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Random Ideas

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Like its twin thread in CSW this place is meant as a testing ground where Shady and I can introduce random ideas or notes and bounce them off you each other and you guys.

Szyca Military Arsenal is a weapons manufacturer located in and owned by the government of the Republic of Sjenska. It develops and produces ammunition, infantry weapons and lightly armored military vehicles for the Sjenskan military. Decades ago the company signed a memorandum of understanding with Malyshev Partizan, the largest Khagarian arms manufacturer, allowing Szyca to produce several of its designs under license. The most famous, or rather infamous, of these is the Malyshev 49 automatic combat rifle, commonly known simply as 'the Partizan'. For over thirty years the cheap and reliable Partizan has been the preferred gun of revolutionaries, militias and militaries across the subcontinent, but post-revolutionary export restrictions have made the Khagarian version difficult to come by. This restriction has been a boon for Szyca, which produces knock-offs in such vast quantities that its version is now by far the cheapest and most ubiquitous weapon on the subcontinent. The Szyca Partizan is produced in a dazzling number of variants and quality classes often nearly indistinguishable from each other. Rumors that sales of this gun are the backbone of the Sjenskan economy are certainly exaggerated, but the Partizan is certainly a major income source for Srdjan Karic' government. In fact as the Vlasenican government discovered during the civil war Karic' minister of war had engineered a scheme whereby massive numbers of cheap and unreliable Partizans were sold on the black market, the proceeds of which were then plowed back into arms development -- specifically the creation of deadly chemical agents, used to depopulate several strategically located Vlasenican border villages (some of which, ironically, had been beneficiaries of the arms sales) which were then taken over by the Sjenskan army.

Szyca manufactures a variety of small arms beside rifles ranging from handguns to RPGs, and a number of lightly armored vehicles. In skirmishes against the Vlasenican armed forces (or what passed for it) during the civil war these fast and modern designs proved highly effective, with elite, highly mechanized Sjenskan units regularly outmanoeuvering the cumbersome heavy armor units that had been favored by the Vlasenican army under Radojević. Unfortunately for the Sjenskans their light armor proved much less effective later in the civil war, when guerilla groups commonly employed mine and ambush attacks that took a heavy toll on the Sjenskans and pushed Karic' spearheads back into the borderlands. Szyca suffered a further setback when one of their most important factory complexes was attacked and heavily damaged by Tskhumkari thermobarics, in a strike by the mercenary aces employed by Kežman as part of the retaliation for the Sjenskan chemical attacks.

Despite this however weapons from the Szyca factories remain the most commonly seen on the subcontinent as they outfit not just the Sjenskan, but also the Zagori armed forced, as well as several units of the Vlasenican army which in Radojević's time commonly bought Sjenskan weapons (and then, peculiarly, used them to fight border skirmishes with the Sjenskans). Since Radojević's death and establishment of the Kežman government Vlasenica has imported its weapons from the Sultanate of Dar Qimr (by way of Tshkumkara), but even if it never buys another Sjenskan weapon again it'll be a very long time before Szyca is no longer a household name in Vlasenica, and considering the vast numbers of sales elsewhere it's unlikely Szyca will suffer a much reduced income from it.
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