[Nation] I suck at coming up with names

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[Nation] I suck at coming up with names

Post by Destructionator » Sun Jun 14, 2009 7:41 pm


Location: High earth orbit
Geography: Autonomous space habitat cluster (5th generation cylinder pairs)
Population: 65 million
Primary language: French


Habitat pair L4-4 was ordered in AW 2995 by the L-4 Colonization Foundation (FCL4) to meet projected demand for living space among their affluent clients.

Construction of the hull was completed in AW 2997. FCL4 immediately started taking pre-orders for the spacious and luxurious land planned inside, while simultaneously moving in the landscaping workers to finish the interior.

However, when the landscaping was completed, the workers refused to surrender the land to the buyers. The landowners complained to FCL4, who turned to the French government to enforce the law.

But the government, being busy with its own problems on Earth, did nothing. Fearing having to issue billions refunds and take a huge loss on HP L4-4, FCL4 decided to take issues into their own hands. Declaring their contract with France to be null and void for the latter's breech of terms, FCL4 considered itself free to raise its own "enforcement branch" to remove the squatters.

However, things quickly got out of hand. In AW 3000, the habitat cluster at Jupiter declared itself independent from the A'millian Empire. The spacecraft coming in from Jupiter redirected themselves to L4-4 and were revealed to be warships carrying military hardware, offering their full support to the squatters.

What FCL4 originally thought would be a simple matter of contract and property rights enforcement has turned into bloody war between mercenaries and revolutionaries.

Then the governments stepped in.


Bah, I've been at this for 3 hours now and only have this. Time to get going to real work; I'll have to finish it next weekend or something.

Todo: describe the new government and its relations with the existing ones, the end of the war, the post war peace and reconciliation, the beautiful architecture, the bizarre culture, the coup, and finally the next war.

Also go into a few of the individual people (Esmé and Marie especially) who took control and discuss things from a 'stepped back' perspective. (Lots of planning went into the independence.)
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