of Earth (aside from the separate polity of Oceania). That being said, the French Foreign Legion is mostly comprised of infantry and its army is much smaller than even the Baltic States' due to the technology and cost each soldier incurs.

But if things get too much and all pretense of an enlightened and noble society must be done away with for the time being, JOIE herself can take over thousands of Battle Frames, hundreds of faster than sound heavy bomber drones, and become a giant flying robot torso with nuclear arm cannons to mercilessly tear apart all opposition. Thankfully she has only does this rarely to protect her people.

As France advances to levels unseen even at the pinnacle of the System Defense Coalition, the Gloguk is beginning to worry about its dedication to the core tenants of Parasitism and Tool-Wielding Superiority. Excessive Genetic augmentation and engineering are starting to become popular, actual Tyxans are allowed into French society as equals, the French Socialist Republic are boldly making truces and negotiations with enemies beyond what is acceptable, and JOIE is becoming more abrasive towards all attempts by the Gloguk to bring the French in line with the rest of Earth. The Aeiou are considering ways to nudge the FSR into the desired mold, even if it has to be done without JOIE's knowledge.....

The Industrial German Confederation
Comprised of Germany, Austria, and the Bohemian half of the former Czech Republic, The Industrial Germanic Confederation is built on the mixture of ancient state of the art industrial arcologies during the System Defense Coalition years and the tribal nature of the survivors during the Dark Centuries. Corporate Chieftains in woad and a Jil Sander suit negotiate industrial deals for their factory arcology one day and wage tank warfare against his competition the next. Hordes of heavy weapon wielding labor unions and student demonstrations clash against mechanized Landsknecht companies for the future of the Arcologies. In the lower and forgotten levels of the Autobahn 2.0 network death races and destruction derbies are common as speed clans fight for their turf and to showcase their latest Mad Max-esque vehicles. At least there is Oktoberfest to look forward to.
Capital: Berlin Arcology
Population: ~77 million (a mixture of Human, Tybrids, and Vgar-Ki)
Currency: The Deutsche Mark
Language: German
Government: Various forms of industrial monarchs, powerful corporate chieftains, proletarian tribe-states, and other forms of eclectic arcology-based powerbases formed in a confederation tied by the Federal Convention.
Cloning/Uploading Status: Depending on the Arcology, cloning and uploading may or may not be banned and/or regulated
Economic Focus: Heavy Industry, Heavy Manufacturing notably in vehicle and electronics manufacture, Heavy Duty space industry components, Salt, and Small Arms Manufacturing
Military Focus: TANKS, CUSTOMIZED COMBAT VEHICLES, TANKS, ROAD RAGE, TANKS, TANKS, MECHANIZED LANDSKNECHT, TANKS...and hordes of machine gun and rocket launcher carrying agitators.
Tyxan Hybrid (Tybrid) Status: Under Confederation law are legally protected and recognized. Enforcement of these laws depend on the arcology, ranging from tolerance to distrust and segregation.

The Germans helped lead the rest of Europe into the System Defense Coalition, becoming the bridge between bitter enemies after the War. As such, the Germans reaped the benefits when scientific progress jumped exponentially. Large, self-sustaining superstructures began to build on top or around war-torn horizontal cities of old. Able to house hundreds or even thousands of people in modest comfort, these clusters of arcologies allowed the environment to rebuild itself. Like France, Germany was on a sort of Golden Age.

But like everyone else, Germany got fucked when the Tyxans came. Cracking the large artificial environments like almond shells, the Tyxans harvested a good chunk of the population and then fucked over the environment for good measure. Deer that could destroy automobiles due to being able to produce a type of steroid in their body, plants able to spew toxic gas which cause unprotected humans to go berserk, and large semi-sentient moles who can sink an arcology if they are displeased became a common fact of life in this new Germany. The survivors quickly did their best to repair their arcologies, fending off refugees that would strain their already limited resources. Civil order devolved as strongmen and domineering technocrats took reign, using both the barrel of the gun and their monopoly on important technologies that maintain the surviving arcologies to bring order and control. Those unfortunate not able to get into the protective supercities were either killed of by nature, or quickly became rugged nomads akin to the Germanic Migration people.

As time went on the Germans became like the French: petty Techno-Kingdoms fighting each other for what resources and technology they could grasp. Anything beyond simple metal monoplanes, large movie theaters, and basic infrastructure was rare and hoarded jealously. Skirmishes with armored vehicles and rudimentary metal armor with NBC protection were waged in the hazardous open fields and dark forests, between other arcologies as well as the new Tribes who soon learned to live off the land. Tybrids, those half-breed of native and invader races created either naturally or unnaturally, were soon called 'Elves' and they either joined the nomadic Tribes or formed their own, since few arcologies were willing to take them in. When the Vgar-Ki came some of the arcology city-states accepted them in return for the technology and manpower the xenos brought, becoming even more accepted in society than the Tybrids.

When the Aeiou came to see what was going on the Germans were still fighting amongst each other due to not having a figure like the French AI JOIE to unite under or any greater neighboring threat. The Aeiou quickly made everyone put down their swords and get out of their tanks to sit down and have a quick chat about how to make things more functional or else. Many ideas were pitched (Note: the Aeiou committee who suggested a return of the government of 1933 to 1945 had an "accident" on their way to work. The Germans mentioned something about man-eating rabbits, even though all omnivorous mutant Leporidae in Germany were scavengers, not predatory) but many of the German arcologies wanted to maintain their independence, so a new German Confederation based on industry and mechanized warfare. The German Confederation is comprised of a hundred or so arcologies all across Germany, Austria, and the former Czech region of Bohemia when the Poles conquered the Moravian part and the Aeiou couldn't figure what they could do with the remaining Czechs. The Federal Convention is the only central body in the myriad of local arcology and tribal governments. Consisting of 20 Inner Circle members elected by their city leaders directly (mostly from the wealthier or powerful arcologies) that decide the agenda and 200 Plenary members based on proportional representation who vote on it, the Federal Convention's decisions are final and mandatory, but how the rulings are executed are up to the arcology states themselves. Smaller tribes and powerful NGOs like Landsknecht companies usually ally themselves with an arcology to input their political views.

The arcologies have expanded into massive factory complexes, taking raw materials from all over the world and turning them into products. Heavy Industry has been the bread and butter for the Germans, and 70 percent of the population is engaged in that economic sector. German engineering is still considered a thing, with their products being of quality standard and German cars highly sought after. Heavy aerospace materials are also created, which are then shipped to either the Iberian SuperState, the African Great Lakes SuperState, or ASEAN Space Elevators when constructing larger ships. Smaller arcologies are usually designated to mining salt or surround themselves with sprawling industrial farms to feed the population of their much larger neighbors. The tribes roam between the arcologies and their territories, acting as hunters of dangerous animals and gatherers of rare plant life to sell when they are not waging small scale raids against each other or the arcologies. Small arms are also an important factor for the German economy, with Heckler & Koch, Sig Sauer, Voere, Mauser, and J. G. Anschütz still being around and popular; while not as big as the Beneluxan small arms industry, German-based firearms are still prized and Vgar-Kis who have used the venerable G3 Battle Rifle have refused even advanced portable directed energy weapons when offered. The new Autobahn is now elevated with vertically tiered skyway roads looming over the hazardous ground environment, connecting the arcologies with high speed transportation and commerce. While a neutral zone, the much less maintained lower roads of the Autobahn have been scenes of death races and motor gang wars.

The industrial nature of this industrial confederation has made it quite easy for even the weakest arcology to field brigades of tanks and the nomadic tribes outside the arcologies usually move around heavily armored land trains. From speedy scout hovertanks that can move across the Alps with ease to colossal "Waffenplttformen" that serve as glorified, gun-packed mobile emplacements, every Landsknecht company and every bored mayor in Germany has at least a handful of these combat vehicles at their disposal. Gangs and even smaller tribes usually make do with customized cars and trucks fitted with things like armored plating, hi-speed engines, all-terrain wheels, and old machine guns attached to name a few things. While most arcologies have their own private armies or militias many prefer to fight with Landsknechts, mercenary companies that hop from city to city plying their trade against each other. These Landsknechts are usually sent out when the corporate princes and princesses of the arcologies want to fight personal feuds without jeopardizing their popularity by sending their actual armies. Tribes and motor gangs are also hired, used as outsourced manpower by the Landsknechts and more unscrupulous arcology leaders. While skirmishes and small scale wars are fairly common in the Industrial German Confederation, these are usually fought between armies rolling across open fields or hilly forests with civilian targets forbidden (though collateral damage can and does happen). The full force of the Confederation is only showcased if an intruder from either the Russian or Holy Land SADs managed to slip by the Marcher States or if they are collected for a Galactic Conquest fleet, in which case hordes of tanks, IFVs, and improvised Mad Max-esque vehicles crewed by woad-painted, heavily bearded screaming Germans from the various factions and cities of the confederation overrun any opposition.

With corporate mechanized wars and road rage being a common fact for the Confederation, it is no surprise that people have begun looking to their past, to the years before the Dark Century when Germans solved their problems without treads breaking through walls or tribals wielding swords and axes pounding their shields during stock holder meetings. Some arcologies hoping for a more peaceful life for their people have begun turning to the French Socialist Republic for aid. In return for reforms in economic and social policies, the French have begun sending money and defense aid to allied German cities and tribes. The Aeiou, terrified that the German cities under JOIE's guidance are becoming weaker militarily and more antagonistic against the Gloguk, have begun secretly funding and arming more loyal and barbaric German arcologies to intimidate the French-allied faction. Despite this, the reformed German arcologies have managed to grow even stronger and united in the face of their enemies. It has gotten so bad that the Gloguk are secretly implementing something called Operation Charles Martel to revert both France and the reformed parts of Germany back to militarized industrial states that would help in the war against the Tyxans and the Greeg Dominant. A villain to scare the waylaid European countries back to their allotted role was needed, and rumors have arisen that fanatical religious groups down in the Holy Land SAD are increasing and consolidating; their particular target being the decadent nation of France and the barbaric lands of Germany. Experts are baffled at how such a ragtag group of militants were suddenly armed with advanced alien technology.
The Nordic Thing
The Nordic Thing, Thing being the old Nordic assembly system that comprised many of the Norse governmental systems, is a resurrection of Viking culture in a more modern time. Comprised of Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and the Faroe Islands, The Nordic Thing are a bunch of local governments under the rule of locally elected Jarls, who in turn choose a High King among them. Roving spaceships full of warriors in powerful Battlesuits and wielding fearsome melee weapons plunder the galaxy for loot, all under the blessing of the Gloguk. Cybernetic and mysterious women warriors name Valkyries join the battle with their arsenal of electroblades and beam rifles, using powerful uploading and brain flashing technology to bring the strongest warriors back from the dead in the form of powerful and titanic JOTNAR mechanoid shells and VALHALLA Operating Systems that allow the echoes of the brave to help guide the living warriors.
Capital: Faroe Islands
Population: ~45 million (Mostly Human, with a significant Pkartan, Tybrid, stunted human (dwarf) and Steel Scion minority)
Currency: Buollion Currency: value was based on weight and purity of silver and gold coins if barter was not possible
Language: Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, with a minority speaking Faroese
Government: Representative Aristocracy where the Jarls are elected by the locals and the Jarls in turn elect a High King amongst themselves.
Cloning/Uploading Status: Cloning is banned, and uploading is only permitted by the Valkyries.
Economic Focus: Forestry, Pharmacueticals, Fishing, Wool, Textiles, Mining, and Chemicals
Military Focus: Viking warriors in battlesuits, JOTNAR shells, Valkyrie cyber warriors, and various type of spacefaring Longships
Tyxan Hybrid (Tybrid) Status: Dubbed 'Elves', viewed as second class citizens at best, usually exiled from most communities

To imagine that the secular states of Scandinavia would somehow revert back to a warrior centric society with thralls coming back in fashion is hard to imagine; the Nordic States remained neutral during the Third World War, having left NATO before the war due to increased militarism of the organization in light of international tensions and thus were easily able to join the SDC with ease. Scandinavia, along with Japan and France, began tinkering with transhuman concepts and technologies when the need for alternative life support systems became apparent in the colonization of space. Cybernetics, genetic augmentation, and limited remote body control via nerve links were slowly becoming more and more plausible. It was the various Nordic states who used their robotic shells and augmented soldiers who did their best to halt the Tyxans, even personally boarding enemy ships and halting two arms of the invading fleet.

But alas, it was not enough, and once the Tyxans dissected the foes who fought them so hard and traced the genetics back to their lands the Tyxans mercilessly tormented the citizens there; death was too easy of a punishment for halting the alien Masters of Humanity. Human body parts, still living, were surgically removed in unsanitary fashion and grafted to other people. This caused many to die slow deaths from diseases and symptoms of the transplant rejections. The Tyxans, staying in the Nordic States longer than most other lands as revenge, forced the survivors to battle frenzied and genetically augmented friends and family in gladiatorial combat. Tyxans decided to create dwarfs out of some of the descendants of survivors to amuse them, and Tybrids were given the name Elves. Sea Creatures like the Krakenoids (which would haunt the Atlantic Sea in future years) and Hafgufa wahles were created, the Nidhogg dragons mutated from lizards found in the zoos. For a whole century, the Tyxans in the Scandinavian region treated the land like their personal playground even after others left or were assimilated into Earth. The humans there cowered at the sight of floating luxury BioShips that patrolled the sky, fearing what experiments might beset them. The children strangely enough were left alone, encouraged to take from the weak what they wanted and were rewarded with extended lifespans and superhuman strength by the Tyxans for acts of brutality. It was this new generation, molded by the unusual generosity of their Tyxan overlords in return for undoing the progress of their predecessors, that seeded the mentality of the new Norse.

Soon though even the Tyxans in Scandinavia left when it became clear the Gloguk were winning the war for the system connecting to the humans' Solar System. All alone and left to face what they have become, the newer generation fell upon each other now that no external force prevented them from fully indulging in their animalistic ways. As more and more of these superhumans killed each other or were gunned down by the emerging and more civilized Finnish and Baltic states, it soon became clear to the smart ones that if they don't shape up the more numerous non-augmented population would turn on them. Reeling in their baser inclinations, the surviving superhumans convened under the shadow of the ruined brick tower of Himmelbjerget in old Denmark and discussed what could be done to maintain their little fiefdoms beyond the threat of raw physical force which was beginning to wear off on the weaker populace. It was decided that they would mingle with their thralls, joining their society and carrying along their new genetics into future generations. Taking husbands and wives among the people, these godlike humans killed any of their kin who refused to settle down and became the first Jarls of a new Nordic society. Men and women of myth who waged epic wars against giant beasts and cleared land of their more wild kin still clinging to the old ways, who on one hand were known to have mighty tempers and feuds while on the other laid the foundation for a set of rules enforced and overseen by Lawspeakers. Raiding their neighbors for technology, these new Vikings began to don power armor with finely crafted swords and axes made from materials few in the Dark Centuries could create. The Elves were shun from proper Nordic society, and they either moved to the Republic of Finland or formed their own enclaves in forest, plying their rudimentary genetic engineering arts. The Dwarves, those humans who were genetically predisposed to a smaller and broader size, began to hoard the old arts of Plastics and more advanced Alloys and traded their artifacts for peace of mind and trade rights.

The Aeiou gave the now more human Jarls new technology such as mind uploading and cybernetics to further advance their Norse culture. The best Shieldmaidens became Valkyries, who flew across battlefields with cybernetic wings and swept battlefields with amazing sensor suites to find the best warriors who died or are dying and upload them to modified versions of old Scandinavian Combat Shells now called JOTNAR Shells or the new VALHALLA Operating System which can easily be plugged into a power suit's interface for advanced battle information. With the re-introduction of spaceflight to the European continent, the Nordic Thing quickly developed the Longship family of destroyer spaceships that act as long-ranged raiders. The government of the Nordic Thing is a sort of democratic monarchy, where the High King or High Queen is elected amongst the Jarls, who in turn are elected by all the free folk of their respective realms. Lawspeakers memorize the law and preside over both Thing meetings of the High King and local meeting sin villages Thralls such as Elves, criminals, descendants of migrant workers, and those enslaved from Nordic raids, have little rights beyond a limited number of local elections. The Dwarven and Elven communities have their own system of government, and usually sends a representative if interaction between the Thing is required.

Forestry, Fishing, Wool, basic Mining, and Chemical production are the mainstay of the Nordic economy. Some of the new and mutant flora are quite durable and their wood and plant fiber can be converted to luxurious furniture and tools, and some even have decent traces of Benzene and other peculiar elements in them. Many of heavier industries like chemicals and mining has the Jarl having a certain amount of control over them. The Elven enclaves usually keep themselves on the good side of their human neighbors establishing themselves as pharmaceutical providers, selling to both their neighbors and foreign interests. The Dwarves, having lost their monopoly of advanced technology thanks to the Aeiou, managed to stay high up in the food chain by becoming great crafters of Viking power armor, weaponry and Longship destroyers.

Every Jarl can call upon their elite warriors to don their VALHALLA-enabled power armor, bring their favorite thralls for menial work, and board their varying Longship destroyers to go beyond Gloguk space and wreck havoc (or wreck havoc in Gloguk space if they can get away with it). Around this core of elite soldiers free folk can also join with inferior suits of armor and weaponry to get loot. Indeed, "Battlefield Requisition" is considered a major sector in the Nordic Thing's economy and their extraterrestrial plunder are sold to markets both legal and illegal. Following each raid are Valkyrie in their own cutting edge ships, who silently and stealthily watch the Norse warriors and select those who fought bravely before their death. The Valkyrie quickly swoop down, even in the midst of battle, and flash upload the warriors' minds into a portable memory bank. Upon returning from the raid or battle, Valkyries upload the composition of the brain into either a JOTNAR Shell or turn them into a VALHALLA Operating System. The JOTNAR Shells are three meter tall hulking war machines that act like unmanned mechs. Armed with cutting edge weaponry such as searing close ranged plasma weaponry and Shatter Cannons that can rip apart fortifications with ease, JOTNAR Shells can only be handed out by the High King or Queen, and only when the Jarl or raider leader in question has a history of success and surviving against formidable opposition. The VALHALLA OS are also handed out by the monarch, but with much more relaxed requirements. Linked to either a Longship or Power Armor, the VALHALLA OS is a sort of adviser, giving a human touch to their computer speed calculations. Becoming a second set of senses, the VALHALLA OS is able to gather information and churn out detailed and related information quite quickly. During battle they can also take control of the power armor if the human user is either unable to continue or too cowardly to, with more emphasis on winning the battle over the survival of the unable user. Sometimes raid leaders will execute cowardly warriors and insert a VALHALLA OS if they don't want to waste a good power suit.

The Longship family destroyer, along with their ubiquitous powered armors, are the mainstay of the new Vikings. Each Jarl has two or three Snekkja or Skeid class longships, and a small village can have a small Karvi class in a makeshift garage. These destroyers are known for their speed and ability to go long distances for extended periods of time. Sacrificing armament for increased cargo size and boarding capabilities, there are four types of Longship destroyers, with individual longships having modifications. The smallest is the 100m~ Karvi Longship, mostly used for transporting goods and people across the Solar System but able to quickly convert into a raiding ship able to land planetside for quick hit and runs and then zipping away before stronger enemy forces arrive. While usually unarmed, the Karvi can house a small autocannon turret or two and a missile pod for protection or small space skirmishes. At around 150m~ is the Snekkja class, the most common used by the Nordic Thing. Able to carry about 100 people, the Snekkja are usually armed with a variety of missile pods, powerful radiation guns that can disable electronic components, and directed energy weapon arrays, their arrival marked by canisters of chaff and signal decoys to confuse enemy ships of their number and strength. The slightly larger 180~ Skeid longship, fielded by the more wealthier Jarls, come in two variants: one is a large troop transport able to carry upwards to 300 warriors and crew with the armament of a Snekkja class longship; the other is a cruiser armored like a turtle and fielding lines of cannon turrets and heavy missile pads used in the rare event the Vikings decide to attack heavily-defended space. Finally, the High King's raiders use a ship class called Drekkar, battleships with the speed of a Longship that can dock planetside with ease, hunker down as mobile base, and blast away at foes and defended positions while JOTNAR Shells and elite Viking warriors in Dwarven mastercrafted armor spew out to pillage anything and everything before collecting it all in treasure holds and flying back to Earth (or back to the Nordic Thing if they raided somewhere else in Earth).

Content with their raiding, trading, and feasting, the Nordic Thing has only given to the Galactic Conquest what is necessary and usually join in return for legal immunity and the chance for more loot. But a strange request has come in front of the High King: in return for promises of Gloguk diplomatic immunity and wealth beyond their imagination, the Vikings should raid the French Socialist Republic "when the ravens cry of chaos and death". To spice up the deal, the High King was given rare life extension medicine, something only the Gloguk Member races had in any worthwhile supply of.
Republic of Finland
Composed of outcasts and former thralls of the Nordic Thing, the Republic of Finland is ever vigilant against both the barbaric Nordic Thing and whatever madness comes out of the Russian SAD. The Finnish Defense Force are still composed of conscripts and the Rk 62m Assault Rifle is still the mainstay service rifle, but helping the Finnish now are half-animal/half-plant Mielikkii who sleep as normal great trees but in times of danger can uproot themselves and wreck tanks and spew acidic sap at enemies. Fueled by opulent amounts of coffee and armed with deadly custom-made Puukko knives, the Finns will defend their democratic republic to the death. There is a saying in the Finnish Defense Force whenever anyone invades them that "the wolves will eat well this year".
Capital: Helsinki
Population: ~6.1 Million (consisting mostly of Humans and Tybrids)
Currency: Markka
Language: Suomi and Swedish
Government: Parliamentary Constitutional Republic
Cloning/Uploading Status: Cloning and Uploading is regulated
Economic Focus: Limited Forestry, Freshwater products, industrial farming, Mining, and biotechnologal industries
Military Focus: Tough conscripts able to withstand cold weather, the elite Finnish Air Force, the semi-sentient Mielikii lifeform, and the Special Jaegers special forces.
Tyxan Hybrid (Tybrid) Status: Legally recognized and protected under law, since almost half of the population are of Tyxan descent.

Like the Scandinavian states, Finland remained neutral during the third world war but unlike their neighbors, did not participate as much during the System Defense Coalition days. When the Tyxans invaded Earth, the Finns were more interested in protecting their people once it was clear the united human front collapsed after the Tyxans conquered the moon. The Finns reluctance to force the war on the Tyxans have helped steer the vengeful aliens away from the Finns towards their other Scandinavian neighbors. That being said, the Tyxans did do a fly-by and decapitate the government, causing anarchy as hundreds of refugees flooded their borders. A civil war ensued between Genetic Augmentation cultists who believe the Tyxans were gods bringing blessings of power and new evolution to the people, militarists wanting to turn Finland into a fortress state, and the old liberal democrats who wanted to maintain a sense of sanity in this age of chaos. After over two decades of fighting and armistices, the liberal democrats finally won albeit at great cost. With the Russian warlords up north and the superhuman first generation Jarls who have yet had their blood diluted by mingling with the normal human population down south, Finland quickly absorbed the militarists in their ranks and promptly began bolstering their defenses and making conscription mandatory for both male and female citizens (those with disabilities, moral objections, and pregnant women are exempt). Parliament was rebuilt and voting for the first President and the Members of Parliament occurred in the middle of a military operation repelling frothing Russian slave-warrior hordes, highlighting both the reborn democratic ideals of the Finnish people as well as the importance of their Finish Defense Force.

The Aeiou, most of their time dedicated to building the Industrial Germanic Confederation and other parts of Europe, simply allowed the Finns to be as they are while throwing some technology and much needed resources their way. The Republic of Finland's government has not changed much, being a presidential republic where the voter-elected president nominates the Prime Minister who in turn requires a majority in Parliament to be elected. The President can decide certain matters, notably relating to Gloguk, with a Council of State. Conscription as mentioned is mandatory, but unlike many countries with similar conscription policies, do not give extra rights to those who served nor take away from those who haven't, though any who refuse any form of service, military or otherwise, without justification are sent to prison for a year.

While forestry have been an important part of the Finnish economy in the past, the creation of the Mielikii during the Tyxans' forays into Finland have made it a bit of a sensitive issue. Because it can be difficult to spot a hibernating Mieliki in the sea of trees that are Finnish forests, great care is taken to make sure the foresters aren't the receiving end of vengeful relatives of the fallen tree creature. Special techniques such as thumping on the tree and using smoke to gradually wake any Mieliki have been developed to prevent any unfortunate accidents. Mielikii on their part accept the downing of fellow trees even if it makes them uncomfortable and even help with the transport of timber to logging centers. Freshwater fishing is also a major economic factor, raking in millions of Markkas selling to luxury restaurants all across Gloguk space. Because of the cold climate, industrial farming is done in special greenhouse and warm arcology farms, with wheat, and potatoes being the main produces for export. Iron, chrome, zinc, copper, nickel, cobalt and precious metals are mined and sold to the more industrial European states like the German Confederation, the Isles, France or the Baltic States for processing and manufacturing. Because of the large Tybrid demographic in Finland, with many being refugees from the Russian SAD or the Nordic Thing, the biotechnology (under Gloguk guidelines) industry has flourished with a focus on better GMOs and organisms to counter and eliminate Tyxan bioweapons and terraforming.

The Finnish Defense Force, relying on conscription as mentioned, nonetheless negotiated with the Aeiou on having only well-paid volunteers join Galactic Conquest Fleets. Armed with the venerable Rk-62m Assault Rifle and using old vehicles from the SDC era, the Finnish Army (the land segment of the defense force) nonetheless is able to hold its own. This is thanks to their intense training and state-of-the-art battle uniforms created with flexible and elastic materials able to stop small caliber rounds and disperse heat across the clothing which is worn under their already impressive bulletproof vest. While the army is considered primitive and outdated in comparison to other countries, their knowledge of Finnish terrain, to weather cold terrain, and their ability to vanish in deep forests where they can lay down ambushes in coordination with Mieliki have enabled them to repel invaders. The Finnish Air Force and the Special Jaegers are considered the cream of the crop in the Finnish Defense Force, and have more modern equipment such as full-body combat armor with jump jet capabilities, computer-interfaced Gauss guns, and heavily-armored Jets that can go into space for a limited time. The Special Jaegers and Finnish Air Force are trained in conjunction with each other, Special Jaegars entering via bomber-dropped pods that can shake the ground and terrorize nearby enemy forces or silently infiltrating behind enemy lines in Stealth Aerodynes to take out anti-air defenses so that surgical air strikes and bombing runs can commence. Coffee is considered the primary fuel of the Finnish Defense Fleet, and it is said the Finns could weather anything as long as they have their nice warm cup of kahvi. Another tradition is the Puukko knife, a knife every Finn worth their salt makes prior to joining the military. Each Puukko is different, from simple serrated knives created in high school shop class to small dirkes created from the powerful and sharp teeth of a great beast. Because many Finns bring their own, the military does not issue standard knives aside from bayonets for the various service rifles.

While the Russian SAD seems to be calming down as various powers consolidate and subjugate the myriad factions and the Jarls of the Norse near Finnish border suddenly moving raiders towards the south near Denmark for whatever reason, the Finns are forever vigilant against any and all threats. Currently comprising the majority of a Galactic Conquest Fleet fighting against a Greeg Dominant warlord, the Finns are too busy to investigate why things on Earth seem to suddenly quiet down. Usually silence precedes a storm. The branches and leaves of the Mielikii have been rustling with discontent frequently as of late too.

The Baltic States
Comprised of Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and the former Russian Oblast of Kaliningrad, the Baltic States' main focus is to keep whatever goes on in the Russian Special Administrative Zone in the Russian Special Administrative Zone. To that end, the Baltic Defense Force is versatile for any situation, preferring modular weapon platforms over weapons already built for purpose. This allows the Baltic States to act as a placeholder in any Galactic Conquest. But do not be fooled by this "jack of all trades, master of none" image that the Baltic States give off. To name a few of their accomplishments: Achieved all the objectives of a Galactic Conquest comprised only of Baltic soldiers, got fed up with the War of the Three Technocrats in Moscow and single highhandedly stopped all three mad scientists, managed to retrieve a designated package in the Free Arm spiral without causing several wars and a hundred incidents, killed the King in Yellow, exterminated a dozen Tyxan-created monstrosities in the Arctic Ocean in a single weak with only two casualties, and most impressive of all, were able to persuade the extra-dimensional and timeless AI known as O1D+45 to alter reality a bit so anyone BUT fucking Brazil won the FIFA cup of that year with a little nudge towards the Baltic States.
Capital: Riga
Population: ~5.9 million (Mostly Human with some Vgar-Ki presence)
Currency: The Baltic Euro
Language: Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian, and Russian
Government: Parliamentary Republics with a joint Parliament in Riga.
Cloning/Uploading Status: Cloning is Regulated, Uploading is banned except for military purposes
Economic Focus: Finances, Mining, Fishing, various forms of Agriculture, and Internet Service
Military Focus: Modular Weapon Systems, being able to deal with having virtually anything thrown at them, old Russian missile systems up to and including nuclear ICBMS
Tyxan Hybrid (Tybrid) Status: Legally Recognized and Protected under law

Having fought on the side of NATO during the Third World War, the Baltic States were economically damaged at the conclusion of the war. While others began expanding into space, the Baltic States kept to themselves to lick their wounds and recuperate their losses. While not as active in the SDC scene as many others, the Baltic States did decide that they should totally do something cool and sciency. Convening in Riga, the scientists and industrialists decided that it would be cool if armies could interchange parts of their weapons and vehicles, revolutionizing weaponry in the same way standardization during the Industrial revolution revolutionized musket repairs. The Tyxans appeared during the initial development of these new interchangeable weapon systems and the Baltic States tested out these prototypes in the battlefield. Sadly the modules fell apart and the Baltic States quickly crumbled with the rest of world. While they did not suffer much direct Tyxan attacks, they were surrounded by genetic horrors and monsters that encroached upon their territories.

Quickly uniting to face against Dark Centuries, the Baltic States were reduced to 1960s level technology as years began to wear on their digitally dependent infrastructure and heavy armament. The population dwindled due to plagues and invasions from both gibbering horrors and warlords of from Russia and imperialist nobles from Poland, preventing the Baltic States from advancing in both technology and territory in any meaningful way. Bit by bit, though, food production increased and infrastructure began spanning across the three states. The mutual threats and history have made it easy for the Baltic states of Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia to become a more unified polity for economic and military benefit, later bringing the former Russian oblast of Kaliningrad into their fold when the oblast feared Polish annexation during the Grand Polish Expansion in the middle of the Dark Centuries.

When the Aeiou came, they say the Baltic States on the verge of military rule due to pressures from both Russia and the Grand Polish Imperium. Feeling the need for more diverse, liberal states, the Aeiou put a halt to Poland's Earth expansion and legitimized the Baltic States' existence. Plopping up a Parliamentary Presidential Republic made up of Parliamentary (semi)Presidential Republics between the three former states, the Aeiou congratulated each other a job well done and left to the next ruined state, forgetting that a former Russian oblast joined too, so a long line of trigger-happy governors with old bunkers full of tactical nukes and their KGB-esque monitored Duma legislature still exists in the backdrop of this demeocratic nation. The President of the whole Baltic States is elected by popular vote in all three Baltic lands (and one former Russian Oblast) and the Prime Minister is elected by the Parliament (and Duma in case of Kaliningrad Oblast). The executive powers of the Baltic States' President can override the executive powers of the regional states' presidents (and governor in the case of Kaliningrad Oblast), but this is rarely done and only in state of emergencies.

Agriculture, Mining, and Fishing are the main physical industries of the Baltic States, feeding the mighty German and British Isle factories with raw materials. Finances and quality Internet Services have also made the Baltic States a gateway for investors and entrepreneurs hoping to corner the more elusive Russian markets. Indeed, the Baltic States thanks to ties with Kaliningrad have become the bridge for Russians to the rest of the Atlantic Ocean and the trade from the Russian SAD have made it extremely wealthy.

So wealthy in fact that the Baltic States have used the money to finance R&D to resume and finish the Modular Weapon Systems their ancestors started. Using smart and elastic but tough designs, the MWS (pronounced Mm-wis) comes in Light, Medium, and Heavy. Light MWS are used for small arms up to heavy machine guns, mortars and tripod mounted emplacements. These are things like scopes that can elongate or shrink with little impairment of range and accuracy, stocks that can be locked and unlocked in shape and form with a click of a button, rail systems able to form around any modification, and barrels able to twist and morph into a variety of calibers; 90 percent of parts are virtually interchangeable with other weapon systems with some extensive field modification at best. Medium MWS are used for artillery, howitzers, other much heavier ordnance, and light vehicles such as utility jeeps, AA and light AT vehicles, and lighter IFVs; the wheels of a damaged jeep can be used on artillery, and with some basic welding vehicles can stripped down into improvised stationary field guns based around their armament. Heavy MWS, the class reserved for heavy tanks, close assault Aerodynes, and small spacebound patrol ships, are based around prototype liquid metals that can reinforce, repair, disassemble, and combine with both Light, Medium, and Heavy MWS. Due to this tanks that repair with weaker IFV autocannons when its turret is blown off, damaged Aerodynes used as glorified magnets collecting damaged MWS equipment like someold Japanese game, and troop transports quickly converting into flying weapon platforms using an eclectic number of weaponry are one of many bizarre field repairs seen as campaigns wear on with the Baltic States' involved. Development has also begun for Space MWS, to be used for spacecraft of the Baltic States' Aerospace Fleet.

With such versatile systems, the Baltic Combined Forces can wage prolonged warfare for an extended period of time as long as they have the manpower to use it, repairing and restoring equipment with ease. With a scientific corps attached that can further modify the weapon systems for use with alien equipment, it is no wonder the Gloguk consider the Baltic States an important asset to any European led Galactic Conquest, with many having a regiment or two of these versatile soldiers. Oh and Kaliningrad's nuclear warhead throwing army with secret police everywhere, but that isn't too special in this new Earth, so the Russians in the Baltic States tend to get overlooked at time (which makes it easier for them to get close and give a NUCLEAR SURPRISE to their foes followed up with a bayonet to the face of any survivors).

In the deep reaches of space, the 2nd Baltic Galactic Conquest Fleet has led the fight against the Tyxans' most spinward territories. Having been long cut off from Gloguk logistics, the 2nd Baltic GCF is ready to charge into Xortax sector, a vital Tyxan weapon breeding area. It'll be a tough fight and outnumbered 10 to 1, but the Baltic people (and Russians of Kaliningrad) have faced worst odds.
The Iberian SuperState
Born from the ancient spy wars of African turmoil and the final great War during the days before the System Defense Coalition, the Iberian SuperState is the new place to be for anything worth happening to happen. The impressive and extremely expensive Space Elevator that supplies and maintains the huge space freighters in orbit is located in Iberia, and hundreds of space docks attached to the looming Elevator houses and services many smaller ships that can afford to touch atmosphere. Arcologies full of all types of services and commerce exist in the shadow the Space Elevator, which in turn is surrounded by scenic towns and pristine national parks. Spymaster schools semi openly operate, ready to spy for the Iberian Government as well as for the highest bidders. Lovers in the academies turn into bitter enemies in the alleyways of cities like Madrid, Barcelona, or Lisbon. Secret agents from all over collide and collude under the shadow of the symbol of the Elevator, Symbol of New Hopes.
Capital: The Bridge City of Guadiana
Population: ~55 Million (A mix of Human, Aeiou, Vgar-Ki, Kuffa-Grafee, Warfist, and Sudian Presence
Currency: Credito
Language: Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic
Government: Semi-Presidential Republic (Portugal), Parliamentary Constitutional Republic (Spain), Aeiou-directed Space Elevator committee (Iberian SuperState)
Cloning/Uploading Status: Cloning and Uploading is legal and various companies offer all sorts of specialty services
Economic Focus: The Space Elevator, spaceship services, spaceship manufacturing, tourism, information, and various other services
Military Focus: Sexy Spies, Daring Double Agents, and courageous space captains
Tyxan Hybrid (Tybrid) Status: Legally Recognized and Protected under the law

The Spanish and Portuguese fought in the Third Great War against various factions in Africa and the Middle East, becoming a vital staging ground for NATO forces. As such, they were hit extensively by special forces and fifth columnists. This forced the Iberian Peninsula to develop an extensive counter-intelligence and counter-insurgency measures. Even after the creation of the SDC the Iberian Peninsula kept their agencies and countermeasure projects handy. When the Tyxans began wiping out the human resistance, Spain and Portugal quickly went dark and fought the Tyxans to a standstill in a series of guerrilla actions. While this brought the Tyxan threat to a relative standstill, a large portion of the civilian and non-vital population were sacrificed in systematic genocide to deprive the Tyxans of materials. Frustrated and more interested in the rich African lands, the Tyxans simply unleashed a few plagues here and there and went to more fertile grounds.

This Pyrrhic victory enabled the Iberian Peninsula to pick up the pieces relatively easily after the Tyxans mostly left, but they found a continent half empty, charred and lifeless by their own doing. Filled with guilt over what they had to do, the survivors built advanced compounds doting the Iberian Peninsula, self-contained and run by cells of scientists, what remaining fabrication engineers were left, and soldiers. Living with the Pecados de mi padre, they were ready for the return of the Tyxans. Arabs slowly returned and settled the southern part of Spain and Portugal, but aside from some skirmishes, the two cultures left each other alone for the most part.

Aliens returned once again, but this time it wasn't the Tyxans. A segment of the haphazard Vgar-Ki fleet crash landed into the Peninsula after being defeated by Admiral John Chepchumba's fleet during the Orbit Wars. The survivors quickly dispersed in bands, waging low intensity wars against the various Iberian and neo-Moorish communities. Bush wars became a common occurrence, and the sometimes technologically advanced Vgar-Ki managed to overrun and destroy a dozen of these fortified compounds. But as time went on, Vgar-Ki warbands began to settle down and wage war against their kin, sometimes doing mercenary work for the humans and gradually assimilating. The Iberian enclaves were patiently gathering information on these newcomers, and learned about a second empire, one known as the Gloguk, approaching. Deciding to take matters in their own hands, the Iberian enclaves banded together and sent their best men and women in commando teams, first to Africa to steal one a spaceship, and then used the cover of an Orbit War to board an Aeiou scout ship. Using both human and Vgar-Ki weaponry, the commandos blasted their way into the bridge but were gun down by the advanced AI defense systems there. Greatly impressed, the surviving Aeiou killed the enclave leaders and consolidated the Iberian Peninsula into a SuperState, a nation in which the Gloguk have control over with some matters given to the residents. In return of losing some Autonomy, the Iberian SuperState is one of the most advanced nations on Earth and the Gloguk-funded creation of the Space Elevator has made them one of the wealthiest as well.

Being an extremely cosmopolitan trade port of the Gloguk, the Iberian Superstate is considered the de facto capital of Earth (though ASEAN and the Great African SuperState are close seconds). Every day billionsof credits' worth of goods and services trade hands. From neighboring European and African nations to the farthest reaches of the galaxy, people come to the Superstate to do business. Officially the various republican forms of governments in both Portugal and Spain run things, but everyone knows that the Aeiou Space Elevator Committee determines real policy and dictates how their tithes are spent. Along with the trade and large spaceship servicing that comes with the Space Elevator, the Iberian Superstate has been known to contract out large platforms and bays of their elevator in orbit for large space construction projects by other nations, and an information bridge between the networks of Earth and the rest of Gloguk space. With the urban population consolidated in a few areas, the rest of the Peninsula is rural or suburban, built as quaint scenic towns and villages for tourists to relax and gaze at past historical monuments.

While the Iberian SuperState has an advanced military force filled with powered armor infantry, Land-Air vehicle systems, and tanks equipped with force shields, it is once again their intelligence and counterintelligence agencies that have kept the Iberian SuperState safe. With the Pecados de mi padre still in their mindset, the Iberians make sure to stop a threat before it can once more forces their hands to take heart-wrenching drastic measures. Spy academies dot across the Iberian landscape, training recruits in the art of intelligence gathering and infiltration of all kinds. With such a cosmopolitan population, spies can mingle with aliens in the hotly contested Free Arm or secretly whisper decisions in an Arabic warlord that would further benefit the Iberian SuperState. While there are strict criterias in place, other nations can hire Iberian spies for their own purposes, and while rare, rogue agents do occur. In fact, many nations have Iberian spies in their midst, many of them not even Spanish or Portuguese! Many Iberian space captains are also trained as information gatherers and given Carte Blanche similar to the Isles' Merchant Fleet or the Free States of America's Star Marshals. Stories of daring space captains swooning alien love interests and facing off against perfidious foes of the Gloguk are quite common story plots for Iberian entertainment, with some of it being truthful.

With spies and saboteurs around every corner and shadow wanting to cripple one of Earth's vital lines to the greater Galaxy, the Iberian SuperState is in a perpetual secret war in the cover of darkness.

The Holy Republic of Italy
Armored Riot Legionnaires with airburst shields and concussive batons clash with CyberGoths and Body Vandals as the horticulture factories and wine labs continue to pump out food and fine dining into the rest of the world. The Roman Catholic Church, now one of the most powerful NGOs in the world, houses its own Templar regiments, lone hermits with large guns dishing out divine retribution, Martial Nun Convents, Swiss Guards equipped small mechs, and even a Papal Fleet with a "PopeRocket". The Cosa Nostra have begun expanding into the stars, dealing in galactic-level drug trades and alien specimen trafficking. Family run cottage industries have become million Lira dynasties as all across the galaxy Italian craftsmanship in things like textiles and the arts are greatly sought after. The Holy Republic deals in both virtue and sin.
Capital: Rome
Population: ~60 million (Mostly Human with a significant Aeiou presence)
Currency: Lira
Language: Italian and Latin
Government: Theocratic Parliamentary Republic where a good chunk of the Roman Curia are elected democratically except for the Pope
Cloning/Uploading Status: Cloning and Uploads are banned except in the new saints, in which case they are brain-flashed into the Holy Network to troll secular networks with holy memes
Economic Focus: Catholicism, Fine Crafts like textiles and art, Cuisine, Horticulture
Military Focus: Riot Legionnaires, the Papacy's private military force, and deal-making Mafia footsoldiers
Tyxan Hybrid (Tybrid) Status: Legally Recognized and Protected under law

Being in the middle of the fighting between the East and West, Italy didn't want to become a battlefield and quickly ejected itself from NATO and declared itself a neutral country, developing prototype power armor in case they had to go urban warfare with anyone who decided to encroach on their neutrality. When the war was over, the Italians maintained their neutrality but joined the SDC as a guest and took part in the early mining operations of the planets with their powered suit technology. The Tyxans arrival utterly obliterated any Italian presence outside of Earth, but strangely the Italian peninsula was left mostly untouched. Sure, hordes of gibbering horrors and peripheral plagues did assault them, but the Italians were for the most part left alone and untouched despite being surrounded by doom and destruction. The Catholic Church believed it was a sign from God that they were blessed, though more secular historians believed that the Tyxans were already stretched thin, having exhausted most of their European invasion arm. Regardless this divine intervention or utter coincidence gave credence to the Roman Catholic Church, which was waning in the decades before to secularism, and a burst of religious fervor helped shape a new Sancrum Italia, a sort of Holy See with republican tendencies. Holy orders both old and new were propped up to bring the Italians back in papal control and fend off threats both within and without.

When the Aeiou came to the scene, they realized the potential of Italy and set up their base in Sicily, which was also in close proximety with the Iberian SuperState. Bringing a good chunk of isolated groups of Roman Catholic sects all across the world back into the Holy See as a way to consolidate religious fervor, the Aeiou have always considered the use of a race's belief systems as a way to get them to do what the Gloguk wants. Much cheaper to stir the souls of thousands of militants than pay them for some war they may not want. The Gloguk have allowed missionaries to expand their faith to other parts of the Galaxy, and the Catholics are considered the premier experts at it. The Aeiou has also semi-legitimized the Italian Mafia, making them a sort of special intelligence and black op group who is activated when the Holy Republic need some dirty things to happen but don't want to dirty their hands themselves in return for pardons and being able to do their own illicit business.

The Holy Italian Republic is similar to how the Vatican worked before, with various cardinals and bishops overseeing a myriad of secretariat positions, pontifical councils, commissions, congregations, etc. etc. These are elected by either the Roman Parliament or the populace, depending on the locality and importance of the position. A Prime Minister deals with the more secular elements of running a nation, while the Pope is the Head of State who serves as the soul of the Holy Italian Republic. Because the Holy Italian Republic IS Catholicism (aside from the few leftover strands of Folk Catholicism that resides largely in Latin America, Africa, and places like the Philippines) the major source of income is from the various donations and sells of fetishes that the faith brings in. The commercialization of Indulgences has slowly been creeping back into the economy, though the people in charge of it have taken care not to overdue or suffer another paper hammered in a door and all the annoyances that come with it. Papal visits across the galaxy have also created a hidden boon in sales of both Catholic trinkets and fine Italian food, with many powerful individuals giving "gifts" for papa to attend their events and blessing their people. Even secular groups benefit from having a powerful man such as the Pope noticing them, bringing the prestige and legitimacy sometimes needed to influence politics. It isn't only Catholicism that the Italians sell though. They have always been known as patrons of the art and fine wine, and dozens of dynasties of craftsmen became powerful and unearthly wealthy by selling their fine crafts and dishes to high-paying elite all over Gloguk space and beyond. Grape vines in Italy are considered one of the most prestigious, and vintages from there can rake in the Liras.

Despite the booming economy, revolutionary groups and individuals who chafe under the rules of the theocratic republic and who reside in the workshop slums that bring the fine cuisine to luxurious first class starships in the Space Elevator have begun finding way to protest. Carving and modifying their bodies with both illegal and unholy genetic and cybernetic modifications. Dubbed Cybergoths and Body Vandals, these lower class agitators continuously stage protests and massive riots demanding more progressive reforms and better conditions of living. Viewed by the more faithful like screaming demons from hell, the Cybergoths and Body Vandal groups have been known to destroy the cuisine labs and guild factories that the craftsmen dynasties own and causing a huge dent in the economy. To combat this, a more modern rendition of the old Roman Centurion has been devised. The Riot Centurion uses an agile but still powerful powered armor and equipped with a large riot shield able to emit a large burst of air that can rip through flesh and long, bulky riot batons able to cause a small shockwave in any surface they hit. While considered excessive by some, the Italian government views it as a necessity against the hordes of augmented agitators who can tear cars with their bare hands. The disciplined Riot Centurions are so effective that other polities in Earth and Gloguk have hired them, either for riot control or boarding actions where melee combat is expected.

The Papacy fields its own fleet. Filled with advanced information systems and aided by the brains of saints uploaded into the Holy Network to aid in information warfare, the Papal Fleet is one of the most advance Earthling fleets, with only the Great African SuperState being more powerful. Filled with Mass Drivers, Plasma Launchers, and Implosion Devices, every ship was able to handle itself in battle with ease. The Pope's personal ship itself, nicknamed the PopeRocket, has experimental Teleportation drives allowing it to disappear and appear in a relatively short range instantly and fields only Implosion Devices that "condemn even the most powerful foes of God to hell". On the planetside part of things, various orders like mechanized covens who rolled into battle in large floating IFVs that were also mobile medical centers and a resurrected Knights Templar order who can wield nano-augmented swords and maces with as much ease as they wield large automatic rail guns that cut down armored opponents with ease. Various monastic orders have also begun turning into wandering vigilantes, fighting with crazy martial art styles developed by Filipino monks who passed down their fighting style (and the mutations needed to achieve such holy wuxia) to their European counterparts when the Aeiou reestablished contact between the various Catholic groups again.

Catholicism continues to spread across the Galaxy by fiery preachers and the Riot Legionairres have managed to keep the growing and increasingly more aggressive prole barbarians at bay, but problems have still arisen in the heart of the Holy See. Rumors of a new breed of horrifying mutants lurking in the deepest catacombs created by gene cults have begun to surface. Nicknamed "Demons", these flesh eating abominations have begun ambushing various slums and quaint villages, slaughtering and consuming a good portion of the residents and dragging the survivors back into their deep lairs. While officially denying this threat, the Holy Italian Republic have created a secret task force comprised of veteran Riot Legionnaires, members of the various orders, and mafia soldiers willing to venture down into the eerie catacombs and forgotten mines for a chance of repentance and some glory. This special task force of mutant slayers have been dubbed Daemon Venatores, or Demon Hunters.

The Benelux Union
Guns, chocolate, quaint towns, and hookers! The Benelux Union is an scenic, almost Arcadian land with massive funds put into repairing damage done during the Dark Centuries. Comprised of Belgium, Netherlands, and Luxembourg, the Benelux Union have managed to avoid internal strife that has occurred in many of its fellow European states. One reason is that Fabrique Nationale d'Herstal, a Belgian arms company with a long history, has been producing many cheap and time-tested small arm designs such as the FN-FAL, FN P90, and FN SCAR which are in high demand with both historical buffs, private citizens, and budget-minded warlords of both human and alien product in need of guns to arm their two-bit insurgents and militia. The Sex Industry is also an important factor in the Benelux Union's wealth, with prostitution being legal and filled with species of all types, ready to do all types of things both common...and experimental.
Capital: Neo-Benelux
Population: ~30 million (Mostly Humans and Uploads with varying alien minorities)
Currency: Guilder
Language: Dutch, Lithuanian
Government: Federal Parliamentary Republic with Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg having a constitutional monarchy
Cloning/Uploading Status: Cloning is regulated, but Uploading is legal and openly accepted
Economic Focus: Small Arms, Tourism, Sex Industry, Fine Crafts like Chocolate and textiles
Military Focus: Luxembourg's Compagnie D Rifle Company, the Dutch Korp Mariners, and the Belgian's strategy of dropping boxes of cheap guns to allied guerrilla forces like a scene from ZARDOZ
Tyxan Hybrid (Tybrid) Status: Legally Recognized and Protected under law

The three founding NATO members of Belgium, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands were leaders in the fight against the Sovereign Alliance, with Brussels being the center of both NATO and the European Union. Due to this when NATO was disbanded Belgium and its neighbors were penalized and barred from entering the SDC, the reason being that the controversy of such an action would be dangerous for the Benelux region. Even after a century had passed obstacles still prevented the Benelux region from having anything other than a token role in the participation of the SDC. To make matters worse, the Tyxans harvested a good number of the population even if they did not play a vital role in fighting. With their society in shambles, their environment on the haywire, and left with newborn Tybrids all over the place from experimentation, the Benelux decided to suck it up and rebuild once again.

Quickly consolidating into a union to share what little infrastructure and resources they had, the Benelux region seamlessly incorporated the Tybrids into their population; it was no time to be bigoted when manpower was needed. Together, they cleared out the more dangerous parts of the flora and fauna and began domesticating what mutated versions they could. Reverting back to Cold War technology, they managed to hold off both technologically schizophrenic Germanic and French warlords. The traditional crafts were being relearned, rudimentary cities were rebuilt, and bit by bit the scenic towns and landscape was being rebuilt.

When the Aeiou come, they were pleased that the Benelux region needed little help and after giving them some technology, went off to other regions needing a more hands off approach. The Benelux Union's members maintains their various forms of government that existed in the 21st century and sends representatives to the capital of Neo-Benelux when matters relating to the whole of the Union needs to be discussed such as foreign affairs or trade deals with extraterrestrial entities. With most of the population residing in arcologies, the quaint towns and scenic landscape has become a major tourist attraction, especially from the neighboring industrial countries of the German Confederation, the French Socialist Republic, and The Isles. Confectionery from the Union are considered top notch and small craft goods are considered very popular to tourists. Legalized prostitution, which helped popularize Amsterdam in the past, has expanded to other limited regions. One can find human, Tybrid, and alien adult industry workers of stripes and sizes in the arcologies and specialized rural areas. A common joke is that the Benelux Union has the true power on Earth since many important world leaders have paramours and less scrupulous escorts from there, secrets pouring out in the bed. But the biggest economic industry in the Benelux Union are its small arms, notably those of older 20th and 21st century designs. Fabrique Nationale d'Herstal is one of the leading companies for this niche, and manufacture and sell not only their P90s, SCARs, FALs, Five-Sevens, but also produce other brands such as Colt, Henry, Browning, Kalashnikov, and Mauser. Private collectors, cheap warlords, Vgar Ki security companies are but a few of the buyers of these guns. In fact, the bulk unloading of these guns into the wartorn Holy Land SAD paid for by Gloguk subsides

The Benelux Union has three separate national Armed Forces: one for Luxembourg, one for the Netherlands, and one for Belgium. The Benelux Union has little control over each of these Armed Forces, but when a Galactic Conquest is being formed and the Union as a whole are required to create a unified fighting unit, each member state of the Union contributes in their own way. Luxembourg's small army can only provide so much, but the Compagnie D Rifle Company which is comprised of a command section and three reconnaissance sections has served an information gathering unit who scout ahead and discover enemy strong and weak points with advanced survelliance equipment, conducting hit and run missions now and then before scurrying back to more defensive positions. The Dutch Mariner Korps then come in, either via airdrop or by amphibious landing. Equipped more heavier than the Luxembourgian rifle company, the Dutch Mariner Korps wage a more conventional, albeit equally as maneuverable, warfare. Establishing beachheads in Theaters of Operations, the Korps set up Forward Outpost Bases that in turn house and protect Belgian "Military Advisers". These "Military Advisers" are sent to provide arms and logistics to Gloguk-allied rebel groups or other militant NGOs needing arms or when the Harvester Fleets full of warlike individuals from the Russian and Holy Land are dumped into a planet to cause a clusterfuck. While a G3 Battle Rifle or a Beretta knock off may seem primitive compared to what is available in the Galaxy, they are easier to maintain and train with for primitive alien tribes and hordes of Slavic raiders. In fact, the Belgian supplied weapons are considered such an important element in warfare that there is a whole caste of Tyxan commandos bred to infiltrate and destroy anything that stinks of 7.62x51 NATO.

With old small arms being pumped all across the Galaxy at staggering speeds for an eternal Galactic War and more and more exotic lifeforms servicing the red lights district, it is no surprise that the Benelux Union is becoming a hotbed for fifth columnists and saboteurs. Increasing numbers of Spanish counterintelligence agents have been hired to keep an eye out, but as incidents occur more and more, tensions concerning the Tybrids and other non-human races have begun to arise.
The Hellenic Democratic States
Phalanxes of Hoplites wielding long-ranged Lancer Rifles that can pierce through armor while protected by rare energy shields that grow stronger with proximity of each other, the Hellenic Democratic States comprises of both Greece and Macedonia to form a futuristic mish mash version of Ancient Hellenic culture and Plato's Ideal State: City-States run by technocrats and philosophers with varying degrees of democracy and tyranny, Eugenics, education highly based around culture and logic rather than blind patriotism, the rights and privileges of the "Free Citizen" vs the "Civilian" (Slave was considered politically incorrect for a Modern Earth), "servants" owned by the public like firefighters and police officers for the lower classes, a volunteer army filled with free men with a powerful prototype and cutting edge arsenal, and a revival of the old Greek religion in the form of the modern versionof Hellenism, which currently has a tense coexistence with the current Christian faiths. The Hellenic Democratic States, along with Greater Romania and the Grand Polish Imperium, are known as the "Marcher States" and are the first line of defense against incursions from the Holy Land Special Administrative District and thus like the other two buffer states the Hellenic Democratic States would be considered "off" by their more western neighbors for both political and social reasons.
Capital: Athens
Population: ~42 million (Majority of them Humans and Uploads)
Currency: Drachma
Language: Greek, Macedonian
Government: A hybrid fusion of modern limited democracy and ancient Hellenic democracy that is different for each city-state
Cloning/Uploading Status: Non-Citizens are cloned if the population dips too low for a variety of reasons, Citizens are uploaded so they can continue serving their City-State even after death
Economic Focus: R&D, Fossil Fuels, and shipping
Military Focus: Advanced Hoplites and powerful Trieme-Class battlecruisers
Tyxan Hybrid (Tybrid) Status: Helots and second class citizens if they aren't outright exterminated

Recovering from massive civil strife and the aftermath of the War, Greece was put under SDC control and rebuilt under the guidance of a global team of technocrats. It gradually became a center for research and development for the fledgling SDC navy, developing primitive fusion space engines and automated beam weaponry to name a few of their most prized achievements. When the Battle of the Twilight occurred, many of the scientists and technicians were evacuated to secret underground bases, many destroyed by the Tyxans or by the horrors and warlords of the Dark Centuries.

With the sudden vacuum of the intellectual elite and the influx of mutants and refugees, Greece collapsed into infighting communities closed off and protecting what little technology they could hoard. Macedonia fared somewhat better, with a hidden base of scientists and engineers taking control in a tyrannical technocratic empire and fending off both Tyxan-created monstrosities and the warlords of the Balkans. They faced off against the more isolated Greek communities, who were in turn consolidating around visionaries and the few technocrats who remained in Greece during the Tyxan invasion. As more mutant communities were purged from the surrounding area, the human-centric Town-States gradually expanded and grew to become kingdoms and city-states.

While some of the Greek and Macedonian communities like Athens and Vardar allied with the Aeiou, many others fought against the aliens and were easily defeated. Rewarding Athens with becoming the capital of a new Hellenic Democratic States and the Macedonian Republic of Vardar with the first pick of Gloguk spacefaring technology, the Aeiou consolidated and organized the various Greek and Macedonian polities into something, while autonomous, could be easily taxed and categorized. While each City-State and kingdom was ruled by their own (limited) democratically elected mad scientist leaders and philosopher-kings, all external matters must go through Athens who has a direct line to the Aeiou HQ in Sicily. While considered democracies, only a select few are allowed to vote. This can range from those with a GLORIOUS STEM MASTER RACE college degree, those who served in the Hoplites, naval officers, males, females, philosophers, or the most democratic allow for all except filthy Tybrids and mutants to vote. Those not allowed to vote are considered 'Civilians', who are given limited rights and are forced to perform various 'public service' jobs as a form of taxation, whether to join the night watch, man the libraries, serve in the canteens, or be part of the firefighter brigades. Tybrids are considered the bottom of the barrel and are either given the worst jobs, thrown in ghettos, or purged if found. In genetic engineering-friendly Lacedaemon, non-Spartiate humans were considered Perioeci (freedmen) and while given diminished roles in the military and had no say in the politics of Lacedaemon, had much more freedom than the helots and much more wealth and opportunities than the spartan Spartiates. Tybrids and the descendants of criminals and mutants were helots and while their standard of living is decent, the Helots live in terror and suffer from annual purges by youth in the agoge.

The Hellenic economy revolves around the extraction of fossil fuels, with their factories and silos manned by civilians and helots. Shipping across the Mediterranean is still a cheap way of transporting goods, especially from Greece to the various African nations, allowing them to bypass the Holy Land SAD routes. With many of the Hellenic Democratic States having centers of science or even being ruled by scientists and engineers, there is a market for Hellenic-trained technicians and scholars; Athens' Plato's Academy is considered one of the most prestigious universities in Earth (the city-state of Athens have recently hired a century of Italian Riot Legionnaire to suppress the influx of left wing agitators over Tybrid rights and informational access on certain projects).

The Hellenic armies are considered one of the most overall advanced forces of Earth. While smaller and more decentralized due to each of the Hellenic States having their own army, each are equipped with the best their Philosopher-kings and Scientist-tyrants can provide. The most basic form of infantry unit is the Hoplite. This usually takes form of soldiers with city-leveling Lancer Rifles and powerful force field belts that become stronger the nearer they are to other soldiers. This gives the Hellenic armies a tendency to bunch together in larger squads, making them powerful against infantry and armor but vulnerable to artillery. Other scientific wonders common in the Hellenic States include limited teleportation devices, extreme genetic augmentation (the Lacedaemonians' Spartiate population consists of superhumans), disintegration cannons, and rapid healing vats. These technologies are painstakingly built by the Hellenic scientists and very few are sold outside of the Hellenic Democratic States. Another major part of the common Hellenic armies is the Trieme-class battlecruiser. Sacrificing physical defense for increased ECM capabilities, the Triemes are decked with powerful spinal guns and Direct Energy Weapons and arrays of plasma launchers. Extremely fast, they have been used to maneuver around their foes, taking powerful pot shots.

Tensions between the new Hellenistic faith and the older Christian faiths have escalated. Violent confrontations have become more common, and to make matters for the Hellenic Democratic Republics worse, pro Tybrid rights groups have joined the fray in the form of religious movements. Deep in the secret labs of Athens, Hellenist scientists of biology, xenobiology, and other life sciences have begun work on Project Olympus, under the guidance of the highest ranks of the Hellenistic priesthood.
Greater Romania
Under the rule of the Blood Lords, those unlucky survivors were tampered by Tyxans with a sense of humor o crave the blood of the living in exchange for dubious powers, Romania and Moldova were consolidated during the Dark Centuries. In return for blood and eternal servitude as serfs, the Blood Lords and their thralls protect their subjects from the warlords of the Holy Land and the terrors that terrorize the land in both day and night. While naturally incredibly powerful, the Blood Lords (also known as vampires by everyone outside of Greater Romania) suffer an extreme variant of Xeroderma Pigmentosum and thus can only operate in night time or sunless days. Helping the Blood Lords during the day are individuals who gain a temporary and diluted version of the Blood Lord's powers, transforming them into Vrykolakas, a monstrous entity with canine features. With the Blood Lords at night and the packs of Vrykolakas during the day watching the borders leading into the Holy Land administrative district and augmented by an outdated but loyal military force, Greater Romania has become something of a boogieman to even the most brutal warlord and has kept the more "civilized" and "modern" parts of Europe safe. One of the three Marcher States that serve as a buffer against the Holy Land SAD along with the Hellenic Democratic States and the Grand Polish Imperium.

Capital: The Duchy of Intuneric
Population: ~24 million (Majority of them Humans, with the dreary and creepy Actarians living in various abandoned and creepy places as insurance with their nuclear weapon-wielding communities)
Currency: Leu
Language: Romanian, Hungarian for Transylvania and surrounding areas
Government: Aristocratic Federal Republic
Cloning/Uploading Status: Cloning is bnned, and Gargoyle and other "Living Statues" Uploads are allowed to favorite thralls
Economic Focus: Textiles and Leathers, Chemicals, and Agriculture
Military Focus: Blood Lords with their armies of Vrykolakas and Gargoyles, and a human army still using 21st century-level equipment
Tyxan Hybrid (Tybrid) Status: Put into Special Habitation Zones separate from the rest of Greater Romania's populated centers and used as a cheap source of blood, labor, and cannon fodder

Romania along with Moldova was ravaged by the constant low-intensity warfare that characterized the Third World War, and the government quickly fell apart from the constant food riots and terrorist attacks, leaving it in anarchy. The rebuilding effort by the System Defense Coalition helped Romania and Moldova back on their feet, but the two countries preferred to stick to a simple agricultural economy rather than go out into the stars like most of the other countries. When the Tyxans attacked the Solar System, it was the Romanian forces who tried to keep the peace in Central Europe.

The Tyxans came in relatively easily due to the Romanian military and police stretched thin to prevent their neighbors and themselves from descending into outright panic and sectarian violence. The invaders did very little to cause the Romanian and equally as weakened neighboring Moldovan government to collapse. With such an easy prey, the Tyxans there decided to leisurely look for inspiration on how to torture the Romanians and Moldovans. Upon discovering the vampire pop culture of Earth that the Romanians were sick and tired of hearing about, the Tyxans knew exactly how to mess with them. Taking a hundred or so victims for experimentation, the Tyxans created the blooding sucking mutants known as the Blood Lords. These superhumans are gifted with nigh immortality and peak human abilities, but must sustain themselves with a constant diet of humanoid blood and suffer a sort of extreme Xeroderma Pigmentosum that could melt away their skin and kill them in a mere agonizing hour. The Tyxans released these Blood Lords starving and frenzied for blood into the hapless populations. What firepower the Romanian and Moldovan people had were mostly harmless against these vampiric beings, and one in a hundred attacked by a Blood Lord turns into one. The Tyxans congratulated each other for such a tragedy within a tragedy, and left Earth hastily when it became clear the Gloguk were winning the war for the JumpGate connected system.

The Blood Lords continued to terrorize the inhabitants during the Dark Centuries until the Aeiou came. Realizing the potential of these nocturnal superhumans, the Aeiou took the few that showed promise and killed the more feral ones; the Aeiou tinkered once again with the Blood Lords' intelligence and reduced their insatiable lust for blood. The Blood Lords, now sapient once more, regretted immensely what they've done and vowed to take vengeance against the Tyxans. The Aeiou put the Blood Lords into various Houses to rule the new bitter nation of Greater Romania, which comprised of the shattered remnants of what was once Romania and Moldova. The Blood Lords took upon their duties with fatalism and rage, fighting against the warlords that exist in the Holy Land SAD and the Russian SAD as well as join the Galactic Conquest fleets to kill Tyxans with relish. Realizing that they could not protect the still primitive and recovering Romanian people during the day, the Blood Lords have developed a process allowing the creation of the bestial Vrykolakas, humans who upon imbuding a potion comprised of a Blood Lord's genetic material amongst other things grows in strength while gaining some canine features in their appearance. Dubbed Werewolves by outsiders, the Vrykolakas serves as the agents of the Blood Lords and police Greater Romania, protecting it from both threats within and without. By night, the Blood Lords defend Greater Romania with their super strength and speed, and by day the Vrykolakas lead squads of Romanian soldiers to do the same. Uploading technologies have also allowed Gargoyles and other "Living Statue" species to exist, serving as wardens of communities and private guards to Blood Lord manors.

While nominally a federal republic, it is the Blood Lords who hold sway. Ruling their various provinces like aristocratic governors but prohibited from running for Parliament, the Blood Lord houses come together and vote on a President while the human and Vrykolakas parliament members elect a prime minister. These elections are separate, so whereas a Blood Lord president may stay in power for a long period of time, they might have a hundred different prime ministers during their administration. Tybrids have been relegated to special Habitation Zones and while they live in a somewhat nice life, are given little rights and are used as cheap conscripts, laborers for government projects, and frequently having blood extracted from them by blood banks. Their weakened state after the loss of blood has the side benefit of reducing possibility of rebellions.

Textiles, animal-based products like leather and meat, and agriculture form the basis of the Greater Romanian economy. Exporting foodstuff and raw organic materials to allied Russian and Holy Land factions in return for protection and metals. Each of the Blood Lord can decide what types of crops or animals they may focus on with government money, though the brighter ones prefer to go to in the scientific field and develop chemical products to sell instead.

The long-lived Blood Lords make up the spine of the Greater Romanian military, their super abilities supplemented by the finest weapons and armor wealth can buy have allowed them to become virtual one-(wo)man armies, supported by their aerial and tough Gargoyle bodyguards and followed by equally as powerful packs of Vrykolakas armed with heavy machine guns and rocket launchers. These small platoon-sized bands are more than enough to face off against almost any threat, but when quantity or the "human" touch is needed, the Armata Română, the Armed Forces of Romania, will be called into the scene. Extremely primitive since they are still using 20th and 21st century equipment, the Armata Romana is usually delegated for garrison duty, cleanup operations in the wake of Blood Lord operations, and support roles, but they can prove effective themselves against threats like petty warlords and Tybrid rebels.

Even though Greater Romania and its pseudo-feudal agricultural society is considered quite primitive in the scheme of things, it carries the biggest weight of all the European countries, fighting off the mad-science warlords of Russia and whatever mutant war bands or heavy ordnance-wielding zealots creep up from the Holy Land SAD. With all this in their hand, it is no wonder that Greater Romania is becoming more and more severe in their actions.
While now a banking superpower in Earthling space, Switzerland is on a blazing path of rampage against the Varakeef for stealing their treasures from well before the Dark Centuries. Armed with the best of the best since the Swiss finances quite a few countries' bleeding edge R&D projects and gets a peek now and then, the Swiss will send out special mercenary groups (since they officially have only a militia system) to capture and interrogate Tyxans or Tyxan biodevices that have memories of the whereabouts of their ancient treasures. This desire, above all else, have been the primary driving force of Swiss relationship with the greater galaxy; tensions can heat up when Swiss mercenary units leave the battlefield to track down any signs of the stolen Lock Boxes that once were housed in great Swiss banks.
Capital: Canton of Bern is the de facto capital
Population: ~8.4 million (Human and Tybrid)
Currency: Franc
Language: German, French, Italian; Romanish in the region of Graubünden and by Tybrid citizens
Government: Federal Directorial Republic
Economic Focus: Banking, Treasure Hunting, Pharmaceuticals, Scientific Instruments
Military Focus: Mercenaries and Spacecraft
Tyxan Hybrid (Tybrid) Status: Legally Recognized and Protected (some disappear if the government suspects they know anything about the stolen assets)

To say Switzerland was pleased that alot of assets fell into their hands after the restructuring of Earth in the aftermath of World War 3 is an understatement. To say Switzerland was pissed when the Tyxans came in and looted their banks of assets and treasure is an understatement as well.

Instead of splitting apart like the other silly countries during the Dark Centuries, The Swiss, fueled with rage, united rather quickly and began giving their services as mercenaries to the various warring European nations. From the techno-warlords of Germany and France to the burgeoning theocratic state of the Holy Republic of Italy, the Swiss Formations began tearing across the landscape and fighting bizarre and bloody battles all in the name of gaining the wealth to being the galactic search of finding their lost wealth. Accumulating advanced weaponry, interrogating stranded Tyxans for information, gaining military experience, and recovering more scientific knowledge especially in the fields of spacecraft, the Swiss near the end of the Dark Centuries managed to launch their own spaceship into orbit to track down the Tyxans. Unfortunately, the Orbit Wars between the various African states and the newly arrived Vgar-Ki slowed them down, and when the Aeiou came to the scene, the Swiss were forced to stop their progress in order to sit down and be reshaped by the Aeiou. Afterwards, the Aeiou quickly let the Swiss go back to raging against the heavens for their lost treasures, even being generous enough to give them some technology and a few directions to some local Tyxans.

While maintaining their Federal Directorial Republic where the seven-member Swiss Federal Council is elected by Parliament still exists, and for the most part many government functions stayed the same albeit with a keener focus towards treasure hunting. One new addition to the Swiss Government is the Independent Soldier Commission, Switzerland's mercenary oversight organization and the world's premier military private contracting agency. While mostly Swiss, the ISC caters to all governments of Earth and beyond, acting as the middleman between contractors and contractees legally but also secretly helping with various black op projects by funneling investments, resources, and manpower under their banking system. It is this banking system that keeps the Swiss machine roaring and funds its elite mercenary groups and top-knotch spacecraft to hunt down all Tyxans. Pharmaceuticals and advanced Scientific instruments are also another common economic factor, propelled by the need for interrogation and surveillance operations by the Swiss as they search the Known Galaxy for both new and old wealth.

While Switzerland has a military, it is its mercenary units that take the fame. Having fought in almost every theater on Earth and a good number of Galactic Conquests, the Swiss mercenaries have access to a versatile and advanced arsenal of foreign weapons and gear as well as knowledge of any given country's secret operations and projects, though they have taken oaths of secrecy and undergo medical operations that prevent them from speaking of such. Swiss mercenary outfits usually specialize in one or two fields, becoming frighteningly proficient at it; ranging from covert intelligence gathering to siege warfare to sub-orbital raids, these mercenaries are highly sought after all across Gloguk space and even in the Free Arm. Swiss spacecraft are also considered one of the best, second only to the various African nations', being able to achieve high speeds and deck out in a variety of advanced rail and energy weaponry. Ranging from sleek corvettes able to assail targets with missile storms to behemothic battleships equipped with hazardous energy units in order to power their laser cannons, the Swiss Space Force are ready to unleash hell in all corners of the known galaxy to find their lost treasures.

Successful interrogation of a Tyranid Memorization Mind has pinpointed the old Swiss treasure to smack dab in the middle of the chaotic Free Arm, and Switzerland is beginning to form a large, hi-tech fleet to carve through all opposition to get it. Bets are being placed all across Gloguk space on how long this punitive expedition could survive in the Free Arm.
The Grand Polish Imperium
Sick and tired of being the butt of a long line of geopolitical jokes, the Poles have used the chaos that occurred during the Dark Centuries to conquer Hungary, Ukraine, Slovakia, Belarus, and the Moravian Parts of the Czech Republic. Defended and ruled by landed and nigh-immortal nano-enhanced Szlachtas, the Grand Polish Imperium extends its reach beyond Alpha Centauri, its colonies and influences touching into places like the Free Arm Spiral and closer into the Galactic Core. Winged Hussars, mainly comprised of these superpowered Szlachta nobles, ride sentient genetically modified horses and charge into battle with deadly and hi-tech Beam Lances. Whole Galactic Conquest fleets composed of mostly Polish vassal states have won whole sectors for the Gloguk, and the Polish Grand Space Fleet is said to be the queen of all of Europe's space fleets, numbering thousands in spacefaring vessels to wage an eternal and sleepless war against the Gloguk's enemies. The Grand Polish Imperium is one of the three Marcher States, along with Greater Romania and the Hellenic Democratic States.
Capital: Krakow
Population: ~72 million (comprised mostly of Humans and Tybrids, with a sizable Kuffa-Grafee and Warfist community)
Currency: Zloty Credits
Language: Polish is the official language, but Belarusian, Hungarian, Ukrainian, Slovak, amd Czech are also widely used languages.
Government: Parliamentary Aristocratic Monarchy
Economic Focus: Horticulture (Breadbasket of Europe), Petroleum Products, Mining from Belarus, Hungary, and colonies in various parts of the galaxy, Heavy Machinery manufacturing, and Genetic Engineering
Military Focus: Super Soldiers, Super Hussars, Super Ships, Super Mountain Infantry, and The Polish Security Forces that maintain order and authority over the colonies.
Tyxan Hybrid (Tybrid) Status: Registered under the "Sins of The Father" Acts and periodically monitored for seditious activity, but a few Szlachta nobles are of Tybrid nature.

Poland, Belarus, Ukraine, and Slovakia became battlefields when the Middle Eastern theater fell apart for NATO. Poland and Ukraine in particular were the most badly hit and by the end of the Third World War were reduced to wastelands with only pockets of civilization left. The System Defense Coalition took direct control of that region in their rebuilding efforts, but with most of the focus being on space and in Asia, that part of Europe was put in the wayside and became a sort of backwater series of states that only served as a quaint tourist trap and agricultural zone.

When the Tyxans invaded, Poland and its other neighbors aside from Germany and the Baltic States were swept aside with ease by the alien invaders; it was the equivalent of a buffet and the Tyxans took their picks of victims and other organic material leisurely. By the end, most of Central Europe surrounding Poland was reduced to a medieval society terrorized by their more technologically superior neighbors.

The Poles finally had enough of being the butt monkeys in history. Under the banner of a local king named Nikola Gorski Poland was first unified, its infrastructure rebuilt and its technological base slowly rising again. After a century King Juliusz Gorski took his armies and subjugated the Farm Lords in Ukraine from which helped feed the growing Polish Empire and the Techno-Gods of the Belorussian Conclave from which military and infrastructural technologies were rediscovered including the genetic templates for the Super Soldiers and Hussars. King Juliusz's granddaughter Aneta Gorski failed to bring in Lithuania into the fold due to the already modernized Baltic States, but did manage to annex the Moravian Part of the old Czech Republic and solidify the Aristocratic governmental system that still exists in the Grand Polish Imperium today. Queen Aneta Gorski also renamed the Polish Empire to the Grand Polish Imperium (Wielki polski Imperium). By the time of Empress Wiktoria Gorski, Slovakia and Hungary were recently conquered and the Polish began waging war against various Germanic tribes as well as Russian warlords. They even managed to explore beyond Europe and establish contact with various African countries for trading and knowledge, especially in the realms of spaceflight.

While the Grand Polish Imperium had a very young space program, the Aeiou made contact with the Humans and began subtly carving out the global landscape. After being told to stop conquering and stay still as they were in Earth by large alien cannons, the Polish reluctantly signed peace treaties with all their neighbors and began focusing their attention to Gloguk-mandated Galactic Conquests. In return for their loyalty, the Aeiou left their government alone and even allowed them to expand beyond the Solar System. Governing this restless beast are the Szlachta, the landed aristocracy who rule their domains with extensive privileges and power and blessed by the Royal Family with rare genetic manipulation which turns them into demigods. With the expanse of the Grand Polish Imperium increasing and enemies external and internal everywhere, these Szlachtas are on the forefront of protecting the Imperium. They can levy armies, collect taxes, demand information and services from imperial organizations, be judge/jury/executioner for all who live under their rule, and most importantly, vote for new Emperors and Empresses. Despite such powers, a judicial system led by non-Szlachtas helps (theoretically) prevent abuse against the lower classes. Virtually all types of resources are harvested by the Grand Polish Imperium, from the most simplest of wheat and rocks to planets dedicated to rare specimens that number only in the hundreds and trace elements of minerals. Services, too, are provided by the Grand Imperium due to its size and distrust of other countries and foreign interests handling its affairs. It is this that the Szlachtas must protect every moment.

But the Szlachtas don't fight alone. Many of these super powered nobles join the Hussars, riding specifically modified horses who are extremely fast and durable while wielding powerful Beam Lances which are able to pierce most armor up to and including small space battleships. These mounted soldiers serve as fast anti-tank and anti-personal units wrecking havoc quickly before moving aside and letting the Polish army, consisting of mostly a mash of volunteer soldiers and conscripts from all across the Grand Imperium equipped with advanced Automatic Railguns and Combat Exoskeletons. leading this motely crew of soldiers are Smok Troopers, Smok being Dragon in English. These genetically modified humans and Tybrids are graced with enhanced speed, strength, endurance, and other abilities like natural night vision and adjustable hearing, and equipped with an assortment of powerful weaponry and powered armor crafted individually by teams of expert scientists and craftsmen. The Smok Troopers are first in, first out in any operation and in return for their loyalty are given minor titles and land of newly conquered planets, creating the seeds of new provincial imperial governments quickly.

The Grand Polish Imperium's galactic reach is very far, from large settlements in Alpha Centauri to even small colonies and outposts on the edge of Gloguk space. Beset by enemies on all sides within and without, it would almost be easier to count the ways the Grand Polish Imperium isn't threatened.
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Re: The Earthling Humans [Gloguk Participant Race]

Post by wellis » Thu Mar 09, 2017 6:11 am

I'll put my responses for other countries later but for the Catholic Church, tell me do they have hot & cute nuns? :P

Because it sounds like a prime case for Anime Catholicism, complete with handsome priests who can kick ass. :D

Or do gun kata:

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Re: The Earthling Humans [Gloguk Participant Race]

Post by Heretic » Fri Mar 10, 2017 4:25 am

wellis wrote:
Thu Mar 09, 2017 6:11 am
I'll put my responses for other countries later but for the Catholic Church, tell me do they have hot & cute nuns? :P

Because it sounds like a prime case for Anime Catholicism, complete with handsome priests who can kick ass. :D

Or do gun kata:
>Trying to sexualize the Deus Vult.


Maybe there are hot and cute ones.

I can imagine Anime Catholicism being a thing though in Japan and Vgar Ki space, though. And there is definitely Gun Kata somewhere in the mix.
Computers are like Old Testament gods; lots of rules and no mercy.
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Re: The Earthling Humans [Gloguk Participant Race]

Post by wellis » Wed Mar 15, 2017 9:53 pm

Do the Greeks allow for freemen to work their way into becoming Citizens ala Imperial Rome or Heinlein's Terran Federation from the book Starship Troopers? Or are they stuck being freemen only?

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Re: The Earthling Humans [Gloguk Participant Race]

Post by Heretic » Thu Mar 16, 2017 11:12 pm

wellis wrote:
Wed Mar 15, 2017 9:53 pm
Do the Greeks allow for freemen to work their way into becoming Citizens ala Imperial Rome or Heinlein's Terran Federation from the book Starship Troopers? Or are they stuck being freemen only?
For the most part, there is a way for people to become a voting citizen. It usually varies between City to City: having a technical college degree, serving in the military, being a military officer, scaring people to vote for you with diabolical war machines, being a philosopher, being of a certain gender, etc. etc. As long as you aren't filthy Tybrid/mutant trash, I think there's a Greek city somewhere for you to participate in.
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Re: The Earthling Humans [Gloguk Participant Race]

Post by speaker-to-trolls » Tue Aug 01, 2017 9:48 am

I love these guys, I particularly liked Scandinavia, there was some genuinely evocative and horrifying stuff in that one to get us to the end result of cyborg space vikings.
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Re: The Earthling Humans [Gloguk Participant Race]

Post by Heretic » Thu Aug 03, 2017 12:12 pm

speaker-to-trolls wrote:
Tue Aug 01, 2017 9:48 am
I love these guys, I particularly liked Scandinavia, there was some genuinely evocative and horrifying stuff in that one to get us to the end result of cyborg space vikings.
Europe was surprisingly tough to write despite their small continent size and relatively (I thought) similar cultures.
Computers are like Old Testament gods; lots of rules and no mercy.
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Re: The Earthling Humans [Gloguk Participant Race]

Post by wellis » Sun Aug 13, 2017 1:45 am

Heretic wrote:
Thu Aug 03, 2017 12:12 pm
speaker-to-trolls wrote:
Tue Aug 01, 2017 9:48 am
I love these guys, I particularly liked Scandinavia, there was some genuinely evocative and horrifying stuff in that one to get us to the end result of cyborg space vikings.
Europe was surprisingly tough to write despite their small continent size and relatively (I thought) similar cultures.
Which continent will you do next?

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Re: The Earthling Humans [Gloguk Participant Race]

Post by Heretic » Tue Aug 22, 2017 8:22 am

The Russian Special Administrative District. It's gonna be weird.
Computers are like Old Testament gods; lots of rules and no mercy.
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