The Templar

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The Templar

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The first article of mine for me to throw up on O1, as it's the most recent, and therefore, requires to least amount of canon overhaul. I might end up doing Wayward or Noctis (my two favorites, after all) next.

The Templar
Lost in a Land of Confusion

When the smoke of any war clears, there are always soldiers left behind on both sides of the line. This was no less true of the climactic battle of Earth with the conqueror of dimensions, Damask the Destroyer. While most of the few forces that penetrated to Earth’s surface were captured or slaughtered, a very small amount evaded capture and continued to do so to this very day.

Of all the Mechons that marauded on Earth, the Templar were the most able. Tasked with subverting the Eastern United States, they had barely established a network of operations before the noble heroes of Earth pushed Damask pack into his Sixth Dimension, leaving the hapless Templar without support on a planet they now had no vested interest in capturing. After a brief battle with a Canadian armored brigade, the Templar fled underground, consolidating their network into one of the more cast-iron logistics centers of the meta underground with what Damask had left them.

However, something pivotal had happened during the short skirmish- a rail cannon had pierced the unarmored form of the Templar Mechon Prime, the self-titled Templar General. The damage to the actual mechanoid was minor, but the point-blank shot disabled perhaps the most important piece of equipment placed inside all Mechon Primes- the transdimensional receiver that allowed Damask to provide commands to the Prime robots and override them if they displeased him. With this vital beacon gone, the Templar General was no longer under the control of the Destroyer.

Oh, and he also was going insane.

This rouge machine would prove a catalyst for a schism of the lost brigade. The Templar General, disillusioned and paranoid, increasingly called for the destruction of the Earth itself as an offering from the wayward Templar to their all-powerful leader. This disturbed quite a few members of the force, as it ran directly counter to their stated mission of capturing a planet so as to add its denizens to Damask’s mighty legions. This planet was not so far gone as to destroy it outright, it wasn’t, as the General insisted, more trouble than it was worth.

This splinter group, not swayed by the charismatic General, called for the adaptation to their new world, for integration. They planned to use their advanced technology to override the mundane- in the mundane world of organized crime. Oh, to think of the riches that could be gained by overriding boring, plain heroin with the mystical, mindwave that were the superdrugs, once contraband the mechons brought with them. Mindblowing to the average human, they could slowly use their miracle product to assert control of the underground in their base of operations.

Settling down in the area of New York City, this group, labeling themselves the Morpheus Faction, slowly gained power through creeping encroachment and massive corruption of the local police, until they were woven into the very foundations of the city, rotting it from the inside. Ironically, this group has come closer to the very essence of the original mission- to subvert and enrapture the population from the inside- than the Templar General’s sect has even done, regardless of intentions. The few local heroes scouring the streets of the Big Apple were hard-fought to beat back the corruption, and the one powerhouse in the region seemed more disposed, no hamstrung by the frequent Atlantean invasions and rampaging, slobbering time-traveling squid to rock away simple, dark organized crime. This leave lower end heores, like the Ascendant, hard-pressed to stem the tide of vice. And, much like the superpowered Rock Star, the government itself is too busy dealing with far more important problems- it Not Being Safe In Africa, or people with meta powers thinking the American dream is not as preferable as mass destruction and thievery- to deal with what seemed the latest in a long line of ‘of-the-time’ criminals in NYC.

Meanwhile, the group aligned behind the Templar General, having taken the physical infrastructure of the assembly during the schism, went on a covert but insistent recruitment drive amongst powerful metas of questionable moral integrity, seeking to augment his crack Mechons with superpowered humans with a grudge against the world- literally. This attracted the violent attention of many small, deep black covert operations teams when the Templar poached around their areas- The General’s right-hand man- really right-hand plasma cloud- Elementary was recruited in this way when he attempted to infiltrate the Templar on an ACID solo mission and was turned by the Templar General to a career of geocide. Perhaps the blatant mongering for one the many varied planet-obliterating devices and/or ancient apocalypse-bring ritual manuals in North America was what caught the attention of Project Aces, earning another notch on the diverse list of foes the increasingly manifest group. This quest climaxed when the Templar attempted to devastate the Earth secretly (after the failure of indirectly supplying a NeoAztec group in bringing about a buried black hole- thwarted by Cuban and Skyhaven field agents) using a combination of antimatter superbombs and mystical floodwaters, only to be daringly and barely defeated just in time by the ironic partnership of Nox Noctis and the Wayward Son.

Current Status

The Morpheus Faction is alive and prospering, with New York almost, just almost in its grip. Perchance the reason they have escaped the true and full wrath of the powerhouses and government were the barefaced actions of the apocalyptic Templar faction, though with their recent scattering after the Allegiance incident may allow the smaller supers in NYC to consolidate and launch a final assault on the faction’s stranglehold. However, this seems a couple months off, leaving the Faction only more time to entrench itself.

Strewn across the planet after their final stand, the Templar are either disheartened, missing, or dead. The high leadership of the faction- Elementary and the General himself- have yet to resurface, though history with any villain of such caliber, be it Mogar or an angry Amerindian alternate earth sun-god, has shown onto time stands in the way of the their return. Nevertheless, with their infrastructure critically shattered, that span of time seems longer and longer, allowing the world to breathe a little easier knowing that one less geocidal doomsday group is out of the picture.
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Re: TheTemplar

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While this is all very good, the problem still remains in the form of Elementary. We really need to discuss it, because I'm not entirely sure you only want him showing up after 2007.
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Re: The Templar

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Alien robot drug dealers? Heh heh heh.

The article's got a lot of typos, though. And I think this article is proof that the Comixverse has gotten so big that even I have trouble keeping track of it all.
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