The Ordo Procella

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The Ordo Procella

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The Ordo Procella
Seperating the Fact From the Myth
Doctor William Tarek

The Ordo Procella; literally Latin for "Storm Order", is a secret organization dedicated to combating magic and the supernatural. Interestingly enough the Church disavows the Ordo Procella, most denying existence of such a 'fantastic' organization and those who dare speak out acknowledging them as little more than heresy. Much rumor, speculation, and myth exists regarding the Ordo, and this paper will attempt to find the truth and weed through the heavy conspiracy that revolves around this organization.

For the organization itself, the members of the Ordo Procella consider themselves the last line of defense against magic and demonic invasion, protecting the Faithful from the temptation of satanic power. The Ordo Procella is allegedly based out somewhere in Eastern Europe or the Middle East (conflicting rumors place them in Constanţa, Athens, Istanbul, and Jerusalem), its central headquarters intentionally hidden and kept away from areas of heavy Church influence. Estimates given place the Ordo's membership at roughly 20,000, smaller than the NYPD, and distributed in "units" throughout the Christian world.

Origins and History

The most likely possibility is that the Ordo Procella originated as a rogue organization made up of former clergy concered with the proliferation of magic and its misuse, which at that time was quite common. Conflicting legends claim that the Black Plague was actually magical in origins, and much of the Ordo Procella's earlier history was dedicated toward combating warlocks and necromancers who were responsible (or not) for causing the pandemic that decimated Europe's population.

However, outside of combating the supernatural, the Ordo Procella had little concern for heresy or other Church concerns. While the Inquisition concerned itself with killing dissidents and branding them as "witches", the Ordo was occupied with fighting actual practicioners of magic and suppressing its proliferation. Most dangerous of its mandates was to combat supernatural invasions, such as that of demons, and their aforementioned responsibilities toward combating magic use were seen as steps toward preventing the need to combat demons.

The Ordo Procella realized quickly upon its founding that it had to fight fire with fire, however, and their own attempts at using angelic-based invocations have had interesting results. It is believed that the Ordo made use of a very fanatical sect of nuns known as the Sisters of the Holy Word, which practiced "miracles" against magicians. This act, however, could be arguably linked to the Ordo's branding as heretics by the Inqisition during the 16th Century.

The Ordo became concerned primarily with remaining hidden throughout the 17th-20th Centuries, but preternatural events continued to gain their attention. The existence of the Lilu remains one of the primary draws for them, as does the existence of various oddities in the Middle East.

Despite its massive attempts at remaining dedicated to Christian ideal, the Ordo was doomed to become a group most decidedly heretical by its very nature. Unsurprisingly, many speculate that the Ordo Procella has been corrupted from within, with the more wild conspiracies claiming that it is led by Lucifer himself. According to Ordo insiders, however, the organization's followers remain firmly convinced that they are saving the world with each grimoire they burn, and each suspect occultist their Mage Hunters "disappear".

Religious corruption is unavoidable, but the idea that the Ordo is run by Lucifer or one of his lieutenants is patent nonsense, especially if one examines the activities of the Ordo over the last five centuries. Its actions are questionable and heavyhanded, but also directly contrary to the Angel of Light's known aims.

Regardless, the cold truth is that although the Ordo Procella sought to remove magic from the face of the earth and destroy its practicioners, in the end they benefited the magery community by removing careless and foolish practicioners and - most importantly - ensuring that magical knowledge would not end up in the hands of common mortals. This, more than anything else, is why the remaining magi tolerate the Ordo's existence, and many speculate that the Ordo tolerates theirs because they understand that these wizards are rational and not prone to do something stupid and damaging.

Conflict With The Lilu

As a group descended from the so-called "Queen of Demons", as Lilith is known to mortals, the Ordo Procella was quick to come into conflict with her children. Unable to kill them, the Ordo elected to capture, foil, or run off as many as possible. Even in the modern day, Europe and much of the Middle East remain places where lilu are unlikely to travel unmolested, and even America has become a virtual battle ground for them.

The Ordo has had a long history of coming into conflict with many of the oldest Immortals, including Varnil, Survin, Nizarah, and Damal. Nizarah's dual status as an Immortal and a sorceress of unquestionable power has made her allegedly the #2 subject on the Ordo's wanted list, right behind Lucifer himself. Allegedly, Nizarah negotated a truce, or more correctly ultimatum, with the Ordo that ensures she will remain mostly left alone by such "annoyances".

Combating the Occult

The first of the Ordo Procella's infamous Mage Hunters were taken primarily from monks, nuns, and the most zealous of knights, trained to gruelling standards and taught in the art of warfare. The Mage Hunters were killers, assassins, and they were disciplined to resist the lesser effects of magic, their spirits attuned to resist minor Words that could affect them.

Mage Hunters received consecrated amulets and crucifixes featuring invocations of the Archangel Michael, and they were mentally trained to shrug off charm and suggestion. Along with other tools, these first Mage Hunters went out across Europe to attack practicioners of the occult wherever they lived. Some were successful, and the Ordo began to quickly learn from their mistakes and become feared by minor magi throughout the continent.

The title of "Mage Hunter" was and remains a badge of honor to the Ordo, reserved for only those capable of the grueling, demanding task of hunting down and slaughtering powerful sorcerers -- and living to tell the tale. The Mage Hunters were spies, soldier-assassins, and trusted with horrifying knowledge. They were also enforcers, seeking out and destroying dangerous grimoires that had fallen out of the hands of clumsy magi and ended up on unsuspecting commoners' bookshelves. Many argue they were the true Inquisition; the unstoppable force that almost eradicated magery in continental Europe, leaving it the perview of what powerful few could effortlessly beat them back.

This changed, however, after the scism that left the Ordo branded heretical; eager to evade the Church's retribution, the Ordo expanded into Orthodox lands and attempted to remain mostly hidden, with few inroads made with the Orthodox Church. While the Ordo minimalized its activities as necessary, they utterly eradicated warlock covens in the east, already working on their successes in Transylvania before the scism. As time went by and the Church's power began to wane, the Ordo grew more bold, moving back into Catholic lands and renewing their efforts.

Even after the scism between the Ordo and the Church, the ruling families of Europe saw the value of such individuals, and today most Mage Hunters operate with near-impunity in Europe and North America. It is even believed that the Ordo was consulted by NATO during the Cold War, back when the Soviets were developing their somewhat short-lived "militarized magic" programs.

The Mage Hunters of today combine blessed icons and knowledge of angelic invocations with modern firearms and equipment. Distinctive for their black tactical gear, identity-hiding balaclavas, and shocking zeal, the modern day Ordo Mage Hunter has to be capable of surviving both dangerous spells and the enchanted bullets most mages and warlocks of today carry.

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