The Company of the Dead

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The Company of the Dead

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The Company of the Dead is, to most, little more than an urban legend. But it exists, and its history is nothing like the majority of its believers imagine.

Its history begins with Ludwig Schroedinger, combat-mage and summoner of strange, unearthly forces, who, after the Schattenstämme Incident and his subsequent disgrace, turned to summoning stranger things than mere abdead. Shadows that flitted in and out of existence, golem-monsters and humonculi eager to feast on flesh, hidden under the desolate structure that was Castle Sternberg, as after his wife Maria, who had been killed in a Zeppelin crash (similar to the one that later devastated Castle Sternberg) died, he became even more obsessed with the occult than he had been already, megalomaniac madness taking over, along with a mad dedication to bring back Imperial Germany.

He experimented greatly, turning to binding the souls of the deceased to his service. But try as he might, he could not call on them. But then, he had a realisation - why not bind the souls of the already living? The 5th Panzergrenadier Division was guarding Castle Sternberg, so he had no shortage of test subjects.

On the night of the 15th July 1943, Schroedinger, after 100 tests of binding demonic entities (his test subjects he called the Century), several tests of soul-related magic, and seven days of preparation, performed the greatest ritual (short of his pact with the Schattenstämme) he had ever performed, calling on 30 years' worth of infernal pacts to aid him in his grand goal - to kill all the men of the 5th Panzergrenadiers, and bring their souls into his service.

That night, the 5th Panzergrenadiers eased to exist. Their tanks and vehicles crumbled into nothing, their bodies were reduced to dust, each and every single man dying at his post. And they were not dead. They were reborn, at least in Schroedinger's grief-ravaged mind.

Meanwhile, Schroedinger hid himself, the former Panzergrenadiers guarding him effectively - so effectively that after three divisions of the Red Army vanished near the now-ruined Castle Sternberg in 1945, commanders were ordered to avoid it at all costs.

And so the Company of the Dead still stand, silently guarding their master, little more than a legend to the outside world. while Ludwig Schroedinger plots and plans and waits for the time to strike...

Powers and Abilities

The Company of the Dead is a strange group. They are the souls of the 5th Panzergrenadiers, bound to this world by Ludwig Schroedinger's sorcery; as long as he survives, so do they. The appearance they take in this world is that of skeletal versions of their former selves, wearing ragged, damaged clothing, bale-fires shining in their eyes, wielding rusted weapons that nevertheless function with full efficiency, and have no need of ammunition.

They also have tanks, rusted and damaged, yet still fully functional, and trucks, and even a great airship, the Brunnhilde, which flies without the need for cavorite or hydrogen, and is their main mode of transportation.

They can be slain temporarily by powerful enough magic or firepower, but this does not stop them - after a year and a day, the spirit will reconstitute itself, and return to carry out its task with unflinching dedication. Only Ludwig Schroedinger's death will destroy them permanently. They retain their intelligence and sense of tactics, unlike most abdead, but are unflinchingly loyal to Ludwig Schroedinger, and will not hesitate to do anything for him.

They are as of yet unknown to the rest of the world, as their master is still waiting for the time to strike...
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Re: The Company of the Dead

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An army of undead skeleton Germans in tanks. Well, at least it fits Ludwig's shtick. Sucks to be a German soldier, shows how keen he is to sacrifice anyone and not just Poles, and establishes him as a complete madman who should be put down.

"Sometimes Shroomy I wonder if your imagination actually counts as some sort of war crime." - FROD
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