The Marduk Foundation

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The Marduk Foundation

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'We fight the good fight.'

Officially, the Marduk Foundation was founded on February 12th 1936, in Skyhaven, as a society devoted to battling and understanding hostile supernatural and otherwise metanormal beings. With such renowned men of science such as Alfred F. Jones and military men such as Thaddeus Langstrom amongst its founding members, it quickly became a group of adventurers devoted both to discovering the past and battling the hostile supernatural. The Foundation took its name from the Babylonian god-hero Marduk, who they claim was the first human to take a stand against the hostile supernatural by slaying the primordial water-dragon Tiamat.

They fought heavily in WW2, most notably in the Pacific theatre, where they prevented Admiral Yamamoto's dark magicians from raising and binding one of Tiamat's larger spawn, which would have meant disaster for Skyhaven and the US, or when an agent of theirs foiled the plans of a cabal of Nazi alchemists to create an atom bomb.

The modern version is a bit different. Consisting primarily of private military contractors such as the Volunteers and the D&D Fireteam (who never stay on for long), a large group of researchers and several teams of black-ops soldiers with cutting-edge technology, generously provided by the Skyhavenite Government for the invaluable aid the Foundation has provided, although it remains a private organisation (at least on paper).

The Foundation has a large 'Iron Eagle' transport spaceplane which they use for rapid deployment, and a large art-deco skyscraper in Portharbour which is their main headquarters, as well as a secret base hidden in the middle of the Skyhavenite woods. They have about a Company of soldiers and mercenaries under their command, lead by Captain Daniel Thaddeus.

They also have a generously large research division, most often dedicated to finding the weaknesses of the metanormal beings they battle.

They have relatively few mages, being more concerned with science and how they can use it to defeat the supernatural, their troops using a variety of rounds including silver nitrate for werewolves, bullets emitting UV rays for vampires, holy water for the occasional demon, and many different rounds for different targets.

The Marduk Foundation has few relations with the larger meta-community, but have a reputation for hunting down and catching metapowered and supernatural criminals in Skyhaven and the rest of North America. Non-lethal methods are preferred, but some villains are just too dangerous to be left alive, and the Foundation exists in the vague grey area of the moral scale.

They are based at a large skyscraper in Portharbour, Skyhaven, called, simply, the 'Marduk Building'. Their leaders live and work in a series of penthouses and meeting rooms at the top floors, while its scientists work in laboratories in the basements.

Then, there are the archives (noting the supernatural and otherwise metanormal creatures they have fought) and the locations of their military forces, hidden at a secret base concealed within a mountain in the middle of the Skyhavenite forests. They have a small aerodrome, with three assault helicopters and an Iron Eagle transport spaceplane used for rapid deployment. However, the majority of their forces are groundbound, and use camouflaged (both active and normal) jeeps to move around.

The Marduk Foundation also contains an investigative branch, consisting of men in black suits, who are willing to investigate supernatural cases to the best of their abilities, and determine what exactly is behind the strange things that the Foundation fights.

The Foundation does what it does because it believes it has to protect the citizenry of Skyhaven from the danger of the supernatural, and its members are willing (at least, generally) to battle against world-ending horrors to protect it. It has also encountered hardships in recent years, with lack of funding and being forced to fire personnel to keep the money flowing in. Another difficulty is that the Foundation's operatives have a need for secrecy, and need to do their task quickly and quietly, adding another difficulty.
You have ruled this galaxy for ten thousand years.
You have little of account to show for your efforts.
Order. Unity. Obedience.
We taught the galaxy these things.

And we shall do so again.
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