The Duchy of Nosferatu

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The Duchy of Nosferatu

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This political entity's name is somewhat misleading. While it is a legitimate government and is treated as a sovereign power by all the nations who recognize it, the Duchy of Nosferaty holds barely five square kilometers of land in the forests of Romania. It is not so mcuh a country as it is an international organization, something between the Catholic Church, the Red Cross, and Amnesty, International. For vampires.

The existence of vampires (known throughout the world by a wide variety of names, including Nosferatu, from which the Duchy takes its title) was hotly debated up until the early 18th century, when several vampires went public with their practices, believed that it would be easier to live, tolerated, among the mortals they took sustenance from, rather than hiding from them and, certainly, being wiped out as mortal populations and technology took off at a rapid pace. Though these vampires numbered barely more than a hundred in number, they put forth a convincing case to many of the crown heads of Europe, namely France, the Holy Roman Empire, and Great Britain. These three were the first nations to recognize the polity soon to be known as the Duchy of Nosferatu. As part of the agreement, the Duchy required all of its members to conform to a set of laws, governing their interactions with mortals and each other, their use of magic, and their compliance with the laws of the mortal nation they chose to reside in. This was both to keep the mortals safe from vampires, and vice versa. Only consenting mortals of a particular age (depending on their country of origin) could be fed upon, or made into fledgeling vampires, any result of a mortal dying from a vampiric feeding would be considered manslaughter or murder, and a variety of other laws. As well, vampires were to be considered citizens, and killing a vampire was no different, legally, than killing any other human being.

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